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Lawrence Heights

Lawrence Heights
By Tammy

Foreword: This was a neighbourhood I spent a lot of time growing up. best described as a crappy area to grow up in. kids are tough at this age. I don’t know how to rate things but I will say there is some sexual activity in this story, but best comparison is to Fast Times at Ridgemont High kind of thing, so if you can deal with that movie, you should be able to deal with this. I enjoyed writing this one as it is my old hood, there was teasing a lot back then , and when you were this young, you just learned to deal with it. Hope you enjoy….

This happened in Toronto when I was in High School, back in 1986. My best friend Tracy and I were sitting around in the courtyard at our housing block after school, smoking Cigarettes. It was early spring and a sunny afternoon and we were bored. We saw my neighbour Nathan walking home so we started in on him.

“Hey Nathan” we called out to him and he ignored us.

“Come over here.” Tracy called out and Nathan paused in his tracks.

We knew Nathan from school as he is in our same grade. I have last period English class with him.

“What do you want?” Nathan asked as he walked over suspicious of us.

“Is your mom home yet?” Tracy asked.

“No, why?” he said.

“We want to come over.” I said with an evil smile followed by a drag of my cigarette.

“Why?” he asked.

“We want to play.” Tracy said in a cheeky tone. You could tell Nathan was really nervous, but he nodded and we followed him back to his apartment.

Nathan is a quiet kid, he studies a lot more than other kids in the neighbourhood and does well in school. He is not as social and mostly keeps to himself. Tracy and I talked about doing this for a while now, kind of as a joke I guess and figured Nathan would be quit about what we wanted to do. We got back to his apartment and his little brother was home watching TV.

“Go outside and play.” Nathan told him and he protested a bit but grabbed his jacket and went out.

“So what do you guys want to do?” he asked and Tracy and I looked at each other with huge smiles on our faces.

“Nathan.” Tracy said and paused. “We both are going to give you head.” She said straight to the point. His jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

“Go to the bathroom and wash yourself off and get into some clean underwear and meet us back in your bedroom.” I told him.

He got up and ran off to his room and we could hear him rummaging through it. I’ve been over before and knew he shared his room with his little brother as it is a small 2 bedroom apartment they lived in with their mom. We heard him run off into the bathroom and heard the water running and we looked at each other laughing.

“Ready.” Tracy asked me.

“Yep.” I said, and we both got up and made our way to his bedroom and sat down on his bed.

We heard the water stop and the bathroom door open and watched to the bedroom door for Nathan. He came around the corner wearing a white t-shirt and blue boxer shorts. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights of an approaching car, you could tell he was really nervous.

“Come lie down on the bed.” Tracy said. “But keep your feet on the floor in front.”

Nathan came over and sat on the bed between us, and laid back.

“Put a pillow over your head and no peeking.” I told him and he reached back for a pillow covering his face. Tracy and I looked at each other almost laughing in hysterics. We talked about doing this and I couldn’t believe we were actually going through with it.

We moved in closer and I took the lead and slid his boxers down. We took a close look for the first time. I had seen one a couple of times before but only at a glance really so this was the first time for me to ‘play around’ so to speak.

Tracy was the first to touch it and kind of held it in her fingers holding it up. I wouldn’t really describe it as being hard yet. So I reached to grab it and squeezed it in my hand for a moment and Nathan let out a moan…..

I dropped it immediately and started laughing, Tracy started laughing too and we fell to the floor laughing for a moment and tried to calm down….

“OK.” Tracy said. “ I’ll go first.” And she got up and sat back on the bed. I watched her slide onto the bed and pull her long brown hair back out-of-the-way as she moved in.

I looked over to watch and she was sitting over him and looking at it. She picked it up and held it, and went in and put her mouth around it. My jaw dropped watching. How did she know what to do? was all I could think. We pretended to do this before like with a popsicle, but this time it was for real.

I watched her as her head went up and down and she slowed down a bit running her lips over the end of it, and I could see him trembling.

“OK now your turn.” She said as she stopped, putting her head up flicking her hair back over her shoulders and slid off the bed and onto the floor next to me.

I got up and sat on the edge of the bed. I was so nervous I had butterflies in my stomach. I picked it up and it was a lot harder now then it was a moment ago. I moved in and put my lips around it not really knowing what I was doing. I moved my head up and down sliding my lips over it but pressed my tongue down on the bottom of my mouth to avoid making contact with it. My long blond hair was falling forward around me onto Nathans chest, and made a kind of curtain around my face blocking the view from Tracy seeing anything, which made me feel more comfortable. I just went through the motions of it for about half a minute just so I could say that I did this but didn’t really get into it.

After about 30 seconds I stopped and let it down softly and looked over to Tracy with a smile as I flicked my hair back. She was laughing and we both got up.

“Don’t you dare tell anyone about this.” I said as we left his room.

We ran out of the apartment to the park and jumped on the swings laughing.

“Oh my god, did you see how it grew?” I said.

“I guess it is true what they say about a hard-on.” Tracy said.

We were both so excited and we sat in the swings for the next hour talking about what we just did. This was a first for us.

The next day we went to school and tried to act normal, like nothing happened. We weren’t going to tell anyone about what happened and just keep it to ourselves. It didn’t take long though as around 11am, a girl named Samantha came running up to me in the hall….

“Is it true that you and Tracy had sex with Nathan last night?” she asked.

“What! Where did you hear that?“ I said.

“Bobby told me.” She said looking for an answer.

‘Shit’ I thought to myself. Bobby is Nathan’s cousin. He told Bobby already?

“What you hear?” I asked.

“Bobby said that you and Tracy took turns having sex with Nathan at his house after school.” She said.

“That’s bullshit.” I said. “Nothing happened, I don’t know where this shit is coming from.” I said and walked away. I had to go find Tracy. A rumour had started and it was already way over exaggerated.

I walked quickly and found Tracy at her locker.

“Nathan told Bobby.” I said to her.

“I know.” She said. “I heard.”

“Samantha was asking me about it.” I said. “I told her nothing happened.”

“Good,” Tracy said. “Keep telling people that, we’ll get even with Nathan later.”

I had English class that afternoon and Nathan was in my class. I was so angry that when I got to class I gave him the dirtiest look. One of the other kids saw me doing this and blurted out “Lovers Quarrel???” And others in the class started laughing.

FUUUUUCK I wanted to yell out. I sat down quickly at my chair so embarrassed…..I wanted to wring Nathan’s little neck for this.

“Calm Down people,” Mrs Thompson said as she entered the class to quiet everyone down and start the lesson. At least I get a reprieve for the moment.

After school I hooked up with Tracy as usual and we got on the subway to go back to my place. We didn’t hang out in the courtyard as usual but went back to my apartment instead and hung out in my bedroom.

“I can’t believe he told his cousin,” I said. “Now everyone knows.”

“It doesn’t matter as it is our word against his, we just have to keep denying it ever happened and it will blow over in no time, you’ll see.” Tracy said.

“I suppose.” I said and decided to stop thinking about it.

Later that night Tracy went home when my dad came home from work. He is a tow truck driver and comes and goes quite frequently. My mom lives in Montreal with her new husband and my two step brothers. I get to visit them a few times a year and I like having little brothers.

My Dad comes and goes a lot so he usually makes it home for dinner to check up on me before going back out again. Only this time we were sitting down to dinner when the phone rang.

Dad answered it and I wasn’t really paying attention at first thinking it was a call from his dispatch for a job, until my dad started to sound kind of upset.

“When did this happen?” He said raising his voice. “Yesterday? After School?”

Oh Shit….I thought to myself. That’s Nathan’s fucking Mother on the phone I bet. My heart began pounding really fast and I nearly shit my pants as I listened to my dad talking.

“OK, I will tell her, OK, OK, Thanks for calling, Thanks for letting me know…All right, Good-bye then.” and he hung up.

He was looking straight at me with a mean look on his face.

“That was Nathan’s mom.” He said. “She says you and Tracy were over their after school yesterday.” He said giving a pause, “And you know what she said?”

I broke down and started crying immediately. “I’m sorry daddy.” I said.

“Go to your room, we’ll talk later.” He said and I went off.

