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My First Love – Part III

My First Love – Part III
By Tammy

Foreword: Unfortunately this part of their story is not true, Although she did accompany him to the barber on few occasions for a haircut, When asked if she wanted a haircut as well she declined the invitation.

It took a while for Andrew to get used to his haircut and he was glad he cut it. I was so happy as it made him look so much better. He is tall and the haircut showed off all of his features.

Now that his hair was short I found I got bored really fast. I had nothing to tease him with any more  We went on with our regular routine of our weekends together and talking on the phone. As the weeks went on I noticed how quickly our hair would grow. That made me excited now watching it grow.

I would watch week after week as Andrew came and visited on the weekend. With each visit his hair would grow in a little more. It was getting longer on the top and the sides and was starting to look messier. I would grab his hair in the top between my fingers and it was starting to grow in enough in the sides and back to grab some hair there too. I liked it as it grow and became scruffier.

Mine was really growing in too. The length was getting longer and the bob was growing out. It was growing in over my nape now and almost grazing my shoulders. As the school year went on and got closer to summer we started to see a lot less of each other. It was our final year in High School and we had our final exams.

I worked hard at studying to get the school year done. Even though I was accepted into University I still needed to keep my average up, as it was still contingent on my final acceptance. I was excited to finally finish High School and looking forward to College.

We finally finished our school year and I was in the last of my exams. I had one last one to go and Andrew had finished his last one already. I studied hard the last night before my final exam and Andrew promised he was going to come and get me when I completed it at the end.

I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to see him. It had been a few weeks since we saw each other last. I remember I finished me final Essay with about 20 minutes to spare. I looked up at the doorway window and I could see Andrew looking in through the door from the hallway. I smiled at him. I was so happy to see him. I started to review my essay paper one last time before handing it in and made my way about half way through it. Screw this I thought and got up and handed the paper in. That marked my official end of High School and the official start of summer. I walked out and into the corridor and jumped into Andrews’s arms. It felt so good for him to hold me again.

We went to my locker and I emptied it out one last time. Andrew helped me clean it out and he helped me carry my entire stuff home. I was so glad to finally be done. We got home and I grabbed him and dragged him up into my room. My mom wasn’t going to be home for hours and my brother, who was now home from college, went away for a few weeks. I had him all to myself.

We made love for hours in my room and it was amazing. I really missed him and was glad to have the chance to spend all our time together for that summer. After we made love we lied down together with each other for a while in my bed and relaxed.

We were sweaty and it was so comfortable for him to hold me in his arms. He held me from behind and spooned me. He nuzzled my nape and I loved that. It gave me shivers all over my body. He ran his hands through my hair at my nape pushing it upwards out-of-the-way as he licked and kissed my nape. It was so sensual and intoxicating. I felt back their and held my hair up for him so it was not in the way. When he stopped he held me from behind.

“I guess my hair is getting a little long for that now,” I told him. It had been three months since he cut it now and I was really beginning to miss the feel of that haircut. I spun around and looked at him too. It had been 2 months since his haircut and it was now grown in and lost its shape. We were both very sweaty so I asked him if he wanted to take a shower. He nodded yes.

I followed him into the bathroom and we were both still naked. We turned the shower on and we took turns cleaning each other up. He would shampoo my hair first then I would shampoo his. We held each other tight and went under the shower and rinsed our hair off together. He would put conditioner in mine and I would do his. We held each other again and rinsed. We rinsed each other off and got out of the shower. We dried off and got changed.

“Can I dry your hair off for you?” He asked me. It had been a while since he had done that and I smiled.

“Sure.” I told him.

I took a seat at my desk chair in my room and he came back with the hair dryer and hair brushes. I sat as he dried my hair off for me.

“Did you want to cut my hair again?” I asked him.

“No, not really,” he said. “I have a better idea,” He told me.

I smiled, “What did you have in mine?” I asked him.

“I know the perfect place for you to go and get a summer haircut,” He told me.

I belted out in laughter. “You need one too,” I told him.

He finished drying my hair and we got ready to go out. We walked again holding hands towards my local strip mall just as we did a couple of months ago before when he had his haircut. I was getting very excited as we walked closer. It was a beautiful summer day and it was getting very hot. I reached up and put my hair into a ponytail, as it was just long enough to reach into one now.

We came around the corner and into the back parking lot of the plaza. We walked towards the walkway in the middle of the plaza and came around the wind barrier. The barbershop was now visible in front of us just 15 paces away. We stopped for a moment.

“What were you thinking,” I asked him.

“We should just go in and go with the flow, see what happens.” He said.

“OK,” I said squeezing his hand and we walked towards the door.

He grabbed the door and opened it for me. It was dead quiet in there as it was late on a Tuesday afternoon.

“Can I help you?” the first barber asked as we came in.

“We were looking for some haircuts,” Andrew told him.

“Sure, come on in, we can help you today,” the barber said in his thick Italian accent.

“Take a seat right here,” He gestured towards Andrew spinning the first barber chair around to face him. Andrew walked over and sat in the chair.

“You can sit here me dear,” the second barber called over to me standing behind the second chair.  I walked over and sat in the chair right beside Andrew.

We could see each other through the reflection of the massive wall mirror on front of us.

“What were you thinking sir?” The barber asked him.

“I was thinking something shorter for the summer.” Andrew responded.

I looked over and interrupted. “buzz his really short all over.” I told his barber, he gave a bit of a chuckle.

“I can do #2 all over if you like, that is a short haircut.” He said.

“Give him a #2,” I told him

“Young Lady,” my barber called out to me to get my attention, I looked up at him in the mirror.

“Here we do a short a hair,” the barber told me in his thick Italian accent. I started to smile listening to him.

“It a doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, you come here, you get a short hair.” He continued. “If you don’t like a short hair, you go across the street.” He sang out.

