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The Object of my Affection

The Object of my Affection
By Tammy  

Foreword: This one is another true story. My friend got her haircut at the start of summer because she wanted to have shorter hair for baseball season. She randomly walked into a barbershop and the barberette gave her a short wedge haircut. Other things happened in her life around that time as well and the story is told through her friend.

It was back in my sophomore year of High School. I used to hang out with the popular crowd in school, trying so hard to fit in with the other girls. I tried out for the cheer leading squad, flirted with the guys on the Football team and went to as many social outings as I could. I grew up in a town in Indiana and I did have a very solid and structured life growing up.

We were the graduating class of 1991 and we had 2 more years to go until graduation. I felt the stress of growing up just as much as the next girl but something different happened to me that year. It was like one day I wasn’t like the other girls in my circle. Sure I fit in quite well with everyone but it wasn’t like anything I had ever felt before in my life.

I didn’t question it until one day in my life at the end of the school year in the summer of 1989. Exams were finished and we were all letting out for the summer. There was this girl in my grade that I knew but I had never talked to her before. Her name was Jennifer. She was in my Gym class that year and she was a very athletic girl. She was kind of a pretty girl but she never put any emphasis into her looks, she wasn’t trying to fit in that’s fore sure. She was just content with herself.

She had long blond hair and the sun naturally highlighted it. She never wore any make-up and she often wore athletic clothing and usually with her hair up in a ponytail. She never caught my eye so much as just a presence at school, until a week after school let out for that year.

I was about to leave town for the summer with my family for our yearly getaway to our vacation home in Myrtle Beach. We had a few days to get ready then our family was gone for the summer. The day before we left I was running around Main Street looking for a few last minute items when out of the corner of my eye I saw her.

I couldn’t believe it. It was Jennifer all right but I saw something I had never seen before in my entire life. She had cut all of her long hair off. I saw it immediately and it sent shivers through my entire body. I had seen this girl many times in my life but never really noticed her before. She was walking towards me on Main Street and I watched her walking towards me with a severely short wedge haircut and I was in complete aw by her. My knees were weakening at the sight of her and I felt butterflies all through the pit of my stomach. I had never known any girl who would go and cut all of her long hair off like that before.

We passed by each other and I turned to look at her from behind. She looked amazing dressed in her summer clothes and her short haircut. She turned back and caught me looking at her and I kind of smiled and looked away quickly. I tried to put the site of her out of my head.

Our family drove to Myrtle Beach the next day and it was 2 days of driving, with one stop overnight. I sat there in the car thinking about her the entire way and I couldn’t get her out of my head. I wanted to touch myself but had to settle for playing with my own hair instead. I had to be discreet as I sat in the car with my parents and my younger brother sitting next to me in the back seat.

As we drove we would stop through small towns along the way and I would keep a keen look out for the little hair salons and barbershops along the way. I would look into the shops and imagine what it would be like to walk in and have my hair cut off like Jennifer did. It seemed so amazing to me.

We finally got to our vacation home and I settled into my room. I lied there and touched myself for the first time and my thoughts went right back to Jennifer on Main Street with her short haircut, I couldn’t believe how sensual it made me feel. After I calmed down and unpacked for the summer. I tried to put it her out of my head and go on with my summer vacation.

As the end of August came around I started thinking about her once again. I wondered if she kept her hair short or if she was growing it out now that summer was ending. We packed up just before Labor Day weekend and made our way home before the end of the weekend to beat the traffic back for the summer. When I got home all I could do was think about Jennifer.

I couldn’t understand how it was that this girl wormed her way into my head. I couldn’t understand why I thought of her so much. When we got back I walked around town for the rest of the weekend to see if I could find her anywhere, I finally did. It was on the Labor Day Monday afternoon and she was playing baseball in a tournament at the local ballpark. She was the pitcher.

I watched her as she threw the ball over the plate. Her hair had grown a little over the summer and it was sticking out around the edges of her baseball cap. She looked so hot out there and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She caught me watching her and once again I would look away as I was embarrassed.

I sat there in bleachers and watched her. I felt butterflies sitting there and my knees felt weak. I was numb all over my body. I couldn’t understand any of this however I didn’t dare stop it. I closed my eyes for a moment and allowed myself to explore my feelings even if I didn’t know what it meant.

The next day we were back at school for our junior year and I couldn’t sleep the night before. My mind was racing. I had visions of her from gym class the last year with her long blond hair and then the day I saw her with it cut short. I thought about her playing baseball the day before and how she made me feel, inside. It was the most sensual feelings I had ever felt for someone.

I always had very long dark brown hair and the shortest I ever had my hair was about shoulder length. I hated my hair that short and I was always petrified of cutting my hair. Jennifer seemed to be everything that I wasn’t  She was independent and content with herself rather than working so hard to fit in. She was very attractive without paying any attention to her image. She was so bold to cut her long hair off into a very short wedge haircut and wore it with confidence. I was so intrigued of what I was seeing of her through my world.