I went to my room and climbed into bed and cried for a few minutes, that quickly turned to anger. Nathan told Bobby and Bobby must have been like a little fucking Canary and told everyone. He must have told his brothers and his parents found out, then they called Nathan’s mom and told her and that is how she found out, now even Dad knows about it too. I was so upset at Nathan.

Later Dad came into my room and wasn’t as mad as I thought he would be. He just wanted to hear my side of the story. I told him Tracy and I just went over and we were like 5 minutes, we just wanted to explore and have a little look was all. Nothing else.

“Did he touch either of you.” He asked and I said “no.”

“Are you sure?” He asked

“He didn’t touch either of us.” I assured him.

“OK” dad said. “Thanks for being honest with me. Nathan’s mom says she doesn’t want you or Tracy over their any more, and I don’t want you over their any more either.”

And that was it. I thought he was going to be much worse but he wasn’t  After that he made a call to his mom (my grandma) and told her he was worried about me and if I could go and stay with them for the weekend. “It would be good to get her out of the city” was what he told her. “Thanks” he said and hung up the phone.

He went off to work to do a late shift as he usually does so I just watched TV. It was Thursday and my favourite TV night, Cosby Show, followed by Family ties, then Cheers and Night Court. I liked Thursday Nights. Afterwards I went to bed.

Friday after school I took the subway home with Tracy as usual. Told her I was heading up north to spend the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa.  When I got home Gran was there waiting for me. She let herself in and had been cleaning the apartment for a while, you could tell. She likes to take care of things for Dad. I went to my bedroom to pack a bag for the weekend.

“Right, so are you ready for the weekend?” She said and I nodded yes. “Then we are off.” She said with a smile.

Gran lives an hour north of the city in a really nice neighbourhood, much better than the low-income projects where Dad and I live, so it was great to get out of the old hood for the weekend.

On the drive to grans she started talking.

“So your dad tells me you and your friend was ‘experimenting’ with a boy this week.” She said.

Ah for fuck sakes I thought to myself, is there anyone that doesn’t know at this point.

“You girls are a little too quick to grow up sometimes and I know with peer pressure and all it can be a little tough growing up at times.”

Here we go with the lecture I thought to myself, half tuning her out. She kept going on about how a girl should be respectable, and respect themselves, and their bodies and blah blah blah…… I would rather stab myself in the eye then listen to another word of this crap from her.

The drive took what felt like an eternity with more words like integrity being thrown at me. She was saying how she was going to teach me to be a better person this weekend and learn respect for myself and others and all I could think was how she had her work cut out for her.

We got to grans house and it was getting late. So Gran decided it best that we all go out for dinner. Gran didn’t approve of what I was wearing from school that day and had some old clothes that my Aunt used to wear when she was younger. She found an old floral dress with long sleeves and puffy shoulders, and a pair of white leather saddle shoes and told me to put them on.

I changed into the dress and put the shoes on and had a look in the mirror. I hated the dress on me but didn’t put up a fight. There was no point as no one knew me in this town any ways  So we went out to dinner. She told me at dinner we were going to go shopping tomorrow and get a haircut. It was time to dress more appropriately for a girl my age and a more suitable haircut is required. I couldn’t care less about the clothes as I can always ditch them when I get back to Toronto but the Haircut part is what scared the shit out of me. I loved my long blonde hair the way it was.

After dinner we went back to Grans and I watched TV. Friday Night Television was Webster, followed by Mr Belvedere, then Knight Rider at 9:00. After Knight Rider was over Gran said I had to go to bed. I put up a fight as I wanted to see Miami Vice at 10:00 but she wouldn’t let me.

“We got a big day tomorrow so get rested up dear.” She told me, which made me feel like I was a little kid again. I didn’t argue and just went up to bed.

It is comforting being in this house as it is a quite suburb. I was sleeping in my aunt’s old room and my dad’s old room was next door. I imagined them playing around when they were kids in these old rooms, and how different it was for them. Our neighbourhood in the city is considered not very safe, even when you order a pizza they don’t deliver to our neighbourhood as they’ve been robbed too many times, and you would never see a taxi where I live. So it is very different being up here and comforting for me.

I woke up the next morning to the smell of Bacon through the house and it made my stomach growl. I slipped out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen to see Gran cooking up scrambled eggs and bacon with toast. Grandpa was at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee reading the paper.

“Good Morning Sunshine” Grandpa said as I entered.

“Oh there she is.” Grandma said with a smile looking over from her cooking.

“Good Morning.” I said.

“Did you sleep OK Dear?” Gran said and I nodded yes sitting down at the table and Gran came over pouring me a cup of Orange Juice.

She made me a plate of Eggs, Bacon and Toast and it must have been the best breakfast I ever had. On the occasional Sunday Mornings Dad and I would make breakfast together but never like this.

“Eat up dear, I’ve made a hair appointment for you at 10:00 this morning so we’ll have to leave in half an hour.”  She said.

“OK.” I said not even thinking about it. All I knew was I thought I died and gone to heaven that morning.

After breakfast I went upstairs to change, putting on a Smiths t-shirt and some black jeans and my Cherry Red Doc Marten boots. I came back downstairs to go and Gran was shocked.

“What are you wearing??? And Who are these Smiths???” She said.

“They are a band from England.” I told her. She was looking closer at my t-shirt now.

“Meat Is Murder!!!” She said shockingly reading the slogan off my t-shirt. “I most certainly think not, and you certainly didn’t think so 5 minutes ago when you were shovelling down all that bacon. Go upstairs and put something else on.”

I went upstairs and she followed me into my aunt’s room. She went straight into the closet rummaging through all the old dresses again.

“Here, put this one on.” She said tossing a blue and yellow dress on the bed. “And you can wear the same shoes you wore last night.” She said as she walked out of the room.

I slid my t-shirt off and slid the dress over my shoulders….Oh fuck I thought to myself, this dress is made of fucking polyester. The dress slid down around my body and the polyester felt scratchy on my skin. I kicked off my Docs and slid my jeans off from underneath the dress. I put the saddle shoes back on again and went over to the mirror to take a look. I looked way out of place as this dress looked like it was from the 1970’s.

I pulled my long blonde hair over my shoulders to cover the dress as much as possible thinking my hair took some of the attention away from the dress. So I decided to just wear it, besides Gran made a killer breakfast so let’s just do things her way for today. I went back downstairs and Gran was at the front door waiting for me.

“That’s much better dear….Remember what I was saying about self-respect, no self-respecting girl walks around with Meat Is Murder written on her clothes.”

I followed her out to the car and we drove a few blocks down to a strip mall. She parked and we got out walking towards a shop called Carla’s Beauty Salon. Gran was a few paces in front of me so I followed her to the shop and she opened the door for me. I went in first and she followed.

The salon was really dated. It looked like it was from the 1960’s with lots of pastel colours and old equipment. It had a line of old Dryer Hoods that were behind pink chairs. We took a seat on an old green pastel coloured vinyl sofa in the waiting area.

“Hello Mrs Davis.” A stylist said as she approached the waiting area.

“Hello Carla,” Gran said back, “This is my Grand-daughter Tanya I was telling you about over the phone.”

“Of course.” Carla said. “Nice to meet you, c’mon in.” She said, and we got up and came into the salon.

“Take a seat right here.” Carla said turning a salon chair to face me and I sat down in it. She spun the chair around to face the mirror and I sat they’re looking at my reflection. The chair had pink vinyl upholstery that rubbed against the polyester dress I was wearing pressing it into my skin.

“So what are we doing today?” Carla asked.

“She needs a good clean-up,” Gran said. “something more, respectable for a girl her age.”

“OK” Carla said having a closer look at my hair. “Like a bob perhaps.”

“Can you do something that shows her face a little more?” Gran said.

“Certainly,” Carla said reaching for a hairstyle consultation book and starting rifling through the pages.

“This haircut here is quite becoming don’t you think.” She said showing a page, “Shows off the face quite nicely.” She said pointing to a page to gran and she smiled and nodded with approval.

“Yes,” Gran said. “that one will suit her just fine Carla.”

“Can I see?” I asked as I was trying to look over and Carla tilted the book for me to see what they were looking at.


My heart skipped a beat seeing the picture as they were looking at what is best described as one of the most hideous looking bowl-cuts I have ever seen. The bangs were cut above the eyebrows and the sides sloped at an angle going down towards the back just exposing the ear-lobes…

“No way.” I said looking at it.

