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Sean and Rachael

Sean and Rachael
By Tammy

Foreword: This is the first of a few collaborations between myself and a good friend. Her Boyfriend was in hair school at this time and this was a fantasy we wanted to play out.

“Let me shave your head.” I asked Sean.

“Why?” He asked.

“I think you would look so cute.”

“I don’t know.” He said.

We were sitting around my room and I was bored. I had these clippers I bought as I had a fascination with hair and haircutting. I always wanted to buzz someone’s hair. I wanted to take them and take control of him and run the clippers over his head.

Sean and I both where open about haircutting and we have explored the topic together and on the Internet. I loved the role of shaving someone’s head and Sean had his fantasies too. He loved to see a woman with a perm and her hair cut into a bob length, a kind of ‘mom’ look. He also loved to see a woman with a flat top haircut. Those were his fantasies.

I knew this and thought about it sometimes. I loved my hair long and loved the way it looked. Cutting my hair was not a consideration for me. My hair is long and straight. It is dark brown in color and that is the way I like it.

I got up and walked across the room. I slipped my shirt off over my head and I stood there and looked over my shoulder back at Sean giving him a dirty look.

“C’mon big boy, its just a haircut.” I told him.

He was quiet and nervous. I pulled the chair from my desk and placed it in the middle of the room facing him.

“I’ll be nice,” I told him, “I promise.”

He got up and walked over and sat in the chair. I was standing behind him so I ran my hands over his shoulders and slid them down his chest to his stomach as my breasts pressed against the top of his head. I grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it up over his head and through it on the bed.

I went to my desk drawer and pulled out the clippers. I was so excited. They where black clippers that said Wahl on them. I pulled them out of the package and looked at the different attachments. There was a 1/2”, 3/8”, and 1/4” attachment. I wasn’t sure which one to use. I decided I liked the 1/4″.

I snapped the attachment in place and plugged the clippers in. I came around behind Sean and turned them on. He was sitting there a little stiff. I put my left hand on his left shoulder and pressed myself into his back as he sat there. My breasts grazed the back of his head as I placed the clippers in my right hand on his forehead. I pushed the clippers back over his head.

“Oh my god.” He said out loud.

I ignored him and continued running the clippers over the top of his head, pass after pass reducing the length to a very short 1/4″ in length. I continued to run the clippers up the sides of his head and around the ears. I finished the haircut in the back reducing all his hair to the 1/4″ length in the back and all over his head. When I finished I turned the clippers off and ran my hands over his head. It felt so amazing and I loved it.

Sean reached up to feel it and he went into shock.

“Holy Shit!” He yelled. “What did you do?”

He got up and ran for the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

“Holy Shit!” He yelled again.

“Its OK baby, don’t you like it? I asked walking over to him.

“What’s to like? You left me with nothing.” He yelled out.

He was really upset with it. He kept looking at himself in the mirror and was not happy with it. Eventually he calmed down and came back and lied on my bed.

“I’m sorry,” I told him. He didn’t say anything.

We took a nap together and slept it off.

As the week went on he was still upset with his haircut and he wouldn’t forgive me. I started to feel pretty bad about it. Later in the week we where back in my room and we hadn’t made love since I cut his hair. I was upset about that too now and I wanted to make him feel better about his haircut.

“How about I let you trim my hair if you want to make up for it,” I told him.

“Really,” he asked.

“It’s the least I can do for you, but just trim it though,” I told him

My hair is dark brown and reached down to my bra strap. I loved the length of my hair and the way it felt cascading down my back. I was nervous about letting him trim it but I felt I owed him the favor.

He took my shirt off like I did his while I was still sitting on my bed. I undid my bra and sat there topless while Sean grabbed a pair of scissors. He took his shirt off too and was wearing only his boxer shorts. He jumped up on the bed around me and sat down right behind me in the bed and I sat up in the middle of the bed sitting cross-legged.

I could feel him combing my hair out down my back and it felt good. I closed my eyes for a moment as he stroked my hair down my back and he kissed me on my shoulder. I felt as he grabbed a section of my hair in the back and felt a tug. I heard the scissors close, Schnip. I looked around me quickly to see him holding 4” of my hair in his hand.

“Oh my god.” I said out loud.

He smiled at me while holding his trophy in his hand.

“I said you could trim it not cut that much.” I yelled at him.

I reached around and felt the damage and it felt shorter than my shoulders.

“Holy Shit!” I yelled.

“I need to finish it,” He told me. I just sat there and put my head down.

I felt him grab another section and I heard the scissors cutting again, Schnip, Schnip, Schnip, I felt is he took away lock after lock from me. I didn’t like this at all.

