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My First Love – Part II

My First Love – Part II
By Tammy

Foreword: This part of their story is true as well, She did turn her attention on him after he cut her hair and she took him to a barbershop her father once took her to when she was in grade 8 to fix a haircut her friend tried to give her.

It was now Tuesday Morning after the Easter Break. I woke up to the alarm and hit the snooze button and rolled back to bed. I lied there for a few moments on my back looking up to the ceiling. I sat up and reached to whip my long hair over my shoulders and shivered for a moment as a surprise as nothing was there.

“Oh Yea,” I said to myself quietly. I had forgotten that Andrew had just cut my hair off in the days before. I remembered how he came into the bathroom and lovingly cut my hair into my perfect little bob. I felt it and it gave me butterflies feeling its shape and the way it fell sculpted along my nape in the back. I loved how it felt. I smiled thinking about it

I got up to change. I sled off my pajama bottoms and tank top and sled on a fresh pair of underwear. I had to wear a school uniform and my school kilt was hanging on the inside of my closet door. I sled it on and reached for a fresh bra. I slid the bra over my head and fastened it around my back. I slid on a clean white shirt and reached around my neck to pull my long hair out from under it and felt strange again as no hair was there. I laughed at the sensation as it was going to take a while to get used to it.

I went to the bathroom and combed my hair out. I smiled as I looked at my reflection. I loved my hair and it made me feel so hot. I loved my weekend with Andrew and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My new haircut totally reminded me of him and it was something I had with me for all of the time. I loved the haircut so much.

I went to school and everyone freaked when they saw me. People loved my hair and it was a huge shock for everyone. It was a drastic change and it wasn’t very common for a schoolgirl to cut off her hair like I did. I told everyone that Andrew did it and people were shocked. They thought it was amazing that I did it and he did an amazing job. I was so excited about it.

I called Andrew that night and told him about my day. I was ecstatic that people loved his work and was so happy about it. I loved the attention from it and found the experience was bringing out something new in me.

Andrew and I talked to each other every night that week on the phone and I couldn’t wait to see him again. One thing new about our phone calls now was that I couldn’t tease him about cutting my hair anymore as that had now been done. I needed to find something new to tease him about. I thought about teasing him about cutting his hair now as his hair was so long. I loved his hair really. It was very long just like Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer from Red Hot Chili Peppers. It made him look so hot. I loved his hair when we made love as it would cascade all over us.

Cutting my hair had started something new for me. I was now very excited at the thought of cutting my hair and I loved the thought of it. Watching others having their haircut also intrigued me. As much as I loved Andrews’s hair being long I was more infatuated at the idea of watching it getting chopped off. I really wanted to see that so I started to tease him about it.

Later that week as we talked on the phone Andrew loved to hear about what people were saying about my hair. I told him about my week and how much I loved my hair. I started to cut him off and asked him about his hair.

“What about it?” he asked.

“Why don’t you cut your hair too,” I told him.

He became very quiet now. I had him where I wanted him again. I loved teasing him by threatening to cut my hair and now that my hair was cut I learned I could tease him about his hair too. I loved doing this.

The weekend finally came and he cut school early to come meet at my school when we were let out. Our classes finally ended and we were let out into the hallways. I came around the corner and there was Andrew standing at my locker with a package of flowers. I gave the biggest smile and I was so excited to see him.

He looked so hot standing there with his long hair and he was dressed in black and wearing his DM boots. I ran over and grabbed him and kissed him. I was so happy to see him. We met up with my friends after and we all walked home together. My friends told him what an amazing job he did on my hair. I could tell they were all jealous of me and that I had an amazing and loving boyfriend. I was so happy to be with him.

We got back to my house and we went to my room together. We lied down on my bed and he was spooning me from behind. He started to nuzzle my nape and it felt so amazing. It was so much better with my hair cut off above my nape exposing it for him to nuzzle and play with. I loved the way it felt.

I rolled over and started to play with his hair. I let it out of its ponytail and rolled the elastic over my wrist. I was a little jealous as I knew it was going to be a while until I could wear a ponytail again too. He was lying on top of me and his hair hung down over his shoulders and was grazing my chest. It felt good and I loved it. I started thinking about his hair being all chopped off again.

“So why don’t you cut your hair too?” I asked him. He gave a very nervous look on his face.

“I did it for you so why don’t you do it for me?” I asked him. I could tell I was really pinching his nerves by asking him this. He rolled off of me and lied on his back beside me and gave out a big sigh.

“I guess that would only be fair,” He told me. I could tell the thought of it scared him.

I turned towards him and smiled. He was mine and I knew it. I rolled sideways and laid my head on his shoulder and put my arm across his chest. He started playing with my hair and I fell asleep.

Weeks passed and I wouldn’t stop teasing him about cutting his hair. I knew it scared him and I loved it. I would use my hair as leverage as I would remind him he had chopped my hair off and it was amazing. I knew he was thinking about it.

