Update – 1 April 2013

Recently my old site Haircuts Revisited was removed for whatever reason, so rather than trying to figure out why, I decided to set up something new on here. I still write on occasion but rarely post all of my stories any more and should start doing more of that again. As some of my friends on here know I am a career hairdresser, and love my job very much. The idea I had for the original site when I first started was sharing a lot of the stories I hear from clients in the salon about their hair experiences. It is amazing how many people have a story to tell. A lot of those stories go back to a haircut they had when they were young.

I was discussing this topic again with a few of my customers lately and reflecting on the difference between being young today and being young 20 years ago (or more). When I was a kid we didn’t have it as good as the kids today, I remember in school you had a lot more hand me down clothes, today parents buy a lot more designer clothes for their kids, and in many cases actually put their kids before themselves. This is why the GAP has GAP Kids, because it has become such a big market now. Long gone are the days of Kmart and hand me downs.

This is particularly true in the hair salon. It used to be you gave a kid a quick 10-minute haircut, a simple bob with a fringe or just a blunt haircut just past the shoulders and charge about $8. Not the case today. Now it is our salon policy to treat kids just as you would any customer, because the parents are watching, so if you don’t give them that same high standard of service, the family won’t come back to you. So it is more common today to spend 45 minutes to an hour cutting, straightening, layering the hair for a 12 to 15-year-old, treating her like J-Lo. You wouldn’t give a kid a classic bob any more  but would spend the time to give her a modern graduated bob, that has a lot more style to it.

This is a huge difference compared to when I was growing up. I usually share this rant with my customers and they get a laugh out of it when I do, so I will share on here too….When I was a kid we didn’t have no GAP kids, we had hand me downs, and if we were lucky, we got to go to Kmart. When a pair of trousers got a hole in the knee then mom would sew a patch on them, when the trousers got a little short, she would sew an extension on the bottom so you would get another year out of it. If you were lucky, you got to go to the mall and get some new clothes. Never brand name though, whatever was on sale at the Kmart. Haircuts were the same. Cost about $8 and they would probably spend only 10 to 15 minutes cutting your hair, so this is why it usually ended up a disaster, and the person cutting your hair didn’t have any fashion sense or care about you anyway. Try putting a kid today in a pair or trousers with patched knees and extensions sewn on the bottom, a bowl-cut or a short bob and send them to school….they would get bullied so badly. This just doesn’t happen any more.

For me I grew up around the hair salon, as my Grandmother owned one. Her salon was divided into two sides, the front of the salon was on a main street and was the beauty salon. This was where the ladies used to get their hair done. In the back was a back parking lot so my grandmother turned the back of her salon into a kids salon. I was lucky as I got to learn all about hair from the age of 5 years old and on. Now that I am 40 I have seen a lot over the years.

There is a difference between my customers today that are my age and my younger customers. A girl in her early 20’s didn’t grew up with the bad haircuts or had a crappy perm. Things starting changing in the 1990’s so this generation had it better off then we did. The 80’s was a transitional decade as the clothes and hair was still bad, but getting better. The Grunge movement kind of changed that, kids started to have better options compared to generations past.

Today when I have a customer in her 30’s or 40’s and she talks about changing her hair, the topic of length comes up. A lot of this generation is scared to go short again and here is the reason why. When I ask, “Have you ever had short hair before?” then the majority answer I get is Yes, when I was young I had this horrible short haircut. So what happens is she grows her hair out thinking short hair was terrible on her and never considered it again until much later in life. This isn’t true though because short hair isn’t terrible on her, just that one short haircut she was given back when she was young was a terrible haircut and experience. A great haircut would have made all the difference. But we didn’t get great haircuts when our mom’s sent us to cheap salons at that time. So my response to that is usually, short hair is amazing, you just didn’t get the right short haircut that worked for you is all and that was common back then when we were growing up. If you had a great short haircut then that would have made all the difference. It is hard for a woman to get that bad experience out of her head.

When I was a kid, I used to hate getting my haircut. I just wanted to have long hair like anyone else. My grandmother would usually cut it to about the shoulders, which was OK, but she had a thing for cutting bangs short and wispy, so I remember many fringes that were middle of my forehead and really broken up. I used to really hate that. My mom was the worse though. She used to take me for cheap haircuts at the mall and not my grandma’s salon (they didn’t like each other) and insist on much shorter haircuts on me. It was heartbreaking losing length and the amount of time it would take to grow back. So this is why I can relate to the many bad experiences my customer’s share with me.

This was the reason why I started Haircuts Revisited all those years ago. I wanted to explore this area further, to look at all kinds of different haircuts and experiences and how they have shaped us. I have come to find a tremendous online community of people who share, and my favourite being couples that share with each other, I encourage this very much.

A lot of my stories have been inspired from something or someone I know. They have been a lot of fun to write over the years. I still continue to write just not as seriously as I once had, and a lot of my current ones never get to the point were I want to post them online any more  Mostly I am just inspired by something a customer has shared with me and jot the idea down, but rarely gets past that point.  Also time is of an issue as I am now a home-owner  busy in the salon, and many other things on my plate. But I do love the stories, it is a great way to explore haircutting without actually going through with a major haircut. I think this is why people like them as well.

Feel free to share ideas with me as I would love more inspiration after all of these years, and thanks everyone for all your support and kindness.





  1. Very glad to see the new setup, Tammy, and I hope this one keeps going smoothly for you. I’ve always looked forward to reading more of your stuff.

    • Thanks Kevin, It is a great change and I have already started some new stories. I will post them soon.

  2. Hi Tammy.

    The new site looks great and it is such a relief to see that it was just your old website rather than you that disappeared – you would have been sadly and greatly missed!

    It’s also great to hear that you are writing again – you have a real talent in creating reality in such a succinct way.

    A cheeky request, but I love stories about younger women opting for old fashioned short tight curly ‘wash & go’ poodle perms, especially when they had been wearing their hair in a longer more trendy/fashionable style beforehand. From your experience as a hairdresser and from the experience you had of your grandma’s beauty salon, I was wondering if you could be tempted to put a story together in this theme?

    Anyway, its great to see you active and best wishes for the new website.

    Best wishes,

    Mark (Hairscribe)

    • Thanks Mark…Your making me blush…..Yes this is an area I would like to explore more as well. Surprisingly enough, Vintage Hairstyling is coming back anyways so it is a fun area to cover right now.

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