I on the other hand spent a lot of time and money on my clothes, my make-up and my hair. I was extremely calculating with my social life and was very careful about what I said or did with anyone. Popularity is very tough in High School and it is very easy to fall out of its social circle. I always knew I had to watch what I said or did. I had to compete socially with the other girls by getting the right clothes, friends, boyfriends, and maintain my social curriculum all the while achieving good enough grades in school to not be rejected as a loser.

School started and I still couldn’t keep her out of my head. First period was English and she wasn’t in my class. After class we had 15 minutes until the next class and I looked out for her with no sign of her. I had Social Studies, again no sign of her. Third period was Business Studies and she was not there either. We had lunch mid-way through class and I went to the lunchroom. I had a quick scan in the cafeteria and I saw her. She was sitting with her friends and I was excited. She was not wearing her baseball cap like the day before and her hair had grown in a little bit since she cut it and it was a little messy, it looked so amazing to me.

I had lunch sitting with my friends and I couldn’t help myself from looking over at her. I wanted to go over but knew I couldn’t, my friends would have chastised me for going over there to talk to her. Again she looked over and caught me looking at her. I tensed up and looked away. I went back to class quietly and went on to my fourth period afterward.

Fourth period was science and I walked in and sat down feeling beaten by the day so far. Just then I saw her walk in and she looked at me as she entered the class. She came over and sat down right beside me. She gave me a look as she walked towards me and sat down right beside me. I didn’t know what to do or make of it so I tensed up. I was quiet and nervous. I was so embarrassed.

I couldn’t help it but I kept looking over at her. I loved her hair. I loved the way she looked. It was growing in so perfectly and it was still very short. I imagined myself playing with it and imagined what it would feel like. I couldn’t concentrate in that class and I was hoping my attention of her wasn’t getting noticed.

A few weeks went by and I started talking to her in class. Just small talk at first, I was trying to be discreet. I knew I had a crush on her and I couldn’t dare tell anyone about it, I knew this was not accepted in our small Christian town in the heart of Indiana.

As October came around I started walking out of science class with her as it was our last period and we started to walk each other home everyday. My friends thought it was weird for me to walk home with her instead of hanging out with them after school but I didn’t care.

Jennifer and I didn’t hang out around school in the daytime at all as we stuck to our own circle of friends. It was after school that we started to walk home together. We started to get to know each other better as we walked and I started asking her questions about her life, she intrigued me. At first I asked her about things like her family, sports or boys. She didn’t talk about boys at all and I didn’t care to either. I told her I was over boys, I don’t know why I said that but it just came out one day…

“Bullshit” she told me. She was right to say that as I was totally flirting with all the popular boys at school in the daytime. I wanted to tell her it was all just an act to fit in with my circle of friends. I was so embarrassed about it so I asked her about her hair instead.

“What made you cut your hair last summer,” I asked.

“You where looking at me that day at the beginning of summer weren’t you?” she said perplexed.

“Yea, I thought it was amazing.” I told her.

“It was just for the summer, it is so hot to play sports in the summer and I wanted something shorter. So my mom gave me money and I went to get it cut.”

“Where did you go?” I asked her. I was getting really intrigued now.

“I walked around a few places and wasn’t comfortable until I came across a barberette standing outside her barbershop. I looked inside when she asked me if she could help me. I was nervous and I told her I needed a haircut so she took me by the hand and led me inside of her barbershop and into the chair.”

“Wow” I responded. “Did you tell her to cut it short?”

“No I just said it was too long for baseball and that I was on the team this summer. She just nodded and said ok, she capped me and cut it all off just like that. I didn’t expect it to be that short but I liked it in the end.”

We where just walking up to her driveway as she finished telling me her story and I was so turned on thinking about what she just described.

“Look, My parents won’t be home for a few hours as they work late if you want to come in.” she asked me. I just nodded and followed her in. I was so nervous.

I followed her in and she yelled out “Hello.”  No one responded. “We can go to my room and look at pictures if you want.” She told me.

“OK.” I told her.

We went into her room and sat on her bed as she showed my some photo albums of her. I loved her with long blond hair in the pictures from the last few years. She flipped a page and…

“This one was taken just after I had it cut last summer.” She said.

I grabbed the photo album and looked at the picture very closely. I gave out a sigh for some reason.

“You like it don’t you?” she asked and I just nodded.

She pushed the photo album off to the side and pushed me back on the bed and started to kiss me. I was frightened and I didn’t know what to do.

I instinctively reached my arms up and put my hands around her back, slowly I slid my hands up her back towards her neck. She pulled her arms under my shoulders as I lied there in her bed and she held me down, we where now making out with each other. I slowly moved my hands onto her neck and into her hair. I got to feel her hair for the first time.