He started coming around my right side and I kept trying to take a glance as he was cutting away. He was snipping away at my right side and from a glance I could tell it was being cut just above my shoulder. I hated this and I wanted to cry.

He came around to my left side and started cutting that side too. I reached up and played with the new length in the right side and it was too short. It was just above my shoulder and I couldn’t deal with that.

Sean finished my left side and my hair was cut into a very blunt length all around I started to tear in my eye at the shock of this haircut and I couldn’t believe he did this to me.

Sean came around to the front of me and wiped my tear and kissed me.

“Its will be okay baby,” he said as he grabbed me and placed me on the bed on top of my all of my hair and we made love.

It ended up being the best night we had together and Sean was so sweet with me after he cut my hair, I forgot quickly about the whole thing.

The next day I was left to deal with it though. It was too short. It fell into a small ponytail and I though it looked stupid. I couldn’t get it to do anything I wanted. I just wore it back in the stupid ponytail and hid it there until it grew long enough to deal with it. It was summer and it did end up being a bit easier to deal with being a bit shorter in length.

I let it grow over the next few months to Sean’s disappointment. He always wanted me to cut it for him. He wanted it short, he wanted it clipped in the back, he wanted a flat top, he wanted it bobbed and permed. It was a bit tiring at times however I sometimes told him I would…. might I mean, actually.

I loved his head shaved really short though and he hated that. I loved shaving his head and he would let me, only to use it as leverage to get me to do something with my hair.

I would promise him I would change my hair if he would let me shave his head for him and he would let me. I would always back down after though, I couldn’t go through with changing my hair and this wasn’t fair to him.

After time he refused to let me touch his hair and was a bit frustrated with my broken promises. It was hard for me though as it takes him a couple of months to grow his hair out and it would take me years. Eventually I did break down and let him cut my bangs for me.

I let him cut some heavy bangs on me that reached past my eyebrows. I was so scared letting him cut it but he was so excited about it. The bangs looked so different on me and it took me a while to get used to it. I noticed how much Sean loved it and how much more attention he would give me.

The Makeover

It was now into November and it was getting closer to Sean’s Birthday. I wanted to do something amazing for him for his birthday. Something more than just cut my bangs for him but I wasn’t sure what though. I really loved him and I wanted to do something special. I though about cutting my hair for a bit and as much as the thought of it frightened me, I also thought about him.

I thought about how much he would love it if I did something but I was still scared. My hair had grown out the 4” he had cut off earlier that summer and that didn’t seam like a big deal any more  But was I ready to go to the next level? I wasn’t sure what I was going to do.

His birthday was a few days away and we decided we would celebrate it together Friday after he was done work. I decided to take Friday off of work to get ready for his birthday. I wanted everything to be perfect. My parents where going to be away for the weekend so I wanted him to stay over on Friday night.

I woke up around 9 am that Friday morning and I thought hard about what I was going to do. I got ready and went to the mall. I went to the Lingerie shop and looked through the intimate apparel section. I was imagining myself in some of these items and imagined what Sean would want to see me in. Most of the pieces didn’t seam right to me but there was one item I liked. It was a one-piece shadow stripe mesh camisole. I thought maybe I could do something with that to work with one of his fantasies.

I paid for the item and I walked back out into the mall. I walked along and found a unisex hair salon, and I stood out front for it for a moment. I thought about going in and doing something with my hair for Sean but I was freaking out looking in there. I tried to get the nerve to go in and I ended up bolting in fear. It was frustrating. I needed something else to do.

I got back into the car and drove off. I thought more about what Sean would like and I though about his ‘Mom look’ fantasy. I knew he wanted me to cut and perm my hair for him and that was way to scary for me. I just thought about just getting a ‘Mom’ outfit for him instead. I thought about where I could get one and I ended up at a vintage clothing store.

I parked and went inside. I didn’t know where to start so I browsed up and down the aisles looking at all the outfits. I was looking at the dresses when I stumbled across a perfect one. It was a solid light yellow A-line dress with short sleeves. It had a white belt and white trim. It looked so retro and I had to try it on.

I went to the change room to see if it would fit. It was like it was made for me. I thought Sean would love this as a role-play item. It was to perfect. I paid for it and went home.

When I got home I cleaned up the dress and tried it on. I looked at myself in the mirror and the dress was perfect. The only problem was my hair was not perfect with it. It didn’t match the dress at all. I held my hair up and turned side to side looking at myself. I didn’t know what to do with it but I felt I had to do something. I went back downstairs and back out to the car and I left the house with the dress still on.