A few weeks later Andrew came for the weekend and slept over that Friday night. It was common for him to sleep over on the weekends, as he would stay in my brother’s room that was off to College at the time. My parents didn’t mind his company and I loved spending the time with him.

I remember waking up that Saturday morning a few weeks after Easter had passed and I went into my brother’s room to wake up Andrew.

“Wake Up,” I told him jumping on him in the bed. He shook his head and opened his eyes. I gave him a kiss on the lips and he wrapped his arms around me and rolled us around so he was on top of me. I watched as his long hair was falling from behind him over his shoulders and into my chest. I reached up and made a gesture with my fingers like they were scissors and held them into his hair and made snipping noises as I pretended to cut his hair. He sighed again.

“You want me to cut my hair don’t you?” He asked me.

I smiled and said, “Yes,” while nodding it.

“Why do you want me to cut my hair?” He asked.

“Because it’s fun,” I told him.

“Do you want to cut it?” He asked.

“No, I wouldn’t know how but I know where you should go.” I told him.

“Where?” He asked.

“That’s a surprise,” I told him. “Just promise me you well do it,” I told him.

“I would do anything for you so don’t worry about that.”
”Good,” I told him.

I had him. I was so happy. I don’t know why I was so excited about having him cut his hair but I was. I didn’t care how it was going to look I just wanted to watch him getting it cut. We ate breakfast and got dressed for the day. I was excited about taking him for his haircut.

“Are you ready for your haircut?” I asked him.

“We are we going?” he asked my.

“The same place my father took me when I was in grade 8,” I told him. “You’ll see.

We walked together holding hands walking towards my local strip mall. I remembered the last time I was in that barbershop when I was in grade 8. My father took me their when my friend made a mess trying to give me a haircut. I remember walking in with my father and I was scared. We waited in the waiting chairs and the shop was busy. It was so uncomfortable being in their and my hair was a mess. I could feel all of the eyes in that barbershop peering at me as I sat there waiting. They felt like piercing needles injecting me with my overwhelming feelings of butterflies, and goose bumps all over inside of me.

I sat there and waited until the barber called out “Next.” My father took me and sat me in the chair and told the barber to clean me up. I remember my hair being cut off meticulously with scissors and clippers and it was an overwhelming experience. It was an experience that has never left me. I was finding it hard to contain my excitement as Andrew and I walked together holding hands, going back to that barbershop where I was shorn four years before.

We got to the plaza. The barbershop was tucked away in a walkway that was in the middle of the strip mall. There was an enclosed walkway that connected the back parking lot to the front of the strip mall. We where approaching from the back parking lot and came around the wind barrier at the back-end of the walkway as we entered into the walkway.

The barbershop was now visible with its spinning red and white pole perched outside of its doorway. I squeezed Andrew’s hand as we approached it and he started to slow his pace quite a lot.

“No Way,” He said.

“You promised,” I told him. There was no way I was going to let him back down. He stopped right there in his tracks.

“That is just way too much for me,” He told me.

“Ok lets go grab a coffee and talk about it then,” I told him.

We went right around the corner from the front of the walkway where the barbershop and went into the donut shop at the front side of the plaza next to the walkway. I took a seat and Andrew bought us both a couple of coffees. He came and sat next to me.

“So why not then,” I asked him.

“I don’t know,” He said. “It’s kind of scary to get a haircut in a barbershop.”

“I’ve had my haircut in there before,” I told him.

“Really,” He said smiling.

I told him the story when I was in grade 8 and my father taking me in there for my haircut. He smiled and liked the story.

“So let me take you in their for your haircut now,” I told him. He nodded OK. I was so surprised and I was happy. This was exciting.

We finished our coffee and he took a deep breath to try to build up the strength and nerve to go through with this. I loved watching him frightened as it totally excited me to see him like that. We got up and walked out of the donut shop and walked back around the corner again into the walkway and towards the Barbers.

He grabbed my hand as we approached and I smiled. I reached for the door and opened it for us and he walked in right behind me. The first barber nodded at us as we walked in and the few waiting customers looked up at us. It was so wild walking back in there after all of those years. I had always thought about going back in their for such a long time and would always look in as I would walk past it. But now I was now finally inside of it again.

We took our seats beside each other in the waiting chairs and sat and watched all of the action. I sat there and took it all in. It was very intoxicating, the smell of the shop, the noise of the scissors and the barbers working very efficiently getting through their customers on that busy Saturday morning.

There were three barber chairs in a row and 2 barbers working that day. They had two men in the chairs and were cutting their hair in short businessman’s haircut styles. There was a mother with two boys sitting and waiting for their turns as well.

The boys were quiet and behaving. Their hair was a little longish and unkempt. I watched as the second barber who was in front of us finished his customer who paid and left.