“Now dear you need a good haircut and this one is nice and suitable and will show off your face so you are not hiding behind all that hair.” Gran said.

“No way.” I said in shock looking at the picture.

“Let’s not make a fuss.” Carla said standing over me placing a hand on my shoulder to try to calm me down. “For now I’ll just take you over and wash your hair for you, so no cutting or anything, were just going to wash your hair, OK. Then after we can look at doing a haircut for you that will be more suitable for you….OK”

“I just don’t want it cut like that picture.” I told her

“I never said I was going to cut it that way.” She told me. “For now I am just going to wash your hair…..Honestly, such a fuss???” she said shaking her head.

She slowly spun me around so I was facing toward where the shampoo basins were and she put her hand softly on my shoulder again. “Let’s go sweetie, I’ll just do a nice shampoo and conditioner for you alright?”

I quietly stood up and she kept her hand on my shoulder guiding me over to the basins. “Now just take a seat at the first one right here.” She said and I sat down.

She took a towel putting it over my shoulder and I could feel her pull my long hair from under it and into the basin. She put her hand softly on the back of my head and slowly guided my back into the basin and turned the water on. I felt the water rinse through my hair and started to relax. It had been years since my last haircut as I keep it very long and rarely get it cut. I did like the treatment they give you though.

She pumped some shampoo and lathered it into my hair and it smelled like strawberries. I liked the way it smelled and how it felt so I closed my eyes to relax. She put the water back on to rinse the shampoo off and pumped some conditioner in her hands, putting it through my hair. This time the conditioner smelt more like Flowers. She rinsed off the conditioner and tilted my head up, catching my hair with a towel to towel dry it. I liked the way this felt as well.

“OK come with me.” She said and I followed her back to her station. She sat me down and slid a cape over me fastening it around my neck. She grabbed a large black wide tooth comb and started combing my long hair out starting from the ends and worked her way to the roots. When she was done my hair was neatly combed back over my head.

“Right.” She said. “I am going to talk you through this so you will be comfortable with what I am doing. First thing I am going to do is just cut a fringe so you can see what that looks like, and then we can go from there….OK” she said with a big smile.

“I just don’t want it like that picture.” I said again very nervously

“I know,” Carla said. “I didn’t say I was going to cut it like the picture, what I said was I am just going to cut you a fringe so you can see what that looks like on you…OK”

I didn’t say anything as I was too nervous. She reached for a black comb, some scissors and some hair clips and started sectioning off my bangs, taking the long hair on top back out of the way. She combed my bangs straight forward over my face and they reached all the way down past my chin.

“Now look up.” She said as she gently repositioned my head upwards with her hand on top and I closed my eyes. “I will cut the fringe on the long side and we can straighten them up from there OK.”

“OK” I said and took a deep breath.

“Ready.” She said and I nodded.

I heard the scissors close into my hair….SNIP, they moved across and closed into the next section cutting my bangs. I opened my eyes to take a look and my bangs were cut just past my eyebrows reaching to the top of my eyes. Carla stood back to let me have a look.

“How is that?” she asked me, I turned my head side to side and gave a smile. “That’s not so bad now is it?” she asked again with a reassuring smile.

“It’s fine.” I said looking at my new fringe.

“OK, now we’ll just shape them up a little more OK.” Carla said.

“OK” I said feeling a little more at ease.

She came back in sectioning off more hair and combing it forward. I looked up as she pinned my hair back and the new section fell over my face. I closed my eyes again and she came in with the scissors…SNIP SNIP SNIP, they worked their way across my new fringe. I opened my eyes. My fringe was a bit heavier now and she took it a little shorter so they sat just to my eyebrows.

“See isn’t that starting to look better already?” Carla asked. Gran got up and walked over to take a closer look.

“Now I can see her beautiful face, she is an angel underneath all that hair.” Gran said as she was looking on and I just smiled.

“So I can just add a little more hair to your fringe then so it frames it better.” Carla said and I nodded nervously. “Just relax now as this is looking better and better already.” She said as she stated combing out another, much larger section.

She had this next section combed forward and the rest of my hair pinned back and I was starting to tremble with nerves seeing how much more hair she was going to cut.

“Head up sweetie.” She said as she softly tilted my head up with her hand on my head, “That’s it.” She said and I just took in a deep breath and closed my eyes.

I felt her combing out my hair and finally heard the scissors cut away at different places around my face. A snip here and a snip there and could hear long locks of hair coming off and sliding down the cape.  I opened my eyes to see and Carla was standing right in front of me, blocking my view of the mirror.

“That’s a good girl,” She said as I looked up at her. “Now just tilt your head to the side a little for me.” She said as she guided my head over to the left still standing in front of me blocking my view.

I felt the scissors slide up my cheek bones towards my temples and heard them close as they moved upwards towards my bangs…snip snip snip, and I could see locks of my hair sliding down the cape in my peripheral vision.

She tilted my head the other over to the right and I felt as she made a section on the other side, and the scissors moved in following the same patch up my cheekbone towards my temple…Snip Snip Snip.

She adjusted my head so it was straight again and I could feel her combing more of my hair forward. She was still standing between me and the mirror blocking my view, so I sat there very nervously looking into the front of her blouse thinking how ugly she was.

She came in with the scissors so I closed my eyes again and heard them snipping away all around the front of my face and could feel this haircut starting to frame my face. This was when I realized she was beginning to cut it exactly like the picture and was just easing me into it all along. She was tricking me into it more like it.

She finished cutting and stepped to the side and I could finally see my reflection, and just as I thought. My hair was starting to take shape of that hideous bowl-cut, but now it was past the point of no return as most of the front of my hair has already been cut, leaving just the back long. I felt heartbroken looking at my reflection knowing it was now too late.

“There we go, now it’s starting to take shape already.” Carla said

“Perfect” Gran said with a smile standing behind me as she was looking on.

I didn’t say anything anymore as she tilted my head forward to finish up the haircut on me. She sectioned off the back and I felt the scissors sliding across the back of my neck and Snip, Snip Snip, they worked their way across the back taking off all my long hair.

She sectioned off one section at a time on the back and swiftly chopped it off until all my long hair was gone. She then tilted my head straight over to the left and neatly cut the line in the haircut from the back all the way over my earlobe, up my cheek and to my temple where the line met my bangs.

She tilted my head over to the right and cut the left side exactly the same way until the haircut was a perfect shape around my head. She tilted my head up again and trimmed away at my bangs a little more until they were a more rounded shape with the sides and there were cut above my eyebrows completely exposing them now.

She finally finished cutting now and put the comb and scissors down and grabbed the hair-dryer  At first she was just running her fingers through my hair with the hair dryer to get more of the wetness out of it but eventually picked up a hairbrush and started styling it my turning the ends under all away around the perimeter of the haircut. The more she brushed with the brush and hairdryer the more volume she got out of it with the ends turned perfectly under all the way around. I was frustrated watching this bowl-shape forming around my head.

Carla put the brush and dryer down and grabbed a bottle of hairspray and gave it a light spray to hold the shape. She then took a mirror and stood behind me to reveal the haircut from the back. I wanted to burst into tears looking at it and I couldn’t believe this was me. My long blonde hair was all over the floor now and I had a little blonde Mushroom Cut now with my hair a puffed up and curled under.

“Don’t worry sweetie, you’ll get used to it.” she said as she put the mirror back. She loosened the cape and dusted my neck off with a dusting brush and I felt so bare, with my neck and cheeks fully exposed. Gran came over standing over me to take a closer look.

“That’s much better.” She said with a smile. “How do you like it?” She asked me.

“It’s too short.” Was all I could say.

“ She’ll get used to it.” Carla said one more time.

I got up and walked back to the front of the salon as Gran paid for the haircut. We went out together and it felt so bizarre with the sun shining on my cheeks and on my neck with no hair to cover me any more  and the feeling of the breeze on my neck.

Next we got in the car for what ended up being hours of shopping for clothes I absolutely hated. Little dresses and shoes and the sort of thing you would wear to church. I was annoyed but I didn’t put up much of a fight as it wasn’t worth it. I knew I can just toss the clothes into the back of my closet when I get home, if anything this is just Gran wasting money as I was never going to wear any of these outfits.

