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A Short Story Part 2

A Short Story Part 2 
By Tammy

Foreword: Part 2 from my old neighbourhood

School was finally finished for the year and it was the start of my summer break. I cleaned out my locker and we left school early for the day. I was walking home on my usual route in the summer heat. I started to walk through the Plaza on the way home and started to play with my hair as I was approaching the area where the barbershop was.

My hair had grown in since my last haircut a few months ago. It was getting really bushy now. I loved the feel of having short hair and couldn’t stop thinking about cutting it even shorter now. I promised my mom I would grow it back though.

I walked through the north end of the plaza where the barbershop was and the barber was sitting out front on the bench.

“Hello,” he said as I approached.

“Hi,” I answered back.

“How about a haircut today?” he asked me.

“OK” I said with a smile. I couldn’t say no.

He got up off the bench and I followed him into the shop. He spun the barber chair around to face me and patted the back of it. “Take a seat.” He said.

I walked over and slid up into the barber chair. He spun me to face the mirror.

“So what were you thinking today?” He asked me. I stared at my reflection and my hair was bushy from the few months of re-growth and I knew exactly how I wanted it cut.

“I really liked what you did last time.” I told him. “However I was thinking I want it a lot shorter this time, you know, like with the clippers.”

“You want like a number 2?” He asked.

I didn’t know what that was so I just gave him a confused look.

“Number 2 is short all over with the clippers, is that what you want?” He said.

“Yes.” I said with a smile.

“This is nice and short everywhere.” He said. “You are sure?”

“Oh Yes.” I told him.

“OK.” He said.

He took his cape and a cotton strip and wrapped the cotton strip around my neck and flicked the cape up into the air and it settled over my shoulders. He fastened the cape tightly around my neck.

He went over and picked up the clippers and turned them on. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. They came to life and the sound filled the room. He came around my right side and stood over me. He placed his left hand on the back of my crown and tilted my head forward slightly holding his hand there in place. I watched with my eyes wide open as the clippers moved in over my forehead and he pushed them up over the top of my head.

The first pass was amazing. I could hardly contain myself watching this. He moved in quickly for a second pass, he guided my head slightly to the left as the clippers moved down the top right side of my head pass after pass. They entered at my right temple now working their way back and he guided my head forward as they moved behind my right ears and clipped away at the back of my head.

He held my head straight down taking the back off in no time at all and worked towards my left side guiding my head over to the right. He finished off the last pass at my left temple and my hair was now completely buzzed off everywhere leaving short fuzz.

I absolutely loved it. I reached my hands up from under the cape to feel it and laughed at the feeling of it. It felt like a peach

“Oh my god this is so amazing.” I said as I played with it.

“Were not finished yet.” He said as he put the clippers down.

He pushed the button on the foam dispenser and I got excited, as I knew exactly what was coming next. He came around behind me and tilted my head down and rubbed the foam over my neck and up around my ears.

He placed a towel over my shoulder and moved in with his straight razor. I closed my eyes this time and felt as he tilted my head forward and start swiping away at my nape with the razor. I listened to the sound as it scraped on my skin. He tilted my head over to the left and went around my right ear. He finished by tilting my head to the right and cleaned up around my left ear as well. He wiped my hairline with the towel and I opened my eyes again. I loved the way that felt…

He took his scissors and comb and came over me and went over everything very quickly to make sure it was even. I was amazed at how much of a perfectionist he was with my haircuts.

He finished and slipped the cape lose. He put down the scissors and comb down and grabbed his mirror and showed me the back. I absolutely loved it. I reached up to feel it and it was amazing.

“Thank-you so much” I told him.

“It was my pleasure.” He said.

I got up and left his shop. I went to go hang out in the town. Everyone loved my hair. It was a shock but they thought it was really cool. They were all used to me with short hair from last haircut and thought this haircut was much better. It really suited me.

I wondered what I was going to do with it next time and felt there was only one thing left to do…shave it all the way. I really wondered what that was going to feel like.

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