I drove around the neighborhood when I came across something I had never seen before. It was Estelle’s Beauty Parlor and it looked like something that had been transplanted here from the 1960’s.

I parked my car, as I wanted to take a closer look. I walked by the front of it looking in and it was perfect. It had light pastel pink and green on the inside with old fashion styling chairs and blow-dryer chairs. I loved the look of the place.

I walked past it and thought about going in. I wasn’t sure what I would do if I went in. I walked to the end of the street, as I was so nervous. I went into the corner shop and bought a pack of cigarettes. I hadn’t smoked in months as Sean made me quit however I was craving a cigarette right now.

I walked back towards the beauty parlour and lit a cigarette. I looked in and it was too good to be true, a total time warp. I noticed the lady inside and she was dressed in vintage as well. She had on a white waist skirt and a pale blue top, and was wearing red lipstick. She looked up at me and we made eye contact. She got up and started walking towards the door. I got nervous and didn’t now what to do.

“Where did you get that dress?” she asked coming out the door.

“Oh, I um, I bought it this morning.” I told her.

“Its Wonderful.” She told me. “For a special occasion?” She asked.

“Yes,” I said. “Its my husbands birthday today.” I told her.

Husband! Did I just say husband? Why the hell did I say that? I guess if I was trying to play the ‘Mom role’ I would need to have a husband to go along with it. So I continued to play along.

“Oh he is a very lucky man to have a wonderful wife like you,” She said. “Where you going to do something with your hair?” She asked.

I tensed up as she asked that. What should I say? What should I do? I didn’t know.

“I was thinking I might.” I told her.

“Well come on in then,” She said as she motioned her hand towards the entrance. “I’m Estelle and I would be happy to take care of you today.”

I smiled at her and I started walking nervously towards the door and peeped in. I took one last drag off of my cigarette and dropped it, and stepped on it as I entered through the door.

It was so amazing inside. I was hit by the smell of perm solution and what smelled like baby powder or something. There was such an amazing charm about the place with its pastel pink wallpaper and pastel green coverings on the seats. It was overwhelming. I took in a deep breath and took in all of my senses.

“You can take a seat right here,” she said and I walked over into the chair.

It felt comfortable, it was slightly bigger and bulkier then I was used to but I liked it. There was an ashtray in the arm and I though that was so cool. I sat there and crossed my legs while looking in the mirror. I wanted another cigarette.

“So what were you thinking?” she asked me standing behind me.

I took a deep look into the mirror. I was conflicted what to say next. I knew how much Sean wanted me to do something and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I was scared to say anything though. I turned my head and looked at myself a little more.

“My husband wants me to change it,” I said. “He wants me to get it permed and cut into a short bob.”

“That would be so nice on you,” she said. “I can get started right away for you.”

I started to tense up. I couldn’t believe this was really happening. I started thinking about Sean and how much I loved him. I couldn’t believe I was here and this was really happening to me.

Estelle picked up a pink cape and placed it over me. She fastened it to my neck pulling my hair out from underneath.

“I’ll just have to take the length down first before I put the rollers in for you,” She was saying. “I’ll take it down to about 6” all over for the rollers and neaten it up a bit afterwards.”

What was she saying? I wanted to say something to stop this. I was petrified on the inside and I wanted this to stop. I thought about Sean and I knew this was a huge thing for him. I could stop this now or let it continue. I felt the anxiety building inside me as I watched her go over and pick up a comb and scissors. She came around behind me and started combing my hair out. I bit my bottom lip hard to try to keep myself from saying something, I was screaming on the inside but silent on the outside.

She was combing my hair straight up into a large section above my head and held the section between her fingers. It felt so surreal like I was in a dream. Everything felt like it was in slow motion as I watched her take her scissors to my hair and swiftly close them into the section of hair. Over 10” of hair came free from the top of my head and it fell in front of me, raining down into my lap.

I took in a deep gasp and instinctively reached for my cigarettes. I quickly put one in my mouth and lit it, taking in a huge drag. I exhaled as she continued to comb out another section further back in the top of my head and Schnip.

I sat there motionless staring at myself with the exception of my right hand continually taking my cigarette to my mouth for a drag and fall back on the arm rest. I would exhale and watch as more and more of my hair was being reduced to 6” all over.

She finished cutting it and my hair was all over my cape. I felt so numb and dizzy. I put my cigarette out in the ashtray in the arm and shook my head a bit.

“Come over as I need to wash it for you.” She told me.