By the time we got back to Grans that night and with my new clothes Gran had my wearing I felt like a Norman Rockwell painting and not a girl from the hood any more  If my friends from the hood saw me like this I would never see the light of day.

That Saturday Night we sat around the living room where Gran taught me how to play Cribbage for the first time.  We watched Gimme A Break and Facts of Life followed by The Golden Girls on the TV that night as we played. I wasn’t upset with her any more but still hated my haircut so something was going to have to be done about that before I got back to school. I’d figure it out later and not worry about it for now.

We stayed up later and watched The Love Boat which was rare for me as I am usually out causing trouble in the Neighbourhood on a Saturday Night with Tracy. I was wondering what she was up to tonight and what she was going to say about my hair when I get back. I needed her advice on what to do with it.

The next morning Grandma made breakfast again, this time Waffles. After Grandpa and Grandma and I went to church and spent the afternoon walking through a park and seeing the blossoms and tulips come out. This was the sort of day I rarely got.

Later Dad drove up to get me and we all had a Sunday dinner together. He nearly fell over when he saw me dressed up in one of my new dresses and my new haircut.

“What did you do with my Daughter???” He said as he saw me. He liked it but I was going to give him an earful on the ride home about it.

After dinner we left for the drive back home and I let him have it. “What was the big idea behind all of that??? You just can’t take a girl out of the hood and drop her off in the suburbs like that, if my friends saw me like this I would never be allowed to show me face in public again.

“It’s not that bad.” He said.

“NOT THAT BAD….I look like a freakin Mushroom for fucks sake.”

“Yeah you kind of do.” He said with a laugh and I punched him in the shoulder as hard as I could.

“Look, I just wanted you to get away from the city and spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa as I was getting worried about you is all. I asked her to teach you some respect but I didn’t think she was going to do all that to you, well I should have known I guess as she is a persistent one. Don’t worry, I had my share of bad haircuts growing up too, and so did you aunt.” He said laughing.

“It’s not funny.” I said.

“I think it will do you some good actually.” He said.

“ I’m not going to school like this.” I told him.

“I don’t care what you wear but you are not missing school because of a haircut.”

“Yes I am.”

“Oh no you’re not, even if I have to take you there myself, I’ll even stand outside your classes to make sure you go.”

“You big meanie.” I called him and pouted with my arms crossed.

“That’s right.” He said with a smile. “Mwa ha ha ha haaa.” He belted out an evil laugh to show it and I laughed back.

“By the way, I talked to Nathan yesterday.” Dad said

“Oh shit, you didn’t.”

“No no no, nothing like that. We just talked.”

“What you say.”

“Made sure he understood I wasn’t upset with him, well I intimidated him just a little, but he is a good kid, not much like him on our block so best to look after those ones you know. He is a smart kid. He said.

“Who are you, and what have you done with my father?”   I said with a laugh.

“I know, you would have thought I would have beaten the kid to a pulp, well some of those other kids I would have. Were all good though, I just think you should go talk to him as things may not be what they seem to you right now is all.”

“Thank-you Daddy.” I said squeezing his arm where I punched him. I felt a lot better now.

The next day I got up and got ready for school I put on my Smiths, Meat Is Murder t-shirt as a Fuck-You to Gran and whatever that stupid lesson about clothes she was trying to teach me. I slid on my black Levis Jeans and my Doc Martin boots to finish off the look.

I sat in front of my mirror trying to figure out what to do with my hair and decided it wasn’t so bad. It was kind of a retro look but I ruffled it up a bit with my fingers so it didn’t sit so bowl-like. There wasn’t much I could do with it as it would just fall back into its bowl-like shape again. So I just kind of got into the habit of ruffling it up here and there to break up the shape as much as I could.

I left to walk to the subway to meet Tracy as usual and she was outside smoking a cigarette.

“Gimme one of those.” I said as I came up behind her. Tracy turned around and saw me.

“Holy shit, what happened to your hair???” She yelled out.

“You like it?” I asked as I ruffled it.

“It’s so short.” She said reaching up to feel it.

“I know, my Gran made me get a haircut.” I said taking a cigarette from Tracy and taking a light from her lighter and took a drag. “It’s not so bad.” I said as I exhaled. “But I am thinking of cutting it even shorter, what do you think?”

“Go for it.” Tracy said. “It is already this short so might as well.”

“Yea the lady that cut it was kind of crap as this was out in the suburbs, so I am thinking of just going downtown and getting something better.” I said. “Want to go downtown with me for a haircut after school?”

“Hell Yea.” Tracy said.

We finished our cigarettes and went into the subway to head to school.  It was awkward walking through the halls as I could feel everyone turning their heads to look at me. I just wanted to scream walking the hallways at school. When I got to my locker Nathan was waiting for me.

“What the fuck do you want?” I said as I was opening my locker.

“Look, we need to talk.” He said.

“I have nothing to say to you.” I told him.

“Let me explain what happened.” He said.

I slammed my locker shut and started walking ignoring him.

“I didn’t tell anyone what happened.” He said and I stopped walking and turned around.

“Then how the fuck does everyone know then.”  I said.

“My little brother was spying from outside, remember I told him to go outside and play?” He said.

I rolled my eyes shaking my head….”Little fucker.” I said.

“I just wanted you to know that it wasn’t me that said anything and I could never do something like that to you,” he said. “and I am sorry.”

“Well it doesn’t matter now I suppose, damage is already done…I didn’t realize.” I said and gave him a hug.

We hugged for just a moment when a kid walking past yelled out “Get A Room!!!”

I turned and gave him the finger mouthing the words “FUCK-OFF”

“I really am sorry.” Nathan said one more time.

“Like I said it doesn’t matter, damage is already done. So best you can do right now is walk me to class, OK.” I said holding my hand out for him and he held it as we walked.

“You got a haircut.” He said as we walked.

“That’s your fault too by the way.” I said. “My Gran made my cut it, she was trying to teach me to be a more respectable girl.” I said sarcastically

“ I’m so very sorry about all of this.” He said again as he slowed his pace and we stopped. “I wish I could change everything for you.”

“Don’t worry about it.” I said looking into his eyes. “It’s already been done so no point worrying about it. Tracy and I are going after school to get it fixed and you are welcome to come too if you like?”

“I’d love to.” He said and we started walking again. We got to my first period class and I kissed him on the cheek. “See you at English.” I said and went into class.

School was annoying with the ‘Oh you got a haircut’ comments , and the condescending, “That looks really good on you.” that I just wanted to punch everyone that said that. I couldn’t wait for school to finish so we could go downtown and get it cut properly.

It got worse when I saw Samantha. She belted out with laughter when she saw me. “Was that your punishment?” she said laughing at me. “Your new haircut makes you look like a dickhead.” She said.

“Fuck-off.” I told her.

“No seriously, look at it.” She said. “You look exactly like a fucking dickhead.” She said laughing. “It has the exact same shape. Look everyone, the perfect punishment for sucking cock.” She yelled out laughing. “A dickhead haircut, that way everyone will know what you did.”

I wanted to punch her so badly but just walked off. She told everyone and people started calling me dickhead for a while. It was so embarrassing. By the time I got to English the rumour was all over the place. The kid that said “Get A Room” last week yelled  “DickHead” when I walked into the class. Nathan stood up and told him to ‘shut the fuck up..” I loved him for standing up for me.

After class we met Tracy at her locker and told her Nathan wanted to come….

“Really!” She said laughing. “Why?”

“Because I want him to, and you don’t get to touch him any more, he’s off limits to you now.” I said.

“OKAY.” She said sarcastically.

Nathan dropped his stuff off at his locker and we jumped on the subway downtown. We got off at Yonge Street and started walking south. There was a funky hair salon that I wanted to go to, they always had loud music blasting out of there when you walked past.

We found the place and went inside to talk to the guy in the front, he had long messy black hair and had on black eyeliner, “How much for a haircut?” I yelled out to be heard over the music.

“Fifteen Dollars” the guy said with a thick English accent.

We stepped off to the side “How much money have we got?” I asked and we added up all our money together. Between Tracy and I we had $8,

“How much money you got Nathan?” I asked and he said nothing shaking his head….

“Fuckit… I’m going to pan for it.” I said and went out to the street corner with them following me.

