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Haircuts Revisited – Melissa meets Michael

Haircuts Revisited – Melissa meets Michael
By Tammy

Foreword: This is a part 2 of Haircuts Revisited. I wasn’t sure where I was going with this but I wanted to explore my imagination a little more. That is what is good about Fiction.

“Hello.” I heard his voice through the telephone.

“Michael!” I said.

“Yes, who is this?” He asked.

“Its Melissa.” I told him.

“Melissa?” he responded.

“I was home for the Thanksgiving weekend and I paid a visit to your father at his salon, he gave me your number.” I told him.

“Melissa from grade school, Oh my god how are you?” he asked.

“Great, Your Dad said you live in New York now, I live in Brooklyn.”

“Really,” he said, “I live in Greenwich Village.”

It was so good to hear his voice again. I wasn’t sure if I was even going to call him but I figured why not. We continued to talk on the phone for the next hour that night and we got caught up with each other again. Before hanging up we made plans to meet the next week for lunch.

I was back to work after the Thanksgiving weekend and I was met with a great reception from everyone, as they couldn’t believe I had cut my hair. I was really starting to get used to my short hair now and I loved it.

Work was really busy again and I found it amazing with short hair. I didn’t need to fuss as much in the morning and it was always out of the way now. I found people took me far more seriously as well as I looked more like a power executive now and I began to act the part too.

The next week I took an extended lunch and met Michael for lunch in a Soho Café. It was great to see him again. He finished college as well and was now developing himself as an artist. His focus was in metal sculptures and he has been working on a few projects to keep himself busy.

His hair was longish, about shoulder length and it was dark brown and wavy. He looked really good and I was finding myself attracted to him. We finished our lunch and Michael walked me back out to the street and into a cab. We hugged and off I went back to work.

I was so busy with work and I didn’t get much chance to talk with Michael. He called me just before Christmas at work and asked if I was going home for the holiday.

“I was thinking about it are you?” I told him.

“Yes, I missed Thanksgiving so I wanted to go home for Christmas.” He said.

“Did you want to go together, I have a car now so I can drive us.” I asked.

“Yes, that would be great.”

We planned to go together leaving in the morning of the 23rd of December and make it back in time for New Years. I had my newly acquired Ford Probe parked out in the street at the side of my building since I drove it back here from Thanksgiving and hadn’t started it since. I packed it and crossed my fingers it would start. I turned the key and nothing. The battery was dead. I remembered my mom would kick start it as it was manual so I paid a couple of homeless guys $5 each to push it so I could jump-start it.

Vroom. Success. I was laughing so hard. The old girl still lives another day. I made my way over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan through the morning traffic and it was slow. I finally made it to Greenwich Village and picked up Michael. We headed up-state New York on the New York State Throughway all the way back to our childhood together.

Michael took control of the music as he had an ipod with a transmitter so we had a lot of great music for the ride. He started out by playing The Postal Service.

I was playing with my hair and looking at myself in the mirror on the drive and was wondering if I would get it cut again well I was home. I learned the one thing about short hair is it grows so fast. With long hair you don’t notice when an inch grows but when it is only 2” on top, an inch growth means its 1/3 longer now. I felt the back and it felt a lot bushier now compared to when it was cut.

“I like your hair.” Michael said as I caught his attention as I played with it.
”Thanks.” I told him. “Your dad cut it”

“Really!” He said.

“Yes, that was how I got your number.” I told him. “He told me to look you up.”
”Well I’m glad he did.” He said.

I smiled, “Me too.” I told him.

I thought again about his dad’s salon and having my hair chopped off. The thought of it was so exciting to me. I would look at my hair and myself and I was excited about cutting it, I loved it.

We finally got into town after 7 hours of driving through Manhattan traffic and upstate New York Snow Squalls. I dropped Michael off and we promised we would spend a lot of time together over the week.

I got home and my dad was so excited to see me. He had done the outdoor Christmas Lights and put up a tree for the first time in years. It was great to see him too. It is amazing how much life changes as you grow and re-establish your relationships with your parents again. For me I was lucky to have the opportunity to get to know my Dad all over again.

