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A Weekend With Our Step Father

A Weekend With Our Step Father
By Tammy

Foreword: This one is a true story, and very close to how the events were related to me by one of my clients. The real person from this story is the middle sister, and to protect her identity they are from Australia. I just moved the story to the USA to protect my clients identity. It did happen around this same time and she is also a big Goonies fan.

My sisters and I grew up in a small town in Michigan. Our mother raised us herself after she divorced from our father when I was younger. My mom took custody of us and life went on. She remarried a couple of years later to our stepfather Tom. I liked Tom as he was nice and very laid back. He never took on a fatherly role with us. He just left us alone and let our mother do all of the work raising us. Tom was more like an uncle to my sisters and me. Tom worked very hard and did a great job providing for all of us so we were grateful to have him around.

I was the middle child with my older sister Mary and my younger sister Beth. We were good kids and well-behaved. Our mother was very strict with disciplining us and she held us to a higher standard with our school and wardrobe, hair, etc.

We wore our hair very long almost to our waists. Mom preferred us dressed up in nice dresses and our long hair tied up or in braids. She took a lot of care with our hair and braided it for us.

I didn’t much care for long hair or the dresses. It was kind of out of touch with some of the other kids, I would rather wear shorts and t-shirts and have a shorter hairstyle or something. I think my sisters felt the same way however we didn’t complain.

My Mom and Tom got along well for the most part. Sometimes they would fight but that was not a big deal. I remember one time they got into a big fight and my mom took a break for a weekend to cool off.

Mom went to stay with her parents across the state for the weekend. I would have been about 12 at the time, Mary about 15 and Beth about 8. She left us with Tom for the weekend and everything was fine. Friday night after school Tom picked us up and we went for dinner to our favorite place, Pizza Hut. We rarely got a chance to go there as Mom was never into that kind of dinning. Tom was always a lot of fun and he made us laugh. He asked what we wanted to do for the weekend and we told him we wanted to go shopping. He said he would take us tomorrow (Saturday). He said he would be our honorary father for the weekend and we could do whatever we wanted. We were happy.

After dinner we rented The Goonies from the video store and went home and watched it. We drank Soda Pop and Chips and we got to stay up late. We were never allowed to do any of that when mom was home. It was so much fun. Eventually we all fell asleep in the living room and slept until morning.

In the morning we slept in a bit so Tom woke us up yelling out “HEEEY YOOO GUUUYS” Just like Sloth from The Goonies movie. We woke up laughing in hysterics.

“So what do you guys want to do today?” He asked us.

“Shopping,” My sister Mary said.

“Can we go to the Toy Store?” Beth asked.

“We sure can little one,” Tom told her.

“How about you Laura,” He asked me.

“I want to get some shorts and t-shirts,” I told him.

“Great,” He said, “So why don’t you kids get in the showers and wash and I’ll make breakfast.”

“Yay,” Beth yelled and ran up the stairs into the bathroom.

We all finished our showers and sat around at the breakfast table. Tom made scrambled eggs and sausages. Another meal we didn’t get too often, as Mom wouldn’t let us eat fried foods. It was so good. When we finished we cleaned up the kitchen and got ready to go.

Our hair was still wet and we started to brush it out and dry it. It took a long time and Mom wasn’t there to help. Beth needed help with her hair as she was still a little to young.

“Geese you guys, how long does it take to get your hair ready?” Tom asked us standing in the doorway of the bathroom.

“Mom usually helps us,” I told him.

“Well can I help then?” he asked.

“Sure,” Mary said, “You can finish drying Beth’s hair.”

“OK,” Tom said taking over for Mary. Mary got started on her hair now.

“Do you kids like doing this all the time?” He asked us.

“I hate it,” I told him.

“I don’t know, I don’t get it,” he said, “Your mom can be a bit much sometimes.”

We didn’t say anything.

“Hey I know someone who can take care of your hair for you,” He told us. “Just leave everything and let’s go.”

We all gladly walked out of the bathroom and finished getting dressed to go out. Our hair was almost done anyway. I just tied mine back at the top and let it dry on its own. We didn’t bother braiding Beth’s hair and Mary left hers down too.

We all put on our favorite summer dresses. Or the ones we liked best anyway, as there was not much choice in our wardrobes. We went downstairs where Tom was waiting and went out together to his car.

We all got in and drove towards the main strip in town. Tom rounded the corner and there was a little barbershop with a barber pole that said ‘Family Hairstyling’ on the big window next to the doorway. He parked nearby and we all got out.

“You kids go in there and we’ll get my friend Jenny to do your hair for you,” He told us. We all walked into the shop together.

The shop was very cool. It had two barber chairs in front of a very large mirror and waiting chairs opposite to them along the wall under the large window, next to the doorway where you came in.

We all took a seat in the waiting chairs and we were very well-behaved.

“Hi Jenny,” Tom said

“Hi Tom, are these your step kids?” she asked.

