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Rachael Model’s for her boyfriend at Hair School

Rachael Model’s for her boyfriend at Hair School
By Tammy

Foreword: Another collaboration between my friend and I, this was inspired by her boyfriend that was in Hair School at this time. Miss Dana is based on my former Hair School teacher….she was such a bitch.

Sean and I have been together for some time now and we have both shared our passion for hair with each other. Sean has been trying to get me to cut my hair for sometime and I never will.

I loved my hair long and I always had it that way, except….

When I was in grade 7 my mother took me to the hairdresser and made them cut me hair to my cheek. I hated that so much and I never wanted my hair cut again.

My hair is my crowning glory and my best friend. I could never lose a friend like that again so it was absolutely out of the question for me to cut it.

As much as Sean wanted me to change my hair I couldn’t. I love him and would do anything for him but this was different. This is something that is mine and it belongs to me.

We still shared our passion with each other, as I would let Sean trim my hair and style it for me. He always loved doing my hair, it was a great pleasure for him and I loved the attention I got from it. It was like heaven for me. Sean had the idea he wanted to go to Hair School for sometime now. I supported his decision, as I knew how much he loved hair. I was excited for him to go.

He finally started Hair School and he was so excited. I met up with him after school at a coffee shop and I asked him how his first day was.

“It was so much fun.” He was saying. “There are 5 of us that started in this months class but I am the only guy though. There are about 40 students in the school and a few other guys to hang out with. The people are great though. We start by learning bacteriology in the morning and then we learn hair design in the afternoon on little mannequin heads.”

“That sounds so much fun,” I told him. “When do you learn how to cut hair?”

“That starts in a few weeks,” He said. “We learn all of the basics on our mannequin heads like cutting, styling and everything as well as learning the other basics at first. We then have a test that we need to pass before we can cut clients hair in the school salon. I need to get a hair model for that, would you be interested?” He asked.

“Sure, I’d love to support you with that.” I told him.

The weeks went on and Sean was learning so much. He would practice new styles on me as he learned them and show me different things. He told me about his instructor, Miss Dana. She was really tough on the students. She would yell when they weren’t getting it right and get frustrated. She sometimes lost it on the clients as well. He didn’t care that much though as it was only a 9 month course.

The first 6 weeks passed and it was time for his test. He needed one male model and one female model for his test. Of course I was going to be his female model and his friend Steve was going to be his male model.

We were to be at the school for 1:00 pm, Friday afternoon. I was their 10 minutes early as I was so excited to see Sean. I came in the school and the front was quiet for lunch I guess. I looked towards the back of the school and there was a few students back there. I walked towards the back to see if I could find him.

“Who are you?” Someone yelled out at me.

“I am Sean’s model.” I told her.

“Models are to wait in the front until they are needed,” she yelled at me, “Stay there until you are called.”

Holy shit what a bitch, I thought. I figured that was Miss Dana his instructor he was talking about. I just gave her a dirty look and went back to the front to wait. When 1:00 rolled around I saw Sean come out from the back and I waved and smiled at him. He waved back.

“Those students who are having their tests this afternoon can get your female models and bring them to the back.” Miss Dana was yelling out.

Sean came to the front and grabbed me and led me to a back classroom. The room was so cute with little workstations there was like school desks with mirrors mounted on the front of them. They had little mounts for mannequin heads on them and there were the little mannequin heads all over the classroom with different haircuts and styles. It was so exiting to be in here.

Sean showed me his desk and I sat in the little hair chair in front of his desk and mirror. I sat there straight up as Sean stood behind me.

“Students I need to see three haircuts on your female models this afternoon and I need to see one haircut on your male clients after at 4:00. If you don’t pass you don’t get on the floor and you will need to take hair sculpture all over again. The first haircut I want to see is a solid form using a T pattern section, you have 30 Minutes to finish. Use your spray bottles to wet the hair and don’t blow dry it.”

Solid Form? What was that I was wondering? Sean reached for a comb and spray bottle and started wetting my hair. He combed it straight back and sectioned it off into 4 sections on my head and clipped it up with hairclips. He tilted my head forward and took out a section in the back.

I felt as he was taking out sections in the back and was only trimming it. I was very comfortable with that. I could since his determination as he worked and I was so happy for him

He finished the haircut in what ended up being a blunt haircut that was not really any shorter. It was still wet but I played with it in the mirror and it felt really good.

“Finished.” Sean called towards the instructor and she came over. Miss Dina took his comb and started combing my hair out and examined the ends.

“Very good.” She said after a quick assessment. “I want to see you do a diagonal forward now.” She told him as she walked away.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I need to cut it a bit shorter in the back and angled longer to the front,” he told me.

“Not too short.” I told him.

“No just over your shoulders,” he told me.

I tensed up a bit as that seemed short to me but I kept quiet. He sprayed my hair again and sectioned it off in the back again. I tilted my head forward as he combed out the first section. I felt the scissors slide across my nape and I heard them close.

“Oh Shit” I said out loud. I reached back and felt where he had cut it. “That’s so short.” I told him.

“Relax, I need this to pass my test.” He told me and I kept quiet.

I could feel him sectioning off more hair and cutting it across my nape. I hated the way it felt and wanted it to stop. I was feeling the anxiety build inside of me. He finished cutting the back and I watched as he moved to cut my right side. He was cutting it so it was angled longer towards the front so I was starting to feel relieved about that. He finished off the left side the same way as the right and the haircut was all done.

I looked at myself in the mirror and turned my head to see it. I liked it actually. It was short for me in the back but I loved that way it was longer in the front and around my face. It still felt long in the front.

“Finished,” Sean called out again and Miss Dana came over to check.

She took his comb and combed it out and nodded, “Very good,” she said. “Now I just want to see a uniform layered form and then your all done with your female model.”