“Spare any change…. I am so huuungry.” I would say to the people walking past. Every so often someone would stop and give some money. Too easy I thought, it is amazing how much money you can make doing this kind of crap. After about 10 minutes and with Tracy’s help, we were up to $40 dollars and went back into the salon.

“Hello.” I said to the guy behind the counter.

“Have enough now Luv.” He said with a laugh.

“Yes.” I said.

“How much did you make?” he asked. He must have been watching us outside.

“Forty Dollars.” I said.

“Not bad.” He said. “Come with me then.” he said motioning towards the salon and I followed him in.

“Take a seat luv.” He said and I took a seat in one of the chairs.

“So what we doing then?” He asked.

“I don’t know,  I hate this haircut as my Grandma made me get this stupid haircut on the weekend so I want something that looks cool.” I said.

He put his hand on my head and tilted my head around. “It’s not such a bad haircut, we used to do this one a lot back in the 1970’s.”

“Well I want something more 1986.” I told him.

“All right.” He said. “How about a shorter shape with a buzzed undercut then.” He said.

“Like shaved?” I said.

“Not entirely, just buzzed really short sides and back but longer on top.” He said. I smiled ear to ear and nodded yes.

He was quick to cape me and started pinning my hair up on top leaving the sides and back down.  He reached for a pair of black Clippers and turned them on. I could barely hear them over the music but he came around behind me and tilted my head forward.

I felt the clippers touch my neck and slide upwardly, and the sensation sent butterflies through my entire body.  He did pass after pass up the back of my head and then around to my right side. I watched as the clippers passed through my hair in the mirror shaving my hair off to about a half an inch in length. He came around my left side and buzzed off all my hair off my left side. I sat their smiling looking at my reflection.

He put the clippers down and unpinned my hair on top and let it fall over the sides and back. He grabbed a spray bottle and started to spray it down. He grabbed a pair of scissors and a comb and started to comb it out.

“I was thinking to cut it the same length as your fringe all the way back and all around luv so it has a bit of an undercut.” He said and I nodded OK.

He combed the right side out and started cutting from my bangs going straight back so it was the same length, just over my right ear, and all the way around the back. And then he cut the left side the same way.

After he put the scissor and comb down and started to dry the top off. He just finger dried it and ruffled it so it was a bit messy.

“I’ll put some gunk in it for you to give it some texture.” He said is he dipped his fingers into a jar of hair product, and came back behind me and ruffled the top up so it was messy, and you could see the buzzed sides and back from underneath it.

He slid the cape off and grabbed a mirror to show me the back.

“So what do you think Luv?” he said holding the mirror. I reached up to feel the back and how short it was.

“I love it.” I told him with a big smile.  “FUCK YEA,” I yelled out. “That is sooo much better now.” I said rubbing my hand over the shaved parts.

“Tracy, you have to do this too.” I yelled out as I got up. Tracy came over to take a closer look at mine.

“That is so amazing.” She said as she reached up to feel it.

“I KNOW…” I yelled out over exaggerating the pronunciation. “You totally have to do the same.” I said.

“Take a seat Luv.” The guy told her as he spun the chair to face her and to my surprise she took a seat.

“So what are we doing?” He asked and Tracy sat their quite.

“You should just shave the back and leave it long, like an undercut.” I said.

“OK.” Tracy said smiling.

“An undercut” the stylist said to her to confirm and Tracy nodded yes.

I watched as he sectioned off the back and twisted her long hair up on top of her head. When it was ready he came behind her with the clippers and I watched as they took no time in buzzing off all her hair in the back. It was amazing to watch like 20” of hair slide off to the floor. When he was done he loosened the clips on top and her long hair fell over her newly shaved nape.

“Anything else?” the stylist was saying.

“Bangs too.” I said. “Short ones, like middle of her forehead, and keep the rest long.

“Would you like some bangs Luv?” the stylist asked her. You could tell she was nervous but she gave a weak nod for yes.

He sectioned off her bangs and combed them forward and gave a quick spray with water. We was quick to taking the length off cutting them to just above her eyebrows. He then combed them and snipped away gradually taking them shorter and shorter so that sat perfectly straight across the middle of her forehead, fully exposing her face. They looked amazing on her.

He finished and just dried them off smoothing her new fringe out with a hairbrush. He slid the cape off her and she reached up to feel her undercut turning her head side to side.

“That feels so amazing.” She said feeling her hair. “And I love the fringe.”

She got up and we gave each other a big hug kissing each other on the cheeks. “Thanks Babe” she said as we hugged.

We paid for our haircuts and we had some money left over to have some fun, So we walked down to the Pinball Spot to go hang out and play some Tetris.

I was ready to face a new day at school with an entirely new look and was really happy with it.

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By Tammy

Foreword: I’ve had a lot of indecisiveness over haircuts in the past and I love exploring it more.

I woke up that morning like any other. Hit the snooze button a few times and over slept a little. By the time I got out of bed my flatmate Sharon was in the shower so I wouldn’t get time to take one. So I got myself ready at my dresser mirror instead of the bathroom applying some light make-up. My hair was a mess and I did my usual tie-it-up in a little ponytail.

I have been struggling with my hair as I have been trying to grow it out, I had cut it into a short bob about 9 months ago and hated it. One day on my lunch hour I decided on a whim to go into a salon at the mall where I work and asked for a bob. The lady was a bit older and it was not a very expensive salon so instead of getting a posh style bob that I was thinking about, she ended up cutting it in a short box style bob with a fringe. I could tell right away as she was cutting it that it was going to be a disaster, but it was too late so nothing you could do about it.

I’ve been growing my hair ever since and now it was finally at a length where it can just barely reach a ponytail. I am getting fed up with it, I can’t where it down as it looks hideous and the ponytail looks stupid as it is still too short, and short bits of hair stick out of the elastic. I need to clip sections of hair up to keep it in a ponytail. That haircut was the biggest regret of my life and I really miss my long hair. Part of me wants to just chop it all off as it looks terrible, but part of me also wants to let it keep growing. I am terrified to go back for another haircut after the last one so I don’t know what to do with myself.

I quickly got into the bathroom and brushed my teeth before heading out the door. No time for breakfast so it will be Tim Horton’s this morning for me. I got to the mall and I parked at the rear entrance like usual, even though I work at the other end of the mall I like to park at the rear as there is a little Barbershop at that entrance that I like to look into when I come to and from work.

I don’t know why but I love looking in there. I love it when there is a cute guy sitting in their getting a haircut, the look of it is sexy with him caped in the chair. If I am lucky there will be someone in their usually around when I go home and as this is Friday, chances are better to see a guy getting a haircut for the weekend. The barbers or older Italian guys and friendly so they usually nod or wave when I come and go from work, I kind of like that friendly daily interaction with them.

Lately I’ve been so fed up with my hair that I imagine myself going into that barbershop and just cutting it all off real short. Sometimes after work as I walk towards the shop I try to build up my nerve to just walk right in there and ask for a haircut, but I psych myself out at the last minute, getting to my car with a slight bit of disappointment.

When I got my bob it took a lot for me to work myself up to go through with it as I had been thinking about it for a while. I work at reception at a dentist so on my lunch I would go down to the mall and try and work up the nerve to walk into that salon and tell them to cut a bob. I had long hair all my life so the thought of cutting it was so exhilarating for me. I was so proud when I finally went through with it and scared as hell. I was so disappointed with the haircut after and upset with myself for doing it, lots of regret in the end.

Now I am at the point where I am just tired of dealing with it. I am past regret as I have to live with it the best I can. It will take at least another year and a half to two years for it to get to the long length it once was, so I was at the point where I just wanted to give up.

Today was a different turn of events then my usual Friday. There was a snowstorm in the forecast for the evening drive home so the dentist decided to reschedule the afternoon appointments, he said I could work through my lunch and leave at 2 o’clock instead of 5 to try and beat the storm. I got through all my filing and shut the office down at 2 and we all left for the day. I was walking through the mall thinking of what I could do for the rest of the day and my thoughts went to my barbershop walk-by. I was thinking to myself, is today the day I finally go through with it?

This was very similar to my thoughts 9 months before when I was thinking about getting my bob. The thoughts are exhilarating and send butterflies through my stomach. I came around the corner and could see the Barber Shop at the end of the mall next to the exit. I slowed my pace as I approached, half wanting to walk straight into that shop, and half wanting to just b-line straight for the car.