“Yes, were having a weekend of shopping and they were getting frustrated with their hair. Do you think you can do something to help them?” He asked.

“Sure, who wants to go first?” She asked.

Mary jumped up promptly and took a seat in the barber chair. She was smiling.

“What were they thinking of doing to your hair?” She asked Tom,

“They can do whatever they want,” Tom Said. “Its their day.”

My sister sat there staring at herself in the mirror for a moment. She ran her fingers through her hair looking at herself.

“Short,” she said eventually. “I don’t want to have long hair again for a very long time.”

“OK,” Jenny said and began to cape her.

Beth and I started giggling at the excitement of all of this. Beth was fidgeting in her chair and smiling ear to ear. I could see Mary’s face through the mirror and she sat there very still with no expression on her face. Her hair was pulled out of the cape and was straight down the back of the barber’s chair, all of the way down the back. It was so long.

Jenny took a white strip of tissue and wrapped it around my sister’s neck and attached a light blue cotton cap around her neck while pulling her hair out from underneath it. Her hair fell down behind the barber chair and hung down almost to the floor.

Jenny came around behind her with scissors and a comb and started combing it out. She then moved around her right side and held the scissors to her hair at the jaw-line and started to cut. She moved quickly starting at her right side and cutting all of the length off all around her head around the back and to the left.

Her hair was released like a waterfall as it fell from her head. My sister Beth started giggling at her and I started in as well. It was funny to see it. I knew my mom was going to kill her, or Tom, I wasn’t sure yet. It was very cool though.

Tom just sat there beside us reading the Saturday paper. He would look up from time to time as we laughed but he didn’t seem to care about any of this. I think he was glad he was allowing us to do this and new he would pay for it later. So right now he was just going to relax and not worry about a thing.

My sisters hair was now cut into a very jagged bob straight around for head.

“Now I can go pretty short young lady if that’s what you want or we can stop somewhere around here, what would you like?” She asked my sister.

“Short,” my sister said.

Jenny reached for a set of giant black clippers and they popped to life. Beth and I sat their silent watching this. I never had seen this before in my life. Tom gave a chuckle.

“Those are what they used to use on me when I was a kid too,” He said. He went back to his paper.

Jenny was standing behind Mary blocking our view so we leaned way over to try to see. The clippers were being used at the back of her head and her hair was flying off everywhere.

It was being cut so short in the back and I watched in aw at the sight of it. Jenny turned the clippers off and put them back. She sprayed my sister’s hair with water and came back with the scissors and comb. She cut her hair around her ears and into a short pixie length on top.

She finished cutting it tapering the back and sides and used thinning shears to clean up the top a little. She blow-dried it using her hand to ruffle it. When it was dry she got some pomade.

“You need to put some of this in it to ruffle it, it’s the texture that gives this haircut its style.” She told my sister as she put it in her hair.

Mary was smiling looking at herself. Jenny cleaned her up with the dusting brush and took the cape off of her. Mary sat there in the chair staring at her reflection in the mirror. Jenny took a mirror and showed the back of the haircut. Mary reached up and played with it. Mary nodded and said “Thank-you.”

She got out of the chair and walked back towards us.

My sister and I laughed so hard at her. It was so funny. It was really short and it didn’t look like her at all. Her long hair was littered all over the floor of the barbershop and it was a bizarre sight to look at.

Tom looked up and said “Very cool, do you like it.”

“Yes, Thank-you Tom.” She said and sat down very quietly,

“Next,” Jenny yelled out.

I didn’t move I looked at Beth and she looked back at me.

“Aw c’mon Laura, its fun,” Mary told me.

“Go ahead Laura,” Tom told me.

Jenny walked over and took me by my hand and took me into the chair. I sat there looking at myself.

Jenny stood behind me and slid my hair elastic out of my hair and let my hair down.

“How about you sweetie, you’re a little more nervous than your sister,” she said.

I looked back at Mary through the mirror and she was looking right at me smiling.

“Cut hers the same,” Mary said.

“Would you like that sweetie?” Jenny asked me.

I nodded yes.

“OK,” Jenny said and started to cape me.

Jenny caped me with a white tissue strip and pulled my hair out from under the cape and pulled it back over the chair. She got the scissors and comb and came back around behind me. She started combing my hair out.

She came around my right side and slid the scissors into my hair on the right side right at my mid ear level. Schnip, Schnip, Schnip, I watched my hair release from my head like a waterfall on the right side of my head. She came around the back and started cutting away at the length in the back and finished up at my left side.

It was shorn shorter than my sister was when she did hers, she didn’t give me an option like she did my sister as she just went to work cutting it short right away.

It was shorn exposing the lower half of my ears and the back felt very light. She reached for the clippers and turned them on. The sound filled the shop and was very frightening. She came around behind me and I heard them enter my hair. The buzzing sound gave me shivers as they made each pass. I could feel them work all the way across the back of my nape and up towards my crown until she was done.