“OK,” he said. Off she went again and he started spraying my hair again.

“You need to cut it more?” I asked.

“She wants me to cut a uniform layer all over,” he said. “I had trouble with that on my mannequin so she wants to see me do it for my test, she is challenging me a bit.”

“I don’t want it any shorter though.” I told him

“You said you would do this for me and I need this.” He said. “She would fail me for sure if I didn’t do this.”

I sighed, as I didn’t know what to do. I looked down as I remember telling him I wanted to support him. “OK.” I said.

He started to spray my hair again and he went in with just his comb and scissors. He didn’t section it or pin it this time. I felt him comb out sections in the back and hold them in his fingers and heard the scissors close. Snip, Snip. Snip.

I tensed up at the feel of my hair being cut even shorter in the back. I just put my head down and sat quietly. He worked his way up to my crown and sections of my hair was coming off and falling on shoulder. I shuddered at the sight of 6” clumps of my hair coming off my head and falling all over me.  I wanted to start crying but I tried to hold it in. I bit my lip hard and tried to ignore what was going on.

He worked his way across the top and sides of my head cutting my hair to about 3” in length all over my head. It was way to short for me. My hair had never been this short in my entire life. I was numb all over and I couldn’t look at myself. My hair was all over the cape now and the floor and I couldn’t do anything about it, I could only wish it never happened.

“Finished,” Sean called out again and Miss Dana came over. She ran her fingers through my hair holding out sections and checking the length.

“Very good Sean,” She said. “You are really starting to get this, I am so proud of you. You worked very hard today so you can clean up and take a break before your male client comes.”

“Thank-you Miss Dana,” Sean said and he was smiling ear to ear.

“YES!” he said as she walked away. “I am so happy this is over, thank you so much.”
”Over, what do you mean over, look at my hair now.” I told him. I was so upset.

“Its ok, I’ll dry it and style it in a minute.” He told me.

He took my cape off and I got up and ran for the bathroom. I went into a stall and started to cry. It was way to short and I didn’t want to go out like this. I cried for the next 5 minutes before coming out of the stall. I came out and looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and I realized I couldn’t do anything about it now. It was short and that was it. I came out of the bathroom and Sean was outside waiting for me.

“I’m sorry,” he said and he gave me a big hug. I was starting to feel better now.

“Are you OK?” he asked and I nodded yes.

We went back to the classroom to wait for his friend to show up and it was getting very close to the start time for his test. I wanted to stick around and watch as I loved watching Sean cut hair and I was getting excited and feeling so much better now. I would play with my hair and it didn’t seem so bad now that it was done, it was just a lot of hair to cut off that’s all.

4:00 came around and Sean’s model didn’t show up.

“OK Students,” Miss Dana called out. “Models at the station and I want to see you do a Flat Top haircut on your models. You have 20 minutes.”

“Shit,” Sean said, “He didn’t show up, what am I going to do?”

With that the other student picked up clippers and went to work. The room was filled with the hum of clippers.

“What’s the problem over here?” Miss Dana said as she came over to us.

“My model didn’t show up.” Sean told her.

“What are you talking about you have a model standing right there.” She said to him looking over at me. “You better get going or I’m going to fail you.’ She told him.

My knees nearly gave out from that and I looked at him straight in the eyes and shook my head NO

“C’mon, I need you.” He said. “This school is costing me $600 bucks a month and if I need to take the first month over again I am out like an extra $600 bucks.”

“NO.” I told him.

“I need this and I need you right now.” He told me.

“Shit!” I said as I stepped over and got into the chair.

He moved quickly as time was running out, he capped me fast and grabbed the clippers turning them on. He put his left hand on the top of my head and tilted it forward. With his right hand the clippers dove in at my nape and ran all the way up. He worked so fast running pass after pass up the back of my head and I was so stunned.

At this point I wasn’t freaking out any more as it had been a lot for me this afternoon. I was all cried out now and my hair was gone now anyway so I just didn’t care any more  I decided I would just sit quietly and take it all in. besides it is not everyday a girl gets a flat top from her boyfriend. I loved him anyway.

He moved over to my right side and tilted my head over. I watched very closely in the mirror as he moved in with the clippers over my right ear. I loved the feel of it actually. I started to work with him as he sheared me moving my head as he moved around me and I felt as if we were working together as a team.

He took the guard off the clippers and with a comb started to run them up my hairline and sculpted a fade into my hair. He was so focused on what he was doing and watching him made me feel so hot. He worked all the way around my head cleaning my hairline into a perfect fade all the way around with the clippers.

He then stood behind me and started combing my hair on top straightforward. He held the comb straight across the top of my head with a section of hair in them he ran the clippers straight across the comb taking all my hair off into the flat top shape. I was beginning to feel so wet below now watching this.

He did pass after pass on the top of my head reducing my hair down to the shape of the haircut. I loved it so much. I loved every minute of it and I didn’t want it to stop. He worked so fast across the top and finished the final touches on the haircut.

I sat there looking at myself and I was all lit up. I was smiling at myself and I loved it. I turned my head side to side and I couldn’t believe it.

“Finished,” Sean called out and I looked around. He started after all the other students and he actually finished way before everyone else. I looked at myself again and the haircut looked so amazing. I was so overwhelmed with everything that I had felt at that moment.

Miss Dana came over and saw my smiling.

“Look at you darlin!” she said as she walked over behind me. She put her hand on my head and tilted it side-to-side and looked very closely at the haircut.

“This is very good work Sean,” she said. “I am very impressed with this. Really you should be so proud of yourself.”

I looked at him and he was so happy. I felt my hair for the first time and it felt so amazing too. I couldn’t believe I did this. Sean passed his tests with flying colours and was moving on to the next level in his training and I was so happy I helped him in the end.

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