I got up and followed her back to the sink. I sat there as she tilted my back into it and felt the water turn on and enter into my hair. It felt good as she washed my hair for me and I couldn’t stop thinking about Sean. I was excited about how he was going to react to this, as this is one of his fantasies. He better appreciate this or I would kill him. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing all of this for him.

Estelle finished and I followed her back to her chair. She brought a trolley around behind me that was filled with rollers. I sat there as she combed my wet hair out and sectioned it off. She took the first section at my bangs and rolled an orange roller onto my hair closing the elastic.

She continued with another one behind that one and then another. I was getting nervous again so I let another cigarette. I stared at myself with the pink cape and the orange rollers in my hair. I took a deep drag and fidgeted with the cigarette on the ashtray.

“You shouldn’t be smoking in here as they have laws for that now but I will let you for today,” she told me.

“Thank-you,” I told her.

She finished putting all the rollers in and put a tray around my neck and cotton around my hairline under the rollers. She opened a bottle and started pouring the liquid into my hair and the smell hit me hard. I felt almost sick from the smell. It took her a while to spray the solution all over and when she finished she covered my head in plastic.

“You can come sit under a hood,” She told me and I followed her to a chair with a hood.

I took a seat and she adjusted the hood to my head turning it on. I blast of hot air formed an enveloped around my head.

“Would you like a magazine?” she asked me and I nodded yes.

She handed me a stack of old Cosmopolitan Magazines. There was one dated back to the 60’s so I grabbed it. This was too unreal. I sat under the hood reading a Cosmo from the 60’s wearing a vintage yellow A-Line dress under a pink cape. I was actually kind of excited by all of this and I was really starting to get into the moment.

I lit another cigarette and finally started to relax as I read the old magazine. I felt like I was in another world. Besides I loved these chairs and these ashtrays on the arms.

It felt so amazing sitting under the heat from the hood. The smell from the perm solution and the chain-smoking was making me feel light-headed. I was actually enjoying this.

The timer went off and the hood turned off. Estelle escorted me back to the sink and rinsed my hair for me. She rinsed it for quite a while taking off the solution and I almost felt like I was going to fall asleep. After she sat me up and put a tray around my neck again and started to apply another solution on me. That one smelt worse than the first one. She left that on me for another little while leaving me sitting at the wash sink with the tray still around my neck.

Eventually she came back and tilted me back into the sink again. She ran the water on my hair and began removing the rollers and tossing them into the sink. I was wondering what this was going to look like and I had no idea. I was starting to fill with anticipation.

She finished and sat me up to towel dry my hair. I followed her back to her chair and took a seat. I saw myself in the reflection for the first time. My face lit up at my reflection. My hair was so curly I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to bust out in laughter, it didn’t seem like myself anymore.

“We’ll just clean this up and give you a nice haircut.” She told me.

I sat there quiet as I was mesmerized at my reflection. She tilted my head forward and started sectioning off my hair at my nape. I felt the scissors dig in along my nape cutting my hair to a short bob length in the back. The scissors worked across my nape in the back reducing the length down and I watched as locks of curly hair was snipped off and rolled down the cape. I couldn’t believe those curly locks where coming off of me. I had never seen anything like this in my life as I had straight hair all my life.

She finished the haircut and I took my first look. It was so short compared to what I was used to and so curly. It was still wet and she started drying it with a diffuser. It totally didn’t look like me at all. I was amazed I did this and I didn’t regret it now. I knew I could totally play this off with Sean. I was actually excited about it.

She finished drying it and it was so weird. I totally looked like I was in a time warp. I couldn’t believe it. She removed the cape and I reached up to feel it for the first time. It felt so different. The texture was so strange to me.

I got up and took a good look at myself. The dress was amazing and I looked like I belonged in it now. I knew this was going to be fun tonight. Everything felt right for some reason.

I paid her and hurried back to the car. I drove home and I couldn’t stop playing with my hair. I laughed every time I caught my reflection in the rear view mirror and it gave me goose bumps every time I played with it.

I got home and I started to make dinner for Sean. I set the dining room table with candles and I cooked chicken with potatoes and rice. I had a birthday cake for him and everything.

It was almost 5:30 and I knew he would be along soon. I was upstairs in the bathroom doing my final touches. I had my new dress on and I had my new lingerie ready in the bedroom. I applied red lipstick and blue eye shadow with a pinkish blush. It looked very retro on me. I took one last look at myself and I couldn’t believe it. I was filled with anticipation of his arrival.

The doorbell rang and I got so exited. I ran down the stairs and stopped right in front of the front door. I paused for a moment and I took a deep breath. I felt enormous butterflies in the pit of my stomach. I exhaled and I opened the door.

“Hi Baby, Welcome Home.”

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