It was amazing. It felt so short compared to anything I was used to even though it was 4 months since she cut it. I could feel the haircut was a little bulky even for a short haircut. I closed my eyes and imagined her in the barber chair having her long blond hair chopped off as she pressed herself against me through our jeans. I moaned so hard as I fantasizing about her sitting in the barber’s chair. I moaned again. I couldn’t believe it, and then I just stopped.

“I have to go,” I told her and I got up and quickly as she slid off me and I ran straight out of her house.

She didn’t say anything or stop me. I just went home as fast as I could, I couldn’t believe what we just did. I couldn’t believe what just happened.

I got home and went straight to my room. Everything was different now then ever before. All of these feelings were racing inside of me. Before I couldn’t stop thinking about her. but now everything was even beyond what it was ever before. It was like I couldn’t breath if I couldn’t have her. I ached for her all of the time now. When I was alone I would touch myself and think about her. I would imagine us together and I would imagine her having her long hair chopped off in that barbershop like she did last summer. It was the most amazing feeling ever.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen the next day but when science class came around I walked in frightened and she was already sitting there. She looked straight up at me. She had on a light blue headband around her head with a tight white t-shirt on. I almost fell to my knees at the sight of her. I had never seen her put anything in her hair before and I loved it. The blue looked so amazing with her blond hair and it brought out her blue eyes in a striking way, especially over the white t-shirt. I just wanted to explode seeing her sitting there like that.

She ignored me all of the way through class and I hated her for that. After class I apologized for leaving so fast and she just shrugged it off.

We walked home together again and we went back to her house. We went inside and we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other now. Everyday we would get naked in her bed and play with each other, or sometimes we would just hold each other and chat. I loved being with her. It didn’t feel wrong to me at all as nothing felt more right in the entire world. I felt so comfortable with her and there was nothing more in the world I wanted then to just be with her.

I couldn’t stop playing with her hair when I held her. It was getting longer, almost shoulder length now and I wanted her to cut it short again but she didn’t want to. I pushed the topic one day as we were lying under the covers together.

”Will you cut your hair again like you did before?” I asked her.

“No I want to grow it out again.” She said in a stern tone. “I’ve told you that already.”

“Just cut it one more time, I love it short.” I told her. “If I came with you after school tomorrow would you go back to that barbershop?” I asked her.

“I don’t want to cut it again,” she said again.

“Come on, Do it for me.” I told her but she wouldn’t budge.

She was getting upset with me so I walked out.

I went home disappointed. It was my biggest fantasy to see her having her haircut in that barbershop like she did last summer and it was all I could think about. I was like a bratty child that was having a tantrum because I couldn’t get what I wanted. I decided I would ignore her if I couldn’t get what I wanted.

She would try to get my attention in last period Science and I wouldn’t let her. I ignored her. I left school and walked home alone. She caught up to me as I walked home.

“What the fuck is your problem?” She yelled at me.

“Oh you can see me can you,” I told her, “oh I do exist to you don’t I”. I was being really bitchy with her.

“What the fuck does that mean?” she asked.

“The other day I was trying to share my fantasy with you and you blew me off.” I told her,

“What Fantasy?” She asked again.

“You having your haircut in that barbershop.” I told her.

“HAH,” she started laughing out loud, “Are you serious?”

I turned and gave her the cold shoulder and started walking straight for home.

“Fine,” she said grabbing my arm. “Lets go then.” She sounded really upset.

“Where?” I asked her.

“To fulfill your fantasy honey,” she said in a very condescending tone and she grabbed my arm tighter and pulled me along. “You want to see it so bad then let’s go.”

We walked the few blocks to Main Street and came around the corner. We came up in front of a barbershop and she stopped out front.

“If we go in there your going to have to play along with me,” she told me.

“Do you promise?” she asked me.

I looked inside at the shop and saw the barberette and it was everything I imagined. I nodded yes. She grabbed by the arm hard and pulled me towards the door as we walked in.

“Hello,” Jennifer called out as we entered. “We need to get out haircuts miss.” She told the barberette as we stood there and she was still squeezing my arm tight.

“OK Sweetheart. You can take a seat right here.” She told Jennifer. She released my arm and I watched as she walked over and into the chair.

I took a seat in a waiting chair. I watched as the barberette pulled a cape over her and fastened it with a tissue.

“What would you like this time?” she asked standing behind Jennifer. “The same as before?” she asked.

“Yes, Mom was very happy with that haircut.” Jennifer said and the barberette went to work.

She took a water bottle and sprayed her hair down with a comb. She took the scissors and combed the bangs out perfectly over her forehead and trimmed them straight across above her eyebrows. She continued down the sides to her lower ear lobes and cut the back straight across her upper nape.

