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Home Again

Home Again 
By Tammy

Foreword: This one is based on my many clients who seem to feel the urge to cut their hair short when they are pregnant. I wanted to write on the Haircuts Revisited theme of a haircut back in your home town again.

My hair is now the longest I’ve ever had in my life. I used to have long hair when I was a child but my mom took me to the Barbers when I was 14 and had them cut it off nice and short. It was to keep it from being a distraction in high school. She was very strict with me. I wasn’t allowed to grow my hair out in high school or wear make-up and no dating.

As soon as I turned 18 I moved to Chicago and went to College. I grew my hair out as long as I could to make up for the past few years. I started wearing make-up and dated guys at school.

Now I am 21 years old, dropping out of college and heading back home to Aurora, as I am 6 months pregnant. I got pregnant with a guy at school. We tried to work on a relationship but it didn’t work out. So I decided to go back home and have my baby with my mom and my sister instead.

I was on the mid-afternoon Metra train from Chicago. I sat there looking out the window as the Chicago suburbs rolled by. I was nervous about moving back home and about being a single mom. But I am grateful for the support from my mom and my sister.

As the train pulled into Aurora station I got up and ready to go. My sister Tanya was going to be at the station to pick me up. I dragged my trunk down the aisle of the train, as it was too heavy for me to manage anymore.

The train rolled to a stop and I could see Tanya on the platform waiting for me. The doors opened so I dragged my trunk off the train dropping it to the platform below.

“Let me give you a hand with that” Tanya called out as she walked down the platform towards me.

“Thanks.” I said and she picked it up by its handles easily managing the weight.

Tanya was a tomboy and played in a women’s football league, as well as competitive swimming. So she was a lot stronger than I am. I’ve always had a very petite frame and was terrible at any sport.

We walked down the station platform together and back to the car where my sister got my case into the trunk.

“Welcome home sister,” She finally said and came over to give me a big hug.

I smiled, “Thank-you so much for coming to get me.”

We got in the car and drove home. It was great to see her again as it had been a few months since I last seen her. She looked great. Her short dark blond hair was growing in a bit from the last time I saw her and was in a kind of messy looking bob. It looked as if it either needed a good haircut or a trim to help it grow out better. It was very uncharacteristic for her to have longer hair as she hated it and preferred to keep it short for her swimming. So I asked her about it.

“Are you growing your hair out?” I asked.

“My boyfriend wants me too but I don’t know.” She answered.

“You should, you’ve never had long hair before.” I told her.

“I don’t like it.” she said. “I’m going to get it cut this weekend.”

“That’s too bad,” I told her. “I kind of like it.”

I needed my haircut too. It had been over a year since the last time I cut my hair, as I fear cutting my hair now. I would always think that they would cut too much and it was hard to grow it out. I love it long but it was looking ratty now and I knew I needed to get it cut.

We got home and it was such a relief. My belly keeps growing on my petite frame and my bulge was really starting to show. My back was killing me from carrying my new weight around so I decided to go up and take a much-needed nap.

I went up to my old bedroom, which was now converted into a guest room. All of my old stuff was gone except for my old bed. The room felt empty. I used to cover my walls with Smashing Pumpkins posters and left clothes all over the floor. Now the walls were covered with a fresh yellow wall paper and tacky paintings of sail boats. At least my old bed was familiar.

It took a few days to get settled back into the old house again. It was like a flash of memories as Mom kept portraits of my sister and I all over the walls in the house. It was like a time-line of our lives. All of the photos from when we were babies, all the way through to the more recent years when I went off to college. Mom was proud of my sister and I and pleased to show us off around the house.

I was a cute kid with my beautiful long dark brown hair. My hair was so nice and the envy of others at school. That was until I turned 14. Then you could see the pictures of me with my short bowl-cut all through my high school years. I remember hating that haircut so much and I was traumatized by having to cut it.

Looking at my old photo’s I thought for a moment about cutting my hair short again. Looking back now the haircut was cute on me as it showed off my face more. The thought of cutting my hair petrified me though and it sent butterflies through my entire body.

