Older Stories

These stories were originally posted on the old website

My Sorority Pledge – Originally Posted March 9, 2010
I wanted to write a story based on the many charities out there today, and the barbershop in this story is based on one in my neighbourhood. I had a lot of fun writing this one.

Clara’s Story – Originally Posted March 5, 2010
As a hairdresser one of my biggest peeves is the old school beauty salon. My grandmother used to have one so I had many haircuts in hers when I was a kid. Today they are so out-of-place that it does happen on occasion that someone visits one to save money and ends up with a really bad haircut. I’ve had to fix a few people’s hair over the years from experiences like this.

A Haircut You Can Land A Helicopter On – Originally Posted December 6, 2009
I had a lot of my readers in mind when I wrote this. Couples stories were being requested a lot, so I wanted to explore the diplomacy between a couple with differences to make things work out for them.

A Short Story Part 1 – Originally Posted June 10, 2009
This story is proof I was a Barbershop Watcher when I was young. I used to live in this neighbourhood, this barbershop is real. this barber did used to hang out in front of the shop, and he did on occasion invite me for a haircut….but I never did

A Short Story Part 2 – Originally Posted June 14, 2009
Part 2 from my old neighbourhood

Napier – The Art Deco Festival – Originally Posted June 14, 2009
This one is inspired by a trip I took to Napier New Zealand. I was there for the festival and I did dress up flapper for the weekend as everyone does. This barbershop does exist but I didn’t go in there for a haircut, my hair was too short already.

Home Again – Originally Posted April 18, 2009
This one is based on my many clients who seem to feel the urge to cut their hair short when they are pregnant. I wanted to write on the Haircuts Revisited theme of a haircut back in your home town again.

The Barbershop Tenant – Originally Posted December 1, 2008
Every time I go to New York, I always feel inspired to write about it. This one is based on a small town girl who discovers herself in her new life in New York. Her haircut is inspired on the time when Agyness Deyn was cropping her hair at a barbershop.

Over The Ears – Originally Posted August 1, 2008
This one was inspired by one of my clients who is a police officer that comes to have her Pixie haircut trimmed every 4 weeks, she inspired me to write a story about the Police Academy when she first cut her hair short.

His Hair Fetish Discovered – Originally Posted April 3, 2006
This is my first attempt at exploring what happens when a girl finds out about her boyfriends secrets, and decides to explore them further.

Sacrifices – Originally Posted April 2, 2006
When I was in high school I had a few friends that were figure skaters. I remember one of them had long hair and all of a sudden it had been cut short so she could focus more on her skating. I remember her upset over it after, but I thought it looked amazing on her.

The Object of my Affection – Originally Posted April 1, 2006
This one is another true story. My friend got her haircut at the start of summer because she wanted to have shorter hair for baseball season. She randomly walked into a barbershop and the barberette gave her a short wedge haircut. Other things happened in her life around that time as well and the story is told through her friend.

Rachael Model’s for her boyfriend at Hair School – Originally Posted November 29, 2005
Another collaboration between my friend and I, this was inspired by her boyfriend that was in Hair School at this time. Miss Dana is based on my former Hair School teacher….she was such a bitch.

Sean and Rachael – Originally Posted November 9, 2005
This is the first of a few collaborations between myself and a good friend. Her Boyfriend was in hair school at this time and this was a fantasy we wanted to play out.

Haircut Revisited – Melissa’s Story – Originally Posted October 21, 2005
This one is fiction, but I really enjoyed the character development of Melissa. She remind’s me a lot of some of my clients being young professionals, and in this story gets to break free from the grind of city life and rediscover her roots.

Haircuts Revisited – Melissa meets Michael – Originally Posted October 21, 2005
This is a part 2 of Haircuts Revisited. I wasn’t sure where I was going with this but I wanted to explore my imagination a little more. That is what is good about Fiction.

A Weekend With Our Step Father – Originally Posted October 13, 2005
This one is a true story, and very close to how the events were related to me by one of my clients. The real person from this story is the middle sister, and to protect her identity they are from Australia. I just moved the story to the USA to protect my clients identity. It did happen around this same time and she is also a big Goonies fan.

Kmart Haircut – Originally Posted October 12, 2005
This story is very reminiscent of what my own mother was like, and that age when I was trying to fit in at school. Over the years I’ve had clients share with me similar stories of a horrible haircut they got when they were young, I can relate.

My First Love – Part I – Originally Posted September 12, 2005
This was my first attempt at a couple’s story. This one is based on a real couple and this first part of the story really did happen, a very loving boyfriend giving his girlfriend a bob haircut after she kept teasing him about cutting her hair, he called her bluff.

My First Love – Part II – Originally Posted October 13, 2005
This part of their story is true as well, She did turn her attention on him after he cut her hair and she took him to a barbershop her father once took her to when she was in grade 8 to fix a haircut her friend tried to give her.

My First Love – Part III – Originally Posted October 13, 2005
Unfortunately this part of their story is not true, Although she did accompany him to the barber on few occasions for a haircut, When asked if she wanted a haircut as well she declined the invitation.

Friends – Originally Posted September 9, 2005
This story was fun to write because it goes back to playing a game like Truth or Dare…It explores peer pressure amongst 2 best friends.

Military Academy In-processing – Originally Posted September 5, 2005
Female Induction Haircuts are very uncommon today, however there are still a few Academies that require them. I think it would be one of the scariest haircuts to ever go through.

My First Bowl Haircut – Originally Posted September 5, 2005
Another classic haircut from back in the day. This was a haircut I had when I was 15, and I actually really liked it at that time.

The Wedge Haircut – Originally Posted September 5, 2005
This haircut would have been considered the ‘Rachel Haircut’ before that time. This haircut started a fad in the late 1970’s and was worn by many in those years. I was very fortunate to not be one of those but I recall a few friends with one.

My Accidental Bobbing – Originally Posted September 5, 2005
This was my first story that is actually a true story, this happened to one of my clients in the salon that couldn’t get into an appointment with me, so she went to her friends mom for a haircut instead, Her story is what inspired me to start writing in the first place, and this is what happened.



  1. Hey, Tammy, I wanna say how awesome your stories are! I’ve been a fan of you since I found this website about 2 years ago and have always been eagerly waiting for you to post stories 🙂 honestly, you were the one who inspired me to write haircutting stories and now I post stories from time to time on haircuttingstories.com . I’d really like to thank you for making me smile and making me pick up writing 😀 I hope you continue writing more stories because you’re a great writer 🙂

    Yours sincerely
    Jotaro Fizzy

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