I could hardly contain myself watching and I wanted to touch myself so badly. She finished trimming the haircut so nice and neat just like it was last summer. She started blow-drying it and was turning the ends under with a hairbrush and I loved the way it looked.

She finished and removed the cape as she brushed the hairs off with a duster. She took a hand mirror and showed her the back and Jennifer just nodded.

She got up and walked straight over towards me staring me straight into my eyes with a stern look. She looked so hot I wanted to explode.

“Your next.” She told me with a stern voice and I tensed up.  I nodded no.

“Lets go,” she told me sternly.

“Come on sweetheart, I am closing soon,” the barberette said as she spun the chair around towards me.

Jennifer grabbed my arm again and squeezed it very tight. “Mom told me to make sure you get yours cut too and she wants it short this time so no fooling around.” She said as she pulled me up out of my seat and towards the chair.

I turned and sat in it and the barberette spun me around to face the mirror. The barberette looked at my hair for a moment, as it was very long.

“The same as your sister?” she asked me and I just froze.

“Mom wants hers cut a lot shorter.” Jennifer said out loud as she stood next to me. She reached her hand into my hair grabbing a section and held off of my scalp very close.

“Make it this short all over.” Jennifer told the barberette.

“Are you sure,” the barberette said looking at me, “Are you two really sisters?”  She asked me.

“She’s my step sister,” Jennifer told her.

“OK.” She said with a standoffish tone.

She reached for her cape and swung it over me fastening it around my neck with a cotton strip. I sat there looking at my reflection for a moment and I was fidgeting sitting in that chair. She came around behind me with her comb and scissors and started combing it back a little out of my face. She grabbed a huge section of my hair from my temple and held it a couple of inches off of my scalp. She closed the scissors into my hair. Schnip, a massive lock of hair fell over my shoulder and into my lap. I cringed at the sight of it.

I tensed up watching my hair come off and I reached my hand up my thigh to my crotch and felt myself as I watched her grab another section on top and lop it off leaving it only a couple of inches long. Lengths of 36” of my hair kept raining down in front of me and into my lap as she quickly grabbed section after section and loped it off leaving only 2” of length behind.

She moved around my left side and to the back reducing my hair to a uniform 2” in length all over. I sat there stunned at the sight of it and I kept feeling myself over my pants as she worked. My hair was all over my shoulder, in my lap and all over the floor around the chair.

“Would you like it shorter or just neaten this up a bit.” The barberette asked me. My mind was racing to the point it felt completely blank so I just nodded saying this was ok.

She sprayed it wet and trimmed all the ends neatly and trimmed my bangs very short across my forehead and down the sides neatly covering the top of my ears in little wisps. She dried it after ruffling my hair with her other hand and put some pomade in it afterwards.

She took the cape off and dusted me off and took the mirror and showed me the back. It was cropped so short, 2” in length all over with neatly trimmed short bangs and framing my face really nicely.

I was in aw looking at it. My mind was blank and I couldn’t believe this just happened to me. I got up abruptly and walked straight towards Jennifer. She was laughing at me.

“Aw come-on sister, it looks great.” I just gave her a dirty look. But I wanted nothing more than to take her out of there and back to her bedroom as I was about to explode.

Jennifer paid and we ran back to her house laughing the entire way back. We ran into her room and ripped each other’s clothes off and we made love like I had never felt in my entire life. I loved her so much at that moment.

After we fell asleep in each other’s arms lying naked under the covers in her bed. Her parents came home and her mom came in and caught us sleeping together, holding each other naked.

Her mom freaked. She screamed. It was obvious what had happened as our clothes where everywhere and the room smelled sweaty. She saw my hair and yelled “What Happened.”

She told us to get dressed and she called my mom to pick me up and told her that she caught us sleeping together naked.

My mom came to the door to get me and nearly died of a heart attack when she saw my hair.

“Get in the car” she yelled out.

I was grounded for months and Jennifer and I were not allowed to talk to each other after that or see each other any more  My friends freaked when the saw my hair but they came around to it eventually. It was 1988 now and people were setting new trends anyway so it was no big deal other than being a huge change. The cut looked very cute on me and I loved the way it framed my face. People seemed to complement me when the shock of it wore off.

Jennifer and I couldn’t stay away from each other regardless. I couldn’t be without her. We lost the luxury of being alone after school in her bedroom however we found many other places to sneak around.

Some of the girls I knew started to catch on to what Jennifer and I where up to so I started to be excluded from my circle of friends. I didn’t care so much as I was starting to develop a new identity for myself. I felt much more alive than I ever did and I finally learned how to be content and happy with myself. I wanted nothing else in the world then just that.

Thanks for reading.




  1. Please make another one a part 2 or something

    • Family life has kept me busy but when time permits I will certainly write more stories again….thanks for reading

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