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My Accidental Bobbing

My Accidental Bobbing 
By Tammy

Foreword: This was my first story that is actually a true story, this happened to one of my clients in the salon that couldn’t get into an appointment with me, so she went to her friends mom for a haircut instead, Her story is what inspired me to start writing in the first place, and this is what happened…

I grew up in a small community north of Mount Pleasant Michigan. Our town was a very small country town built basically around a crossroad. We had one of the few houses in this immediate area that consisted of a very old corner store with a gas pump, a small restaurant and a few houses in the area. It was a close-net community and very friendly.

My best friend Tanya lived just across the street with her mom Sandra. Sandra ran a small beauty salon out of the front of their house. She always trimmed my hair for me growing up, and she knew how much I loved and cherished my hair. My style was always simple. I liked my hair long, half way down my back. My colour is a natural dark chestnut-brown. I was comfortable with my appearance as a cute and simple small town girl and never wanted to change anything.

Sandra would trim my hair about every two months. I used to love getting it washed and cut. I loved the attention and the feel of someone else playing with my hair. She used to give me the best blowouts, curling the ends under slightly. It always felt so amazing afterwards and gave me the best feelings.

I always loved hanging around Tanya’s house to watch the customers. It was an old red brick house with a small addition on the front for the hair salon. There weren’t very many customers as the town was quite small but I loved to peer into the salon when Sandra had a customer. I was fascinated by all of the action.

I loved watching Tanya get her haircut especially. Tanya had beautiful blonde hair and it was always cut into a little jaw line bob with short bangs. The cut was very cute and really suited her. It gave her a very spunky personality. She would grow out a few inches to the point where she didn’t like it anymore and cut it again into a short bob again. She preferred the bob haircut on her and it looked great.

Tanya and I have grown up now and have gone away to College. I went to Penn State and Tanya went to Michigan State. We only get to see each other now when we go home for the holidays and I love catching up with her.

Every time we would see each other we have changed so much. Tanya has grown her hair out completely and has matured considerably. Her hair looks amazing long now and it helps to completely change her image as she has grown so much.

Sandra still cuts my hair when I come home. It goes a long way between haircuts and it can get quite long between visits. I look forward to having her cut it, as it is the one thing that makes me feel like my old self again, and it reminds me of growing up.

I was coming home for the summer after my second year of school and I desperately needed a haircut. It was a busy time and I was also going to visit my Grandparents after being home a couple of days for the following weekend.

I didn’t get a chance to get it cut before going as there was not enough time but I did get to see Tanya. She looked amazing. Her hair was now very long, hanging most of the way down her back and very silky blonde. Mine was very long now too and was looking way to unkempt. I was so jealous of her hair and I wanted mine cut just like hers, but there was not enough time. I would have to wait until I got back from visiting my Grandparents for the weekend.

I finally got back late on Sunday Night. I woke up that Monday around mid-morning. I was very excited about going across the street to have my haircut. I couldn’t stop thinking about how great Tanya’s hair looked and I was very excited to get mine done too. I called Tanya’s house and her mom picked up.

“Hello,” she said.

“Hi Mrs. Thompson, is Tanya there?” I asked her.

“Tanya went into Mount Pleasant this morning to get a few things sweetie, did you want me to get her to call you when she gets back?” she said.

“I was wondering if I could come over to get my haircut actually, I loved Tanya’s hair so much and I wanted mine cut just like hers too?” I asked her.

“Sure sweetie, Come on over and I’ll take care of you,” she told me.

I hung up and got dressed quickly. I ran across the street and knocked on the salon door. Mrs. Thompson came through the salon and opened the door for me.

“Wow sweetie, where the fire?” She told me.

“Sorry I was just excited that’s all,” I told her.

“That’s ok, you can just take a seat right there,” she said pointing to her salon chair, “we’ll get started right away then.”

I sat down in the chair and she spun me around to face the mirror.

“So you like Tanya’s haircut do you?” She asked.

“I loved it,” I said. “I think it’s the best she’s ever looked.” I told her.