As I looked at my old photo’s with my short haircut, my butterflies grew stronger. I felt my baby kick. I took a deep breath. It felt as if my butterflies woke him up. I sat down at the kitchen table holding my stomach taking deep breaths waiting to feel if he would kick again. I loved the feeling when he did that so I paused to relish the moment.

The weekend arrived and I woke up early on Saturday morning relaxed and with nothing to do for the day. I got up and went downstairs and joined my sister in the kitchen for breakfast.

“So what are you up to today?” I asked Tanya.

“Going to the mall to get my haircut,” she said.

“Oh can I come too?” I asked her. “I was thinking about getting mine cut as well.”

“Absolutely,” she said. “Be quick though as I’m meeting my boyfriend this afternoon.” She said. “We have just enough time for a quick haircut at the mall and that’s it.”

“OK.” I said and I went upstairs to get ready. I applied some light make-up and got dressed into an American Apparel outfit that was loose-fitting to cover over my new hump. I’m finding that American Apparel is my new best friend now that I am starting to show. They are loose-fitting and forgiving but still looks good on me. I went back downstairs to find my sister impatiently waiting for me.

“C’mon sis, I don’t have all day,” she said as she stood waiting for me in the front hallway.

“Sorry,” I told her.

We got into the car and headed out to the mall. Aurora hasn’t changed much in the years I was away. The local mall had a grocery store and a few shops. There was a hair salon and the barbershop mom used to take us to when we were younger.

We got out of the car and walked to the mall. We entered and I found that the mall had not changed much at all. The grocery store was renovated however the rest of the mall felt the same. We walked through towards the hair salon and I approached it to enter.

“Where are you going?” my sister asked.

“I thought we were getting our haircuts.” I said.

“Not there, the barbershop’s at the other end of the mall.” She told me.

“You still go there.” I said, as I was surprised.

“Oh-yeah,” She said, “They’re fast and they’re cheap, and they do a great job.”

“I’m not going to the barbers,” I told her. “Let’s just go here instead.”

“Why?” she said.

“It’s nicer and I want them to do a nice style for my hair.” I said.

“heh,” She said shaking her head in frustration.

We went into the salon and I checked with reception for any appointments.

“Our next available appointment is at 4:45 today,” The receptionist told me.

“That’s in 5 hours,” My sister said impatiently. “I’m not waiting until then. C’mon sis let’s just go.”

“Fine.” I said. “Thank-you” I told the receptionist and off we left.

I followed my sister out of the salon and we walked down to the end of the mall were the barbershop was. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about my hair now, I felt really nervous about getting it cut at the barbers again after all these years. I followed her into the barbershop though.

“Hey girls,” Rocky the barber called out.

“Hey girls, How you doin,” Joey the other barber called out as well.

I was totally taken back. I remembered Rocky and Joey from when we used to come here all of those years ago. Rocky had the first chair and Joey at the second chair. I remembered they worked really fast, especially on a Saturday to get through a lot of customers. Looking around the barbershop nothing has changed at all since the last time I was in here.

“Hey guys,” Tanya answered, “You remember my sister Joanna?” she said as she touched my shoulder.

“Oh Yea,” Rocky answered. “Good to see you again.”

“Long time no see.” Joey said as well. “Just take a seat and we’ll be right with you.”

“Thank-you.” Tanya said and we sat down beside each other on the waiting bench with the other customers.

I sat there taking in the feel of the barbershop. I never thought I would ever be back in here again but being here felt comfortable for some reason, like an old friend. I didn’t come here with any intention of getting a haircut but now that I was here I was seriously thinking about it. The thought of it shot butterflies straight through my entire body again. It hit me like a wave.

My baby started kicking so I put my hand on my stomach. I took a deep breath and tried to relax. He was kicking harder this time and I sensed it was because of my nerves.

“My baby’s kicking,” I told Tanya.

“Really,” she said. “Can I feel?”

“Sure,” I said and she reached out and touched my belly.

“Oh I can feel him,” She said cheerfully.

“Isn’t that amazing,” I told her.

“Oh-yeah,” she answered. “My little nephew is going to be a kicker, I can tell. Maybe He’ll kick for the Chicago Bears someday.” I smiled from the comment as I could imagine her teaching him football.