I told Dad about driving Michael home and he thought that was great.

“We should have him over for Dinner don’t you think.” He asked.

“I’ll ask him.” I told Dad. He was like a kid all over again.

I spent Christmas with my Dad and we had many visits from people I haven’t seen in years. It was a great time. Michael took us up on our invitation on the Evening of Christmas day and the three of us sat around the dinning room table and talked for a while.

We went through my old photos and had a few laughs. Michael really liked the pictures of me from Grade 7.

“I loved your hair like that.” He said.

“Your dad cut it that way, my mom took me to get it cut.”

“I remember.” he said.

“Well I think I will leave you kids, I am getting tired.” Dad announced.

“Good-night Dad.” I told him.

“It was very good seeing you again Mister Fontaine.” Michael said getting up to shake his hand.

“Say hi to you dad for me.” My dad told him.

“Yes Sir, Thanks for having me over.”

“Good-night kids” and he went off to bed.

Michael kept looking at the pictures of me with my short hair in grade 7.

“Can I tell you something?” he asked.

“Sure.” I told him.

“I was in the back of the salon that day when your mom took you to get it cut.” He told me. “We would have been about 13 at the time I think, I never forget that day.”
”What did you see?” I asked him.

“Everything, I remember I could hear you fussing with your mom when you guys came and I peered out from the back room to see. She told you to be quiet and told me dad she wanted it short. I watched as he cut your hair off and I watched you closely through the hole thing.” He said.

I was getting a huge lump in my throat. “You saw everything?” I asked.

“Yes and I never forgot it.” He told me.

I sat there quiet for a second looking down at the pictures.

“I loved that haircut on you but I didn’t dare tell you.” He said. “I was ashamed for spying on you.”

I didn’t now what to say. I was quiet.

“Are you OK?” He asked.

“Yes.” I said with a little laugh but my eyes were starting to tear. I whipped my tears. “I’m sorry, that was just a traumatic time for me I guess. I didn’t know you were there.”
”Believe me I had more then my fair share of un-wanted haircuts too. You try growing up with a father that cuts hair. This is why mine is long now, because I could never have it long growing up.” He said.

I smiled and gave him a hug.

“My hair was very long before last Thanksgiving too you know, I kind of had your dad chop it off for me when I came home that weekend. I can’t explain why I did that really.” I told him.

He was quiet.

“I was bored and found myself wondering around the mall for old times sake when I saw his salon again. Something inside me triggered me to go in and cut my hair off.” I told him and I started to cry a little more. “Is that weird or something?” I asked.

He held me. It was silly I was crying but I was emotional. My childhood was all coming back to me again.

“Not at all,” He said. “I get the same way too. Remember I grew up in that salon. I’ve seen a lot over the years. Now I am petrified of getting a haircut because of it.”

I laughed at him as he held me. I turned to him and gazed into his eyes and we kissed for the first time.

He was so amazing. I felt so comfortable in his arms and loved the touch of his lips on mine. He gave me butterflies.

“I want to show you something,” he said.

We left my Dads house and walked over to his parent’s house. It was about a 15-minute walk and it was amazing. It was a cold night and it was snowing. Everyone had their Christmas lights on as we walked and the town was lit up and it looked so beautiful. I held his hand all the way their and we talked about growing up again and laughed with each other. We got to his parents house and went inside.

“My parents are out for a while for a Christmas Dinner.” He told me. I want to show you my Dad’s collection.” He said.

Collection I thought. I was intrigued. His parent’s house was like mine, a small town style 3 bedroom bungalow with a huge basement. We all had amazing rec rooms in our basements when we were kids.

He took me downstairs and there was a back room. He opened the door and turned the lights on. I walked in to find a perfect replica of an old small town barbershop.

“Oh My God.” I said walking in. “This is so amazing.”