“Next,” the barber called out and one of the boys jumped up into the chair. He was short so the barber put a booster across the arms of the chair. He picked the boy up into the booster and caped him. The barber looked over to the mom who was stepping up towards them.

“Can you clean him up nice and short?” She asked the barber.

“Sure we can go with a short.” He said in an Italian accent.

He reached for a giant set of black clippers and turned them on. Click, snap. Nrrrrrrr. They sprung to life.

“Here we do a short a hair,” the barber sang out loud in his thick Italian accent. “It a doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, you come here, you get a short hair.” He continued. “If you don’t like a short hair, you go across the street.” He sang out happily.

I smiled so big listening to him singing that out loud. I started to chuckle a bit. I looked at Andrew and I think it scared the hell out of him. I grabbed his arm and held him closer. I whispered in his ear, “You will be just fine, don’t worry honey.” He looked at me and I could tell he was so nervous. I loved it.

The other barber finished his customer and he paid and left. “Next,” he called out and the other older brother jumped up into the chair. He was taller so he didn’t need a booster. I watched as the barber took his giant clippers and turned them on too. Click, snap. Nrrrrrrr. The sound completely filled the shop.

That sound was so exciting to me. I watched mesmerized as the clippers were used to meticulously reduce the boy’s hair to a very short length. It was so amazing to watch. The second barber was finishing up the younger brother and I was getting really excited with anticipation. It was almost Andrew’s turn in the chair. I was holding his hand tightly and I could feel the cold sweet in his palms.

The barber finished the first boy and removed the cape. They boy jumped out of the chair and ran back to sit beside his mother. He looked so cute wearing his new short boyish crop. He sat down and smiled reaching up to play with his hair.

“Next,” the barber called out and I felt Andrew’s hand grasp mine a lot tighter in reaction.

“Go on,” I told him and he got up and walked over and into the chair.

The barber flung the red cape over him and wrapped a white tissue strip around his neck lifting up his long hair and pushing it forward over his shoulders. He attached the strip and cape tightly around his neck.

“I was thinking something a little shorter, around here maybe,” Andrew was telling him raising his arms from under the cape and motioning a length near his jaw-line.

The barber just glanced at him and grabbed a black comb a giant pair of barber shears. He came around his left side and entered the comb into his hair and held it at the top of his ear level. I watched in aw as the scissors dove into his hairline and closed. Schnip, Schnip, Schnip, they closed into his hair releasing it to fall down his shoulder and into his lap like a waterfall. I leaned up and over to catch a glimpse of his face in the mirror and it was completely white.

The barber worked his was around the left side and across the back cutting very fast reducing all of his hair down to a very short length. A huge pile of hair was now gathering on the floor behind him as his hair fell along the backside of the barber chair.

The barber moved around to his right side and finished taking the rest of the length off. He put the scissors down and grabbed the giant clippers off of their hook. Click, snap. Nrrrrrrr, I could see him jump in the chair.

The barber came behind him and pushed his head straight down. I watched with a huge smile as the clippers entered into his neck and pushed all the way up the back of his head. It was so awesome and I was so aroused watching the clippers do their work. Pass after pass his hair fell to the floor and left about ¼” in its path. The barber made a pass over each side of his head reducing the length over his ears to ¼”.

“That’s so short,” Andrew spoke up.

“As I said before, here we do a short hair,” The barber told him. “If you no a like the short hair, you go across the street.” He said promptly.

I could hardly contain myself. I wanted to bust out laughing and I felt so intoxicated watching this. The other barber was finished with the other boy and he uncapped him. The boys gathered together and teased each other. The mother paid and they left.

“Next,” the other barber called towards me and spun his chair around.

“No thanks, Not today,” I said to him as I reached behind to play with my hair at my nape. “I’m not ready for a haircut yet,” I told him. He nodded and spun his chair back and started to sweep the floor.

The barber was spraying Andrew’s hair with water and came back with scissors and comb. He combed his hair forward and held up sections and snipped it off to about 2” in length on the top. He worked all the way across the top and tapered the sides to match the length towards the bottom. The haircut was looking very sexy and so different on him.

The barber took white foam from a dispenser and applied it around his ears and across the nape of his neck. I watched as the barber took a straight razor and shaved his sideburns, around his ears and across the back of his nape. That was so cool to watch.

The barber dusted him off and removed the cape as the white strip fell to the floor. The barber showed Andrew his hair in the back with a hand mirror and I looked over for his reaction. He sat their stunned and reached up to touch it.

He nodded and smiled at the barber and got up and walked towards me. Holy shit he looked so hot. I wanted to have him right then and their. I wanted to explode. I gave a huge smile and I told him I loved it. He smiled back and shook his head from left to right. I could tell he liked it too.

He paid and we walked back to my house. I couldn’t keep my hands off his nape the entire way home and he loved that. I couldn’t get over how great he looked. He looked much older now, more mature and totally handsome. I took him back to my house and had my way with him.

To be continued…..



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