This time was no different as I was my usual nerves, only I was finding myself getting tired of this almost daily routine and feelings of frustration. C’mon Tammy, don’t be a wuss, I was thinking to myself.

I slowed my pace even more and turned my direction more towards the barbershop instead of the exit, I could feel my heart pounding and my palms sweaty as I approached. I’ve done this before and bailed at the last moment but this time I was keeping my nerve up as I got closer and closer to the shop. That little voice rang through my head…..just get this over with already

I actually made it to the threshold of the shop and walked over the line, I finally did it.

“Hello” the first barber said as I entered, “Can I help you?”

“Yes, I was wanting to get a haircut.” I said.

“Certainly, take a seat and we will be right with you.” He said motioning towards a waiting bench.

The bench was empty and each barber had a customer in the chair which meant I would be next. I took my jacket off and scarf and hung it on the coat rack. I took a seat and waited, excited in anticipation. I never really thought this far ahead and didn’t know what haircut to ask for, only that I wanted to go short.

The first barber had a young guy about my age in the chair, I recognized him from one of the shops in the mall, and he looked so sexy sitting there all caped with his wet hair, the other barber was just finishing up with an older man, brushing him off and sliding the cape off him.

I watched nervously as the customer paid, took his coat and hat from the coat rack and said goodbye on his way out…..

“Next.” The barber said as he returned to his chair and spun it to face me…

Holy shit, I thought to myself, I am really doing this. I got up and walked slowly over to the chair, my knees feeling like they were about to give and I had wobbly ankles like I was going to fall over on my heels. I turned and slid up into the chair and the barber spun me to face the mirror. I glanced over at the guy sitting next to me and butterflies filled my stomach seeing him, He glanced over and gave me a nod and I gave him a smile back.

“So what are we doing today?” the barber asked me and my mind just drew a blank. I reached up to pull my hair out of my ponytail and my hair fell to my shoulders as I answered him.

“Um….” I said. “I was thinking of going short, like over my ears short.” I told him.

“Over your ears like just past your ears?” he asked pointing to the bottom of my earlobe “or over your ears like around your ears?” he said.

“em,” I said nervously, “like around my ears” I said as I reached up and pulled my hair over my ears to expose them.

“OK,” he said.” You want it short up the sides and back and longer on top?” He asked and I gave him a nod for yes.

“How long you want it on top?” He asked.

“Um, maybe about this long.” I said holding up my fingers to show a couple of inches in length between my index finger and my thumb. My hand was shaking so much and as I showed him about 2” I was finding myself close that gap ever so slowly to about an inch and a half as my hand was shaking.

“No problem.” He said as he reached for a cape and slid it over me. He wrapped a neck strip around my neck and fastened the cape taught around my neck. The cape was a light blue cotton material and so different than anything I’ve seen before.

He reached over for a large black comb and the biggest looking scissors I have ever seen. He came around me standing over me and started combing my hair out with the comb. He sectioned off a lock right at the top of my head and held it up between his fingers at what looked like about 1” above my scalp.

“About here.” He asked as he held the scissors open to my lock of hair. I looked like a petrified deer staring into the headlights of a car at night and I found myself give a weak nod. I watched as the scissors closed into my hair and the realization sunk in right away….no turning back now.

The lock of hair fell gracefully in front of me landing on the cape in my lap. He was swift to comb out another section and more of my hair rained down in front of me straight into my lap. I lost myself in the moment as it felt intoxicating having my past 9 months of frustration swiftly taken away from me right before my very eyes. It was a very liberating moment for me.

I snapped back to reality and took another look at myself as my hair was now roughly cut to a severely short length on top and he was now cutting away over my right ear, and my hair slid down my shoulder into my lap. My left side was still untouched and laying over my shoulder waiting for the scissors to shear it off.

I glanced over at the guy next to me and he seemed mesmerized by what was happening with me. Are eyes made contact for a moment and he sort of shook back to reality and looked away like he thought he was being rude for staring, but I didn’t mind.

The barber was standing behind me and tilted my head down slightly and he began cutting off my hair at the back of my head. I could feel with each snip my head get lighter and lighter and the coolness in the air on my newly exposed neck. He came around my left side and I watched as the scissors cut the last of my hair and is slid down my shoulder into my lap.

He reached over for a water bottle and sprayed my hair down so it was wet. He came back behind me again holding up sections on top and neatening the length on top to maybe just past one inch long on top. I was smiling with satisfaction seeing how short he was cutting it with a sense of accomplishment….I finally did it I said to myself, watching my transformation before me.

He neatened up the sides and back cutting it short with his scissors over the comb, he would comb my hair straight up and the scissors rapidly open and closed as he cut away at my hair. I was transfixed watching this process as I had never experienced it before, only seen it as I walked past looking into the barbershop.

The hairdryer was going at the chair next to me and I looked over to see his hair nice and neat, around his ears, short sides and back and long on top still with a longish fringe. He looked so cute sitting there with his haircut that I wanted to say something to him but that felt out of place.

I just watched as his barber took the cape off him, dusted him off, and showed him the back of his hair with the mirror. “Perfect” he said and he got up to pay and left.

The other barber took a seat on the bench as there were no other customers and started up some small talk.

“You work in the mall?” he asked.

“I work upstairs at the dentist office.” I said.

“You a dentist?” he asked.

“I’m the receptionist.” I said.

“Oh, receptionist,” He said, “Yea I see you when you come to work every day.” I gave him a smile.

I took another look at how my hair was progressing and he was nearly finished. It looked so different short but kind of the same because I wear a ponytail all the time, only now I won’t have to deal with that anymore. I loved the way it was looking on me, a lot shorter then I imagined it but I loved that for some reason.

He took a hairdryer and dried it off for me ruffling the top with his fingers. When he dried it he took some gel and ran it through the top.

“This is easy to take care of now” he said as he applied the gel. “Just put a little gel and mess it up a little.” I smiled acknowledging him.

He unfastened my cape and slid it off me, I watched as my long locks of hair slid off the cape and onto the floor in front of me. He picked up the hand mirror and showed me the back.

“Wow” I said looking at my reflection.

“New you.” He said.

“Definitely.” I said with a huge smile. I reached up to feel it for the first time and got goose bumps feeling how short it was. It felt so amazing. I got up and paid, put my jacket back on and my scarf, and made my way out of the shop saying “having a nice weekend.” To the barbers and they said the same back.

I walked out of the mall and the cold winter air blew over my head and it felt so cold now without all that hair. It was going to take some time to get used to. I drove straight home beating the storm and rush hour traffic and entered the flat.

“Sharon,” I called out as I entered.

“In here,” She answered from her bedroom. I walked straight into her room to show her.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“Ahhh.” She screamed out seeing me. “Your hair!!!! Oh my god.” I gave a big smile.

“You like?” I asked.

“Yea I do, I just can’t believe how short it is.” She said. “What did you do?” she asked.

“I got it cut at the mall after work.” I said.

“Again, I thought you hated that place?” she asked.

“I went to another place this time, the barbershop.” I said.

“A barber!!! No wonder it’s so short.” She said.

“I know, I love it though, it feels so amazing.” I said as a felt it once again. Sharon got up to feel it as well running her hands over the short sides and back.

“That feel so soft.” She said. ‘And it does look really good on you. Your crazy though but it looks good.”

“Thanks.” I said and left.

I decided to take a shower as I missed it this morning. I went to my room and got undressed and took to the bathroom. It felt so amazing to wash it. I used too much shampoo at first as I am used to long hair still. If felt so surreal to not have it long anymore like washing it or moving around, I am used to having to hold my hair back out of the way but now there is nothing to hold onto. I loved it.

I had a quite weekend as the storm came so I went to see some friends. My hair was a big hit with everyone saying it was much better than that bob that I had before. I was so relieved now not having to deal with it anymore and not fixated on trying to grow it anymore, I was just content with it now.

Monday came around and I was up with my alarm finding the energy to get out of bed, I wanted to take a shower now and dry my hair and style of for a change and not loath having to tie it back and clip it up with hairclips anymore.

I had enough time to make coffee and eat a good breakfast before work. When I got to work I was met with a compliment, my first one ever from Doctor Bernstein, who usually doesn’t get personal like that in the workplace.

“Oh you’ve had another haircut.” He said.