“It was my grandfathers barbershop.” He said. “My dad started working there with him as an apprentice when he was young. My grandfather passed away when I was 5 and my father closed the shop, as he couldn’t continue it without grandpa. That was when my dad opened his salon in the mall. He put the entire barbershop into storage for many years but recently built this for himself. He says he wants to open a museum of old barbershop nostalgia one day so he is collecting stuff in the mean time in here.”

It was amazing. It had the white ceramic tiled floors, white walls with wooden paneling in the lower part of the walls. There were two really old barber chairs and three old fashioned waiting chairs opposite to them. In front of the chairs were wooden shelving units in the walls with all the tools of the trade laid out all over them and in the drawers and huge mirror that ran across the front wall.

The chairs had light blue capes hung over each right arm and the first one had a white coat over the back of it. I reached out and felt the coat.

“You can try it on if you like.” Michael asked.

I smiled and slid the coat on over my arms and buttoned it up. It was an old-fashioned barbers coat. I looked at myself in the mirror and admired myself.

“You look great in it,” he said.

“Thank-you.” I responded. “What are these?” I asked reaching for one of a set of metal tools.

“Those are hand operated clippers.” He said. “You just squeeze the handles open and close to operate the clippers, they cut the hair just like electric clippers.”

I held a pair and began squeezing the handles open and closed watching the little teeth move back and forth with amazement. I put them down and reached for the next item. It was a straight razor with a swivel head on them. I opened them and closed them a few times. I noticed the scissors all lined up on the shelf and put the razor down.

There was 5 different scissors ranging in sizes and different blades. I grabbed the biggest pair and held them in amazement. I opened and closed them and the sight of them gave me shivers. I looked at the other ones. There were smaller pairs as well as thinning shears. I grabbed the thinning shears and looked at them up close. I liked the jagged teeth in them. I put them down and slid back into the barber chair.

I felt the sensation of the chair sliding up into it and how it almost hugged me as I sank into the red leather upholstery. It felt very comfortable. I rested me feet up on the leg rests and sat back and relaxed. Michael came around behind me.

“Let me show you the position for shaving.” He said.

I felt him spin the chair sideways a little and place a neck support into the steel rim on the top of the chair. He pushed a button and the chair swivelled back as the footrests elevated. I smiled as I was swung back and found myself facing him behind me. I reached up for him and pulled him closer and kissed him once again on the lips. He came around to the front of the chair and slid over me and kissed me back again. It was amazing. He tilted the chair up again and I was facing the mirror once again.

He stood behind me and started to run his fingers through my nape and up the back of my head. I moaned as he did this and tilted my head forward. He kissed my nape softly and sensually as he continued to do this. I reached over top of me and placed my hands in his head and ran my fingers through his hair.

He continued to nuzzle my nape as he ran his hands down the sides of my chest. With my head tilted forward I watched his hands slide up the sides of my chest and down. He sled his hands down my waist and down my legs. I watched his hands as the back of his right hand rubbed against the blue cape over the right arm on the chair. I felt intoxicated by the way this felt and kept eyeing his hand as it passed the cape as he messaged my legs.

He twisted his hand around snagging the cape in his hand. I got excited as he pulled it up towards me. He unfolded it over my lap and slipped it up over my neck. He reached over and took a tissue from the shelf and rapped it around my neck fastening it. He gave me a kiss on the top of my head and walked over to the counter.

“What to do, what to do?” He said out loud. I was shivering from Goosebumps all over watching him ponder over the tools on the counter. He reached for one of the hand operating clippers and a black comb, and came back around behind me. I tensed up not knowing what he was going to do but I watched closely as he moved around me.

I felt him start to comb my hair out as he stood behind me combing it neatly all over from the top and sides and into the back. He tilted my head straight down and kissed me on my nape. His kiss was replaced by the feel of cold steel, as he placed the clippers on my nape where his lips had just touched a moment before. I heard the soft rattling noise as he began to squeeze the handles of the device in and out. I felt as they moved up into my hair at the back and watched intently in the mirror.