“Thank-you sweetie, we’ll do the same for you too then.” She told me.

“Great,” I said with a big smile.

She flung the cape over me and pulled my long hair out fastening it to my neck. She picked up a black comb and a pair of scissors and came around behind me. She started combing my hair out. This was not the usual routine as she usually washed my hair first before cutting it. I didn’t question it though.

She tilted my head down a little and was combing my hair out in the back. She stopped and I felt a little tug on my hair at my neck. I heard the scissors close Schnip, Schnip, Schnip they started cutting straight across the back along my neck. I could feel the blades grazing my neck as they were cutting across the back. I shook hard in my seat.

“What are you doing?” I yelled out.

“This is how you wanted it, like Tanya’s you said.”

I reached my hand from under the cape and grabbed at the hair in the back to feel what was done. A huge chunk of hair was missing at the back of my neck. I fell completely numb all over.

“Tanya’s hair is long,” I told her.

“Oh no sweetie, she just cut it yesterday,” She told me. “Oh my god I’m so sorry, you didn’t know she cut it did you,” She said.

I sat there trembling. I couldn’t believe it. I was shaking like crazy.

“I’m so sorry sweetie,” she said.

“I didn’t know she cut her hair,” I said almost crying. “How bad is it?” I asked her.

“It’s already been cut so I have to finish it. I’ll keep it as long as I can but it’s going to be bobbed,” She told me. “No getting around that at this point, I’m so sorry sweetie.”

I said nothing and just sat there. She started combing my hair out again and brought the scissors up to my neck again. I closed my eyes and braced the chair tightly clinching the arms with my hands. I felt the blades at my neck again and they closed. Schnip, Schnip Schnip, I felt them work from my nape across my left side to my chin and stop.

I opened my eyes. My hair was all over my left shoulder and into my lap. The ends in the left were shorn roughly at my jaw-line. The hair on my right was still long.

She held the scissors up to my right jaw and I watched them close. Schnip, Schnip Schnip, they worked their was across my right jaw to the back, releasing my hair floating down my right shoulder and into my lap.

Now my hair was completely shorn all the way around, I was trembling and trying to give all my strength to maintain my composure. She released the cap and flicked it sending all of my hair to the floor.

“We can go wash it now,” she said. I got up and followed her to the sink. I sat and she placed a towel on my neck. I tilted back into the sink. I started to relax as she washed it. I wanted this to go on forever and forget what just happened. She finished and towel dried it and I went back to the chair again. My hair was everywhere all over the floor.

She placed the cap back on me and sectioned my hair off. She started in the back neatly cutting the ends and then the sides. It was cut into a perfect jaw-line bob and straight across the back with a clean nape.

She blow-dried it turning the ends under. When she finished it she took the cape off and revealed it for the first time. I couldn’t look at it.

“C’mon then sweetie, I’ll go make us some coffee then,” she told me. She could tell I was not happy at all.

I followed her into the house and we sat in the kitchen and drank our coffee quietly and we read the newspaper.

I heard Tanya coming in and she walked into the kitchen.

“Hi,” she said walking in, “Oh my god you cut your hair,” she screamed out with a huge smile.

I looked up at her and, what do you know, hers was cut too. Hers was in a short bob too except she had bangs and I didn’t.

“We had a little accident,” My aunt told her. “She told me to cut it just like yours and she didn’t know you cut your hair off yesterday.” She told her.

“Oh my god that’s so funny,” She said busting out with laughter.

“Thanks a lot,” I said sarcastically.

“Ah c’mon, it looks good on you and besides it will grow back,” she told me.

I just ignored her.

She never stopped teasing me about it. I eventually got passed the anxiety of having short hair. It did get a lot easier as it started to grow in. It took about a year to get to a comfortable length again and another 6 months after that to get to my perfect length.

Looking back at the Haircut it was very cute on me and I did get a lot of more attention from it then I was used to. It just didn’t feel right being without my long hair. It didn’t suit my simple small town girl image that I loved.


Thanks for reading…



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