“Don’t worry,” I told him, “I want a good summer haircut.” I reassured him. I sat there quiet and let myself fall into his hands. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next.

Click, snap. Nrrrrrrr, I looked over quickly and saw as Andrew’s barber had the giant black clippers in his hand and come over behind him who was now already caped. He put his other hand on the back of Andrews’s head and held it there tilting his head down slightly.

I watched in aw as he placed the clippers on Andrew’s forehead and pushed them over the top of his head. They mowed a path straight down the middle of his head. I watched Andrew’s barber continue with the clippers over the top of his head as my barber began to fasten the white neck strip around my neck, place the red cape over me and tightly pin it around my neck. He slid my elastic out of my hair and my hair fell out of its ponytail and fell around my face, grazing my shoulders.

Click, snap. Nrrrrrrr, I jumped and looked back at my barber through the mirror as he came around behind me to my left side holding his giant black clippers. He placed a giant comb into my hair at my left side holding out a large section of hair just above my left ear. I sat nervously as I watched the clippers slide into the side of the comb and push all the way back, Nrrrrrrr, the sound made as they passed releasing my hair like a waterfall onto my shoulder and into my lap.

I sat there with my eyes almost popping out of my head. This was such so overwhelming to watch. He slid his comb into section after section on my left side above my ear and passed the clippers through reducing the length on my left side right down to about 1” in length all the way up.

He came around behind me and tilted my head down slightly. I felt as the comb slid into my hair behind my left ear and heard the clippers pass through releasing more hair from the back to fall behind the chair.

I glanced over to Andrew through the mirror and his hair was now almost reduced to a very short ¼” length all over. His barber was working over his left ear removing what was left of his hair on his left side. He looked so cute sitting there caped with his hair being sheared off so short.

He caught a glance at my eyes through the mirror and I gave him a little smile. He sat there very shy and didn’t respond. I felt my barber tilt my head to the left as he came around to my right side from finishing the back. He slid his comb into my right side and slid the clippers through moving continuously and fast. My hair on my right side was now reduced to the 1” length like the other side.

He came around behind me and I sat straight up again. I watched as he combed my hair straightforward on the top and over my face. I felt the comb slid into my forehead and heard the clippers slide straight across the comb, Nrrrrr, my bangs where no reduced to 1” in length on top of my head. He continued to slide his comb into my hair in the top continuing to reduce all of the length down to 1” long all over the top.

He finished and placed back his comb and he turned the clippers off. He pulled the head off of the clippers and he replaced it with another head and snapped them turning the clippers on again.

Click, snap. Nrrrrrrr, they came to life again. He came around me and placed his hand on my head tilting my head forward. I felt the clippers touch my nape and it gave me a shiver. They slid them up my nape and into the back of my head, Nrrrrr they passed all of the way up the back of my head. They made pass after pass as they worked up the back of my head removing the length.

He tilted my head to the left and ran them over my right ear. My hair was cleaned short to about ¼” over my right ear. He came over to my left side and passed them over my left ear cutting my hair the same as the right.

He put the clippers down and sprayed my hair with water. I took one more look over at Andrew through the reflection in the mirror and his haircut was now complete. It looked so hot on him and I loved it. He sat there in the barber chair examining it in the mirror and rubbing his hands on it. He smiled and sat back and relaxed in his barber chair and watched the rest of my haircut through the reflection.

My barber came beside my right side with scissors and comb and started combing up my right side. He ran his comb up my hair and snipped away very fast. I was mesmerized watching the scissors work in lightning speed as he combed out my hair up my right side and would snip away fast at it tapering it up the sides to the top of my head.

He tilted my head forward as he started to comb and snip away at my hair in the back. It felt so amazing having my hair all chopped off all around me. I kept glancing over my shoulders and my lap to see my hair littering the cape and the floor all around me. It was such an arousing experience.

He came around my left side and snipped away at that side the same way with a taper up to the top. I looked so different now looking at myself. I was in aw looking at my new appearance. He started combing out the top of my hair holding up sections and trimming the length matching it with the sides. He left the top at the 1” length and I liked it.

He combed my hair forward again and neatly combed my new short bangs across my forehead. They laid about half way up my forehead and showed my face off beautifully.

His scissors slid into my forehead and trimmed another bit of length off so they now sat a little higher up on my forehead. I sat there and smiled, as it looked so cute on me. He combed out the sides of my bangs at my temples and neatly trimmed them from my bangs back towards my ears. He put the scissors down and picked up thinning shears. He dove into the top of my head with them cleaning off the bulk of the weight on the top and making it sit much softer.

He put the scissors down and pushed a button on a machine on the counter. I watched as foam came pouring out on his hand. He came around me and applied the foam on my sides, over my ears and across the back of my nape. The foam was warm and felt so amazing. He placed a towel on my shoulder and took a straight razor sliding it quickly from my hairline down. He started on my right side, over my right ear and across my hairline. I almost moaned as he did this and I had to keep that in.

I looked up at Andrew and he was mesmerized watching me. I glanced at him with a big smile. The barber finished the shaving at my hairline and cleaned it off with a towel. He dusted my neck off and undid the cape sliding it off of me. My hair slid off the cape and onto the floor in front of me.

I looked so fresh sitting their staring at my refection at my new image. I looked so cute. The barber took a mirror and showed me the back. My hair was cut in a short pixie haircut with tapered sided and back. I reached up and felt the back and it felt so soft. I felt the sides and top all over and I loved the way it felt.

I got up and Andrew got up from the chair beside me. I felt his hair too and it felt amazing. Andrew paid and we rushed home very fast. We could barely keep our hands off of each other and we rushed home and got back into my bed.

It was the most passionate day of my life

Thanks for reading……



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