He finished a pass and started a next one. I wasn’t sure if those things were actually working so I reached up quickly to feel what was going on. I felt a soft bristly feel from where they finished a pass and rubbed it quickly.

“This is called a number two clipper.” He said as I felt the length. “It is about 1 / 4” in length.”

I put my hand back under the cape and he continued pass after pass in the back until he was finished. He moved around to my right side and tilted my head over to the left. He placed the clippers on my right cheek in front of my ear and started squeezing them again. I could here the sound of the grinding metal as he pushed them up towards my temple and the sound changed to a scrunching sound as they mowed into my hair.

He stopped each pass a couple of inches above my ear and made another pass over my ear working his way back. It was so short and I reached up to feel it again.

I put my hand back down again so he could finish. I was shocked how short he was cutting it and I was really starting to feel nervous now. I sat there numb as he continued pass after pass on my right reducing it all to that short length.

He came around to my left side and placed the clippers on my left cheek tilting my head over. Again he squeezed the clippers and they dove in. He cleaned off my left side to match the right.  He put the clippers down and I reached up again to feel it. It was so short I couldn’t believe it. It was still untouched in the top but the sides and back felt very short to me. I was shivering.

“Don’t worry,” He said. I’ll just wash it for you and clean the top up.”

He came around behind me with a towel and placed it over my shoulders. He massaged my shoulders a little as he tilted my forward towards the sink. I was surprised to be tilted forward like this but went along with it. He turned the water on and washed my hair gently with the hose over the sink as I was hunched forward over it.

“This is how they used to wash hair in the old days.” He told me.

He turned the water off and placed the towel over my head. I slid back into the chair as he towel dried my hair for me. I sat and looked at my reflection, as my hair was wet and sitting messy in top. It was about 3” long and I was wondering what he was going to do to it. I was nervous thinking about it. He threw the towel into a bin in the wall-shelving unit and picked up a scissor and comb.

“I will do scissor over comb on top for you. It is an old barber technique that is still used today.” He said.

I watched as he combed my hair straightforward and flicked the comb at the front holding my hair straight up and the scissors dove in. Snip, snip, snip, they opened and closed quickly and my hair was being cut off to a very short length. He worked the comb very fast across the top combing and flicking up section after section with it and snipped my hair all the way down to 1 / 2” in length all across the top and blended it in with the shorter length in the sides. He finished and put the scissors and comb down.

He got a fresh towel and put it over my shoulder. He reached for a dispenser and pushed a button and white foam came out of it. He came around behind me and applied it around my ears and across the back of my nape. The warm feel of it felt so soothing.

He picked up a straight razor and came around me. He placed them on my right sideburn and I felt them scrap down my skin as the cleared a path of foam. I shivered at the feel of it. He worked his way all the way around my ears and across my nape in the back continuing to my left ear. I felt the steel blade sliding on my skin as he made stroke after stoke across my hairline all the way around finishing at my left sideburn. He would wipe the foam with the towel as he worked all the way across.

He cleaned me off with the towel and through that in the unit as well and picked up an old fashion hair dryer and came back around me.

“This is an Oster Airjet hairdryer, they don’t make them like this anymore.” He said as he turned it on. It gave out a loud pitch hum as the came to life and I felt the hot air against my newly clippered nape. I closed my eyes and moaned as the heat and the touch of his fingers felt so amazing. He dried my hair all over ruffling it with his fingers and turned the dryer off and placed it back on the shelf. He picked up a tub of something.

“This is a hair pomade, its great on short hair like you have now. It will ruffle the top for you a bit.” He said as he rubbed it into my hair. I looked at my reflection and my hair was a lot shorter now then before. I turned my head side to side to look at it and it looked really cute. It was a very boyish looking haircut but it looked very feminine on me. He undid the cape and flung it off of me in the air sending my hair clippings to the floor.

“This is how my grandfather used to cut my hair when I was a kid. My dad would keep it the same as I grew up, #2 sided and back and short on the top.” I always wanted it longer but I never had any choice.” He said standing behind me gazing at me in the mirror. I looked back at my reflection and it was like his when he was a kid, but it looked really feminine on me instead. I loved it this short on me.