“Yes.” I said with a smile.

“That looks much better on you.” He said. “Much better than your last one.”

“Thank-you.” I told him. “I am really happy with it.” I said smiling, I nearly fell over from the compliment as that was so out of the ordinary from him.

At lunch I went down to the food court and got some fried rice from the Chinese food place and was sitting at a table at the end of the food court when he came over to me.

“Is anyone sitting there?” He asked me and I looked up to see that guy that was getting his haircut on Friday with me. I was taken by complete surprise.

“Absolutely.” I said very nervously….”I mean no one is sitting there so absolutely you may sit with me….em join me.” I had to cut myself off. What the hell was I saying??? I was so nervous I was jumbling my words.

I looked up into his eyes and he was kind of chucking at me as he sat down and said “OK” in kind of a cool manner. I felt like such an idiot.

“I like your hair.” He said.

“Thank-you.” I answered.

“When you came into the barbershop I was thinking what the hell is this girl doing.” He said. “But it looks really good on you.”

“Well that just me,” I said with a smile. ”Crazy Crazy.”

Oh My God would you just shut up already I thought to myself.

“um, Spontaneous…I mean.” I said trying to correct myself. “I really like your haircut as well.” I said trying to cover for myself.

“Thanks.” He said. “Do you get your haircut there often?”

“Nope, that was my first time.” I said.

“I’ve never seen a girl get a haircut at a barbershop before so I was kind of wondering.” He said.

“I guess I was kind of curious as well.” I said.

“It looks really good though.” He said and I smiled, I could feel my cheeks getting hot so I knew I was blushing, so I tried to calm myself down.

“So you work in the mall?” I asked.

“I work at Rory’s Clothiers.” He said.

“Oh.” I said.

“How about you?” he asked.

“Doctor Bernstein’s Upstairs.” I told him. “I’m his receptionist.”

“Well My name is Michael.” He said.

“Hi Michael, I am Tammy.” I said…..

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By Tammy

 Foreword: I wanted to try something new with this one….

I woke up just before 9 o’clock that evening, it was late November and the nights were getting longer. I decided I wanted to go out night clubbing tonight, it had been quite a while since I’ve been out in New York City. I had just returned to Manhattan from a very long trip overseas and was recovering from the journey. I got up and took a shower. After my shower I started to get ready.

Tonight I was going to go out to the Batcave. This club is located a few blocks north-west of where I live in Greenwich Village. Batcave is a club in New York where the Goth culture hangs out in. I like the Goth culture, as it seems to combine a bit of my past life with my present life. I love the Industrial Music they play, and besides, there is nothing like losing yourself in a nightclub for a few hours.

I slid on a black camisole with some black pants and a pair of black boots. I checked myself out in the mirror. Almost Perfect I thought to myself.

My hair was really long and natural auburn in colour. Normally it has a lot of curls and volume, but it was still wet from my shower and sitting flat on my head. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and wondered what to do with my hair for the night. I thought about going over to Astor Place for a haircut, as it has been a while since I’ve done something like that. I twisted my hair up out of my face to see what I would look like without it. I smiled at my reflection and knew exactly what I was going to do.

I spent the next half hour applying make-up. I did an application worthy of the New York City’s Goth scene, lots of white powder and dark eyeliner. When I was ready to go I grabbed my purse and made my way over to Astor Place. The Shop closes at 10:30 pm so if I didn’t get going quickly I wasn’t going to make it in time.

I made my way into Washington Park. The Barbershop was on the other side of the park a few blocks east. It was a beautiful evening with a clear sky and a slight cool breeze. As I walked across the centre of the park towards the fountain there was a familiar face sitting on the bench.

“Elyzabeth .” He said and stood up as I approached.

“Hello Jaguar.” I said acknowledging his presence.

“When did you return?” he asked.

“A couple of days ago.”

“Do the others know you are back?” he asked and I nodded ‘no’ giving him a cold stare.

“Do you want me to let them know you have returned?” he asked.

“It doesn’t matter.” I said and I turned away from him and continued through the park.

He took a seat back on the bench. I turned and looked back at him as I walked off. Jaguar and I go a long way back, and it has been a few years since we’ve seen each other last. I came out on the other end of the park at the northeast corner and onto Waverly Place. Broadway was just a couple of blocks east now. I made my way across Broadway and onto Astor Place. The shop was now visible from the corner.

I entered the shop, it was busy on a Thursday Night. People tend to come in for a last-minute haircut before a night out on the town, especially if they are having a bad hair day. People took notice of me when I entered the shop as my long red curly hair flowed over my shoulders and down my back and stood out over my black outfit and make-up. I took a seat in a waiting chair.

One of the barberette’s was finishing up with a female client. Her hair was cut into a very short a-symmetrical haircut. The barberette showed her the back of the haircut with the mirror and she was smiling in approval. She got up and paid and left the shop.

“Next” the barberette called out and I stood up and took a seat in her chair.

“So what will it be?” she asked as I sat down.

“Number one all over.” I told her in a very confident tone.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes, and don’t worry, It will grow back faster than you think.” I said.

“OK.” She said as she flung a cape over my shoulders and fastened it around my neck.

She reached for a giant pair of clippers turning them on. She came around behind me and held the clippers up over my head. She placed her left hand on the crown of my head tilting my head forward slightly, and placed the clippers on my forehead and held them their.

She took a glance over at me through the mirror and we made eye contact as to give me one last chance to back out. I gave her a light nod of approval and she pushed the clippers back over my head, the sound deepening is they went through my hair. I watched the first clump of my long red curls tumble over my shoulder and into my lap.

She came in for a second pass, and a third cleaning up most of the top of my head before tilting my head over to the side. The clippers entered at my temple now and all the way back, over my ear.

She did the same on my other side and tilted my head forward and finished it up in the back. I looked up at my reflection to see just a light shade of red stubble remaining on my scalp and I smiled with approval at the transformation.

She slid the cape off me and I got up out of the barber chair. I paid her for the haircut and walked out of the shop with my head held high and a huge smile on my face.

I stepped out into the cool November evening and the wind was blowing in my newly exposed scalp. I reached up and ran my fingers over my stubble. I loved the way it felt, such an indulgence I thought to myself.

I started walking up Broadway the 20 blocks north to West 30th Street where the club was located. It took a little while but it was a great chance to get acquainted with the city once again. I took my time and I made a few short stops along the way.

I arrived at the club at almost midnight. There was a bit of a queue so I approached the front of it to try to jump the line. The bouncer was standing there and watched as I approached, he was somebody knew who I didn’t recognize. He gave me the once over and I gave him a cold stare looking straight into his eyes. He took a step back to the side and nodded his head over towards the club to indicate I was allowed to enter. I walked straight past him without acknowledging him again.

The sound of Front 242 was blaring over the sound system, the song Headhunter. There were a few people dancing but mostly people were grabbing drinks at the bar.

I made my way across the dance floor and up towards the back of the club when I sensed his presence…

I had never seen him before, someone new. He was across the dance floor and I knew right from the moment that I saw him that he was my type. He was looking in my direction.

The song changed to Bigod 20’s version of Like A Prayer, I couldn’t help myself so I stepped out onto the dance floor. The lyrics where mesmerizing in his thick German accent:

Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone.
I hear you call my name and it feels like…Home.

I completely lost myself in the music and danced like no one in the world was looking at me. Nothing else in the world matters in moments like this…

He came across the dance floor and closer towards me. It was like he was the hunter and I was his prey, only really, it would be the other way around as all I was doing was seducing him. We started to dance together and when the song finished he grabbed me by the waist.

“Can I buy you a drink?” He asked me.

“I don’t drink.” I said.

“While what do you do then?” he asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to find out?” I told him as I slipped out of his grasp and took off across the dance floor.

He followed me up into the lounge and I took a seat on a couch. He took a seat next to me.

“I really like your, um, haircut.” He said as he sat down.

“Thanks.” I said. “I just cut it earlier before coming out tonight.”

“Really.” He said with some excitement. “How was it before?”

“Quite long.” I told him.

He reached up to feel it but pulled his hand away as soon as he touched it.

“Sorry,” he said. “I just find it really fascinating is all.”

“That’s OK,” I said. “I like the way it feels as well.”

“I’m a Hairstylist.” He told me.