I slid my elastic band out of my ponytail and started to play with my long hair. I let the length down to feel it and really thought about cutting it now. My butterflies were at the point that it felt intense. I felt my baby kicking more now so I felt my belly again.

“Next,” Joey called out and I trembled when I heard him call out.

I remembered that about this place. There were never any appointments here and you never knew who would end up cutting your hair. You sat there and waited. They would call out ‘Next’ and if you were next you got up and into the chair. As time went on the closer your turn would come and the more nervous I would become. I was feeling those same feelings now as I did all those years ago waiting for my turn.

I watched as Joey’s next customer got up and into his chair. It was a teenage boy. He was quickly caped. I watched as the clippers snapped on and Joey swiftly clipped his hair neatly tapering it up the sides and back. Then he spun him around to wash his hair. There are sinks in front of the chairs so when they turned you around they would tilt the chair back and lean you back into the sink to wash your hair. That was always my favorite part and I always thought it was cool that you didn’t have to leave your chair to wash your hair like in the salon.

“So what are you doing with your hair?” Tanya asked me.

“I don’t know,” I told her.

“Cut it short,” Tanya told me. “It’s so much easier and it looks better on you.”

I sat there and thought about it some more.

“Next,” Rocky called out looking in our direction, as it was our turn now.

“Are you going?” Tanya asked me.

“No, you go ahead.” I told her. “I need to think some more”

“OK,” she said and got up.

I watched as Tanya got up and took a seat in the chair.

“So what are we doing today?” Rocky asked her as she sat down.

“Short sides and back and leave it a couple of inches long on the top,” Tanya told him.

I watched as Rocky took a tissue strip and cape, wrapped the tissue around her neck and caped her nice and snug. He reached for the clippers and snapped them on. The sound of them made me shiver.

He buzzed her up the back and the sides over her ears taking her length down to a very short length and tapered it. It was amazing to watch the quick transformation. The few inches of length she was growing out were swiftly cleaned away exposing a very neat taper up the sides and back. I wondered what her boyfriend was going to think of this. He spun her around and placed a towel over her shoulders. He tilted the chair back and she tilted back into the sink. I watched almost mesmerized as he shampooed her hair, as I always loved that part the best.

“Next.” Joey called out towards me and suddenly I fell out of my trance. Joey was looking straight at me.

“OH,” I said as I came to.

I was caught off guard and I tensed up again. I felt my baby giving me another kick so I ran my hand over my belly again and took another deep breath. I found the strength and got up and calmly walked over to Joey’s chair. He helped me up into it as I slowly slipped up and back into his chair.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you,” Joey said as he spun me around to face the mirror. “How many months along are you?” He asked me.

“Just coming up on 7 months now.” I told him. “It’s a boy.” I added

“Oh yeah, so what do ya know,” Joey announced. “You gonna call him Joey right.” He said as he winked at me through the mirror.

I smiled back at him. “We’ll see about that,” I told him.

“It has been quite a while,” Joey said. “Your hair is a little on the long side don’t you think.”

“Yeah, it’s been over a year since my last haircut so this is very long for me.” I told him.

“I guess,” he said with a sarcastic tone. “We don’t work with long hair here but don’t you worry, Joey can take care of you.” He told me. “So what were you thinking, the usual again?”

I tensed up as he said that, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go that short again but I didn’t know what else to ask for. I didn’t want to hold him up, as it was busy so I just nodded and blurted out “Sure.”

I took a good look at myself in the mirror with my long hair and turned my head to one side. I was going to lose a lot of hair with this haircut and the thought of it sent shivers down my spine. Rocky was tilting Tanya up from the shampoo sink and she looked over at me.

“So you’re cutting it,” She asked me.

“Yep,” I answered back with a smile.

“Good.” Tanya said. “You’ll look so much better.”

The reassurance was very welcoming as it calmed me down some more. Joey went to work grabbing a tissue strip and wrapping it around my neck. He slipped the cape over me and draped it over my shoulders pulling my long hair out from underneath it. He managed to snap the cape snug under my long hair that hung over it.

He went over to the station and grabbed his clippers and a large comb. One thing about these guys is they worked very fast. They use clippers a lot to get through each haircut quicker. He came over to my right side and combed my hair out a little as the clippers snapped on. I shook in my seat and braced the arms on the chair in anticipation as I heard them move closer to my head.