I kicked the cabinet in front of me and spun the chair around to face him and I grabbed him by his sweater pulling him into the chair on top of me. He placed his left arm around my waist and his right hand around my neck as I pulled him towards my waist and we started kissing. I slid sideways in the chair and he slipped into it beside me as I swung him into the chair and I slipped myself around on top of him.

I had him sitting in the chair now and I had his head tilted back with my arms around him. I sat over top of him straddling my legs around him holding him tight in my arms. The chair was facing away from the mirror and I knew he couldn’t see anything. I kissed him again as I ran my hands through his long hair and slid them down his chest over his sweater. I grabbed the bottom of his sweater and pulled it up off of him and threw it off to the floor. I leaned back and stared at his bare chest for the first time running my hands up and down the muscles on his chest.

He looked so hot sitting there I just wanted to squeeze him like a little kitten. I leaned back into him putting his face into my chest to keep him busy as I was eyeing over him at the tools again. I noticed the huge barber scissors and reached over to grab them.

I leaned back and slid further down into Michaels lap and kissed him with the scissors in my right hand and my left hand grabbing his hair on top of his head. I slid the scissors down his shoulder so he could feel them to see what he would do. He leaned back a bit.

“What are those for?” He asked and I smiled at him. “What are you thinking?” He asked me again and I held them in front of his face and snipped them a few times.

“Time to get over your fear too Mickey,” I told him as I kissed him once again.

I could feel him tense up and I loved it. I could feel him getting nervous and I fed off of that energy. I sat up higher again running my left hand through his long hair stroking it forward over his face with my fingers. I grabbed a section between my fingers and began to move in with the scissors.

“No, Wait!” he said. I reached over to kiss him again to shut him up and I leaned back and I snipped a huge lock of hair off. It fell loose and slid over his face and down his chest and into our laps as we sat pressed together. I could here him gasp

I loved this. I loved being the one in control now. I never knew a control like this before in my life. I was no longer like the 13 year old submitting to a traumatic haircut. I was now the one inflecting it on someone else. I was in control.

I grabbed another lock between my fingers and cut it off. I held it in my hand and looked at it for a moment and threw it into his lap. I kept brushing out more and more locks with my left hand and held it up. I would snip it off mercilessly and throw it into his lap. I could feel him tense but I didn’t pay any attention to it. I was so aroused and focused on what I was doing that nothing else mattered.

I kept feeling for more length and kept cutting until there was nothing left to cut. Their was a huge pile of hair that gathered in our laps between us. I leaned back and took my first look. I made a huge mess of him and his face was all white. I smiled at him

“Ahh Sweetiee,” I said, “its OK, its just a little haircut.” I said squeezing his left cheek and moved in to give him another big kiss on the lips.

I knew I had to do something to clean him up so I leaned over him and put the scissors down and grabbed the hand clippers. I sat back again and gave him a look straight into his eyes. I could sense his fear and I loved it.

I held the hand clippers in my right hand and placed my left hand over his mouth squeezing his face so I could turn his head to the side. He opened his mouth and took a little nibble at my hand. I moved in with the hand clippers at his sideburns and squeezed them mowing a 1 / 4” pass up the side of his head.

I kept running the clippers up over his head over his ears and across the top. I loved every minute of it. I was so determined as I methodically moved in with each pass reducing his hair down to a very neat 1 / 4” crop all over his head.  When I finished I placed the clippers back over him on the counter and grabbed him really tight. I squeezed him so tight with all my strength. I was pressed into him so hard as I straddled him in that barberchair it was like nothing I ever felt in my entire life. We made love right then and there for the first time.

After we cleaned up and I got to really look at him for the first time. He looked so different, kind of like David Beckham and I loved it. We cleaned up the mess we made and went up and made some coffee. We sat in the kitchen table an unwound from what just occurred between us. We sat there peacefully it the kitchen table and I was digesting everything that had just occurred. At that moment I was falling in love.

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