She placed them back and picked up the spray bottle. She sprayed my hair wet while combing it out with her comb. She put down the spray bottle and grabbed the scissors. She came around behind me again and I watched as she held up a lock of hair at the top of my head. She held it about two inches from my scalp and the scissors closed. Clumps of hair fell off of my head and into my lap. She continued cutting the top short in length working from the front to the back and made her way to my right side. She cut the length off in the side and cut it around my ear. She did the same with my left side as well.

She tilted my head forward and cut the in the back with her scissors and comb tapering it with the top. It felt very strange to be without my hair for the first time in my life. No more brushing and drying it and mostly no more braiding. I hated when my mother would braid it as she always pulled it too tight. It was amazing to be without my long hair, a huge relief.

She finished the haircut using thinning shears to thin out the top and grabbed the blow dryer. She dried my hair like she did my sisters ruffling the length on the top with her hands. When she finished she grabbed some pomade and came around behind me.

“Now its going to take you some time to get used to this haircut but it’s a lot easier to manage I’ll promise you that much,” She was telling me as she was applying some pomade. “All you need is a little bit of this and ruffle it a little, it will sit well on its own.”

The pomade smelled very nice and I liked the way it looked. I looked so different and my face and ears where fully exposed. I didn’t get it as I wore my hair up in braids a lot and I thought my face should look the same as that, but it didn’t. It made my face look fresh for some reason, something new. I liked it.

She cleaned my nape with a dusting brush and pulled the cape off of me. She showed me the back with her hand mirror and I smiled at her.

“It looks good on you sweetie,” She told me.

I nodded and got out of the chair. Mary and Beth both were looking at me. Beth was more nervous now. Tom took a brief look as well and smiled.

I sat down again and Beth got up and walked towards Jenny. Jenny placed her into the chair.

“Would you like yours like your big sisters?” She asked her.

Beth nodded yes with a big smile.

I watched with Mary as Jenny cut our sisters hair all off like she did mine. She sat there quietly the whole time and it was fun to watch it. Our hair was now completely covering the floor and you couldn’t see the floor anymore around the chair. It was a lot of hair. I kept ruffling my hair on the top and played with it in the back. The pomade felt cool and it made my fingers smell good.

Jenny finished Beth’s hair and she jumped off the chair and walked back towards us. It looked good on her too. She was smiling as well.

“You guys should take some pomade with you as well,” Jenny told us and she got a fresh one off the shelf.  “This stuff is called Black & White and it is the same stuff Elvis used to use on his hair.”

“Did you guys want some of that,” Tom asked us.

“Yes,” Mary said.

I smiled at Tom.

“Well if it’s good enough for Elvis, then its good enough for my girls,” Tom told Jenny, “We’ll take it,” he said.

Tom paid for our haircuts and the pomade and we got back in the car. We drove to the mall next. All the way there I couldn’t stop playing with my hair. I loved the way it felt and I loved the way the pomade smelled.

At the mall Tom bought us all new outfits. I got some Jeans, Shorts, T-shirts and a tank top. I was so excited as I never owned clothes like those before. I wore one of my new shorts and t-shirts right out of the shop. I didn’t want to look at another dress again.

My sisters got some great outfits too and Tom bought Beth a new Barbie from the toy shop.

That night after the mall we went out to the movies to see a new movie called Mermaids staring Cher, Winona Rider and a young new actress named Christina Ricci. I loved that movie.

We drove home after that movie and we all screamed out the song from that film at the top of our lungs the entire way home:

‘If you wanna be happy
For the rest of your life,
Never make a pretty woman your wife,
So from my personal point of view,
Get an ugly girl to marry you.’

The weekend was the best weekend of my life. We went home and slept amazing. The next morning Mom came home while we were sitting around the living room and she screamed.

“What the hell happened to your hair,” She yelled at us. She was in complete shock.

“Tom took us to a barber and he took us shopping and look mommy, he bought me a new Barbie,” Beth told her. “Isn’t she great Mommy?”

“That’s great sweetie,” She told her, “TOM,” She yelled well running upstairs.

She gave him an earful and threw him out of the house. He was back in a few days as Mom knew we couldn’t survive without him. After that weekend Tom became our biggest hero ever. Mom had to learn how to compete with him now to get our attention. She became a much better person for it though as she began to leave us alone with our Hair and wardrobes etc. We all stayed focused on school anyway as we were just finally being able to develop our own independence from her.

Tom took us back to Jenny for our haircuts from then on. Mary never grew her hair out again as she loved it really short. Beth started to grow hers into a Bob. I let mine grow out and I loved all the new lengths and styles as it grew in. I loved letting it get really long again and I would go back to Jenny to get clipped off very short all over again. I loved the way it felt to have all of my hair chopped off by Jenny…It was so amazing.

Thanks for reading,



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