The comb slid under my hair at my right ear and he held it up closer to the top of my ear holding my locks of hair up with it. I watched the clippers slid swiftly across the comb and all my hair over my right ear slid down my shoulder like a waterfall onto my lap cascading down to the floor in front of me.

“Well you’ll get to lose 5 pounds with this haircut that’s fore sure.” Joey announced as my hair was falling to the floor in front of me.

I worked up a smile in response and said. “I guess I could use it.”

He moved behind me sliding his comb into my hair at the back and with a flick of his wrist he slid the clippers across the comb removing my hair from the back and it fell to the floor behind me. He came around my left side and sliced my remaining hair off just to the top of my left ear as it was on the right. My long hair was now gone and laying on the floor all around me. My three years of hair growth was reduced to roughly its old short length in less then a minute.

He came back behind me and tilted my head forward and I felt the clippers on the nape of my neck and slide up the back of my head. They stopped halfway up my head and continued along the back creating a short and neat taper across the back.

He turned the clippers off and reached for a towel putting it over my shoulders. He spun me around to wash my hair. He tilted the chair back and I slowly leaned back with one hand on my stomach as I slid back into the sink.

He quickly wet my hair down and applied a rigorous shampoo. I closed my eyes as he shampooed and noticed how my baby was calmer now after all of that excitement that just happened a moment ago. I was feeling more relaxed now as well and was enjoying the shampoo. He rinsed off the shampoo and tilted me up and towel dried my hair.

I looked over and Tanya was almost finished now with her haircut. It was neatly cropped short sides and back and a couple of inches on top. It looked really good on her and I hoped her boyfriend would like it too.

I was spun around to face the mirror and he came back with his scissors and comb and started cutting my hair back to its former shape again. He held up section after section leaving a few inches on top but cutting the shape just above my eyebrows and just over my ears with a wedge straight across the back so the cut sat in a perfect bowl-shape around my head.

The haircut was starting to look very familiar on me once again and I was really enjoying having it cut. I began to smile looking at my reflection and turned my head side to side to get a better look at it. A sense of relief was beginning to flow over me. I couldn’t get over how light and free it felt.

Joey started blow-drying my hair off with a hairbrush and created a bit of volume to give my hair its distinctive mushroom shape again. He quickly dried it off and the entire haircut was over within 10 minutes. I was always amazed at how quickly these guys worked.

He slid the cape off and held a mirror to show me the back and I reached up to feel it. It felt amazing having it short again. I turned my head side to side to take it all in and I nodded in approval.

“Very good,” I told him.

I slowly slid out of the chair shifting my weight forward and Joey helped me out of the chair.

“Thank-you,” I told him. “So what do I owe you?” I asked him.

“Twelve dollars,” he answered back. I reached into my pouch for my wallet and pulled out a twenty.

“Keep it,” I told him.

“Thank-you very much,” he said. ‘And you be sure to come back next month, don’t leave it so long next time.” he told me.

“Don’t worry,” I told him. “I’ll be back in a month.”

Tanya was waiting back on the bench and she got up so we could leave.

“I love it,” she told me nodding in approval.

“Thanks.” I said with a big smile.

I took one look back as my long hair was all over the barbershop floor and Joey was quickly sweeping it away. I felt a huge sense of relief now that I didn’t have to deal with all of that hair anymore. I was glad to be rid of it now. I felt it was going to make the rest of my pregnancy easier to manage and easier for when the baby comes.

We went home and mom was so surprised to see my haircut.

“Oh my god,” she yelled out as I walked into the kitchen. “Oh my sweet angel you’ve cut your hair,” she said out loud. “Let me have a good look at you.” She told me and I spun to give her the full view. “Oh sweetie it’s your old haircut again.”

“Yep,” I told her. “Tanya and I went to the mall and got our haircuts. I told him to cut it like it used to be.”

“Do you like it?” she asked me.

“Yea, I do,” I said. “It is very comfortable and easy to take care of.”

“You know you used to give me such grief about that haircut and now look at you.” She commented. “It looks very good on you.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I think I am going to appreciate it more now.”

Thanks for reading



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