“Really.” I said with some excitement… This was almost too perfect now, not only was he my type, he is also a hairstylist. I will definitely have to keep this one.

“I’m Elyzabeth .” I told him.

“Hi Elyzabeth , I’m Dunkan.” He said and I started to laugh. Freakin Posers I thought to myself.

“What was the name you mother gave you?” I asked him

“Oh,” he said nervously, “um, Jason.”

“Well Jason, it is very good to meet you.” I said and I bit my lower lip, he smiled a crooked smile.

I got up and went back to the dance floor for a while. Jason followed me out there. I wasn’t going to let some guy spoil my evening, even though I was starting to crave him a little bit. I danced for a while and Jason did as well. They were now playing Swamp Thing by the Chameleon UK, one of my favourites. Jason would leave occasionally and come back with some of his friends to introduce me. I could tell he was trying to show me off a little, too cute.

After a while I got bored so I grabbed Jason and pulled him close. “So where do you live Jason?” I asked him.

He smiled and put his arm around me. We made it to the front door and went outside to hail a Taxi. We got in the taxi and he told the driver his address. I knew this was an address up in Hell’s Kitchen somewhere, interesting.

We drove the few blocks north and the driver let us out in front of an older gothic style apartment building with the external wrought iron fire escapes, charming.

We walked up the four flights of stairs to his apartment. It was a very small bachelor pad with a crimson red paint scheme and posters of different bands on the wall, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, The Cure to name a few.

I took a seat on his futon and waited as he made drinks in his little kitchenette. He came back and sat beside me handing me some kind of mixed drink.

“I told you I don’t drink.” I said placing it off to the side.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” He said rather embarrassed.

I grabbed him and threw him down on the futon and pressed my lips onto his rubbing myself up against him. We started sliding off our clothes as we kissed and rolled around on the futon. He pushed himself inside me and I let out a painful scream and started to tremble.

“Are you OK.” He asked in shock.

“I’ll be OK.” I said trembling. “Keep going.”

He paused for a moment. “Are you a…?” he asked.

I put my finger over his lips to silence him. “Technically, no,” I said. “It just takes a bit for me to get going.”

He started once again and I was loosening up enough now. I could tell he was getting close. His heart rate was increasing rapidly to almost where I wanted him to be. When he was just about to peek, I grabbed him by his hair and pulled his head up to look him straight into his eyes. Our eyes locked and as soon as he lost himself in my gaze…

I extended my fangs fully, pulled him tight towards me, and bit into his neck. I could feel his muscles loosening as his blood flowed directly into my mouth. I held him there for a moment as his muscles fell loose. I stopped as soon as I had just enough of his blood inside of me.

I rolled him over onto his back and left him there to sleep on his futon. It was going to be dawn soon and I had to get going. I opened the window and made my way out onto his fire escape closing his window behind me. I jumped over the fire escape railing and all the way down the four stories to the street below. His blood in me made me stronger than I have felt for a while now.

I quickly made my way south, back to Greenwich Village before dawn and went into my building to sleep…

I woke up the next evening feeling more alive then I have for a long time. Just as I thought, he was my type after all…AB Negative.

Don’t worry though. I didn’t kill him. He has far more worth to me alive then dead. It was just going to take a while for him to sleep it off, and wake up feeling like he has a really bad hangover.

I thought about the night before. A hairstylist. WOW. This reminds me of my Stan. I got up and shook my head. My long red hair was hanging over my shoulders so I pulled it back out of my face. My long hair feels like a curse sometimes. I guess by now you must be wondering a few things about me.

I was born Elyzabeth Spencer of London, England in the year 1821. I was born into a wealthy family during the British Regency era. I was raised a proper young woman and had a very sheltered childhood.

When I was 18 I was to be married to a man I hardly new. This was supposed to be the beginning of the rest of my life, only that was a life I will never know. My maker turned me Vampire on the eve of my wedding night.

My maker was a former solder under William the Conqueror during the Norman Invasion of England in year 1066. Vampires are known to flock to the battlefields following a battle, his maker discovered him wounded on the field of battle and knew he was a brave solder, worthy to be one of us.

Over the following centuries, my maker grew angry of what England had become and his sacrifice to its foundation. He loathed the upper class society that had developed. He turned me vampire so I would turn against my own people.

When you first become vampire your hunger is very strong, you hunt almost all the time and you drain your victims leaving them dead. This is the only way for a young vampire to survive.

As a vampire ages, we become stronger and the need to kill dissipates. I have been vampire for 157 years now and no longer have the desire to kill. I only need a moderate amount of blood to survive. Older vampires kill only when necessary as to not create any attention towards us from the mortal ones. This is why it is important for a maker to mentor a young vampire, to keep us hidden from the humans.

My maker didn’t mentor me as his reason for neglecting me those early years was so I would cause the out most havoc on London without any of his guidance. I was a terror on the people in those early years. This was when Jaguar stepped up and helped steer me onto a proper path. Vampires need to be discreet to survive amongst the living.

The one thing about being vampire is the way you were the moment you were turned, is the way you will remain for eternity. For me I was 18 years old, on my wedding night, a virgin with glorious long red mane of hair. This is how I shall always remain.

I shaved my head last night but woke up this morning and my hair is back to how it was before I shaved it, that’s what happens after you rest. You go back to how you were when you were turned. It can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

My hair wasn’t a big deal until the 1920’s really, that was when bob haircuts came into fashion. Unfortunately my bob haircuts never stayed. But that was what I had my Stan for.

I got up and went to the telephone. I called upstairs to George, the superintendent.

“Hello George, it’s me, Elyzabeth . Listen, I was wondering if you had the keys to the old Barbershop… You do, great. Can you meet me out front and open the door for me, I want to inspect it for a potential new tenant.”

George is my superintendent under my employ. I bought this building back in 1915 just after I first arrived in America. The Barbershop was Stanley’s. We opened it at the end of 1920 together and he ran it up until the day he died in 1963. The shop has sat boarded up and empty ever since.

George was out front and opened the door for me. I went inside. It still looked the same as when Stan left it. George comes in once a month to dust and clean it but other than that it is exactly how it was left.

I looked at the pictures on the wall, one of Stan and Myself back in 1920, the day we first opened the shop. My hair was neatly cut into a short steppe bob with a short fringe, this was one of Stan’s favourite haircuts on me. I miss my Stan very much, but that is what happens when you fall in love with a mortal. I took the picture off the wall and held it under my arm.

“George.” I called out and he entered the shop from outside.

“Yes Ma’am.” George said as he entered.

“I think it is time to clean out all of this stuff. I want you to put everything into Storage. You can hire a crew if you need to. I have a potential new tenant for this space so I want everything emptied out.”

“Yes Ma’am.” He said and we went out of the shop together locking the door.

I took that picture of Stan and I with me as a reminder of that time, keepsakes

I went back downstairs to my apartment and got changed for the evening. I changed into a black dress with white stockings and a pair of black Dock Marten boots. I checked my hair in the mirror and it was exactly how it always is. Long, auburn, full of curls flowing all the way down my back, just as it was on my wedding night. I smiled at my reflection. before taking off into the night

I walked back uptown to Hells Kitchen to Jason’s apartment to check in on him. I climbed the fire escape and slid back in through his window. He was lying there exactly where I left him. I slid my clothes off and laid down beside him on the futon to wait for him to wake up. He slowly started wake as I cuddled up next to him.

“What time is it?” he mumbled.

“I don’t know, probably around 9.” I said.

“9 AM?” he asked.

“No, PM silly.” I told him. “You’ve been sleeping all day.”

“OH SHIT.” He said getting up in a hurry. “I was supposed to work today.”

He ran over to his machine to check his messages and sure enough they had been calling.

“Don’t worry baby,” I said. “I get this feeling you won’t be needing that job anymore.”

He looked over at me. “Elyzabeth ! Your hair.” He said and I smiled.

I got up and walked over to him “You like it.”

“It is so…so beautiful.” He said.

“You can have it if you want.” I told him (as long as I get something in return).

He came over and pressed himself against me and ran his fingers through my hair.

“But how?” he asked.

“I guess you can call it a gift, or a curse, I’m not sure really.” I said.

I could see his face turning pale and he fainted. I grabbed him in my arm and carried him back to the futon.

“Sleep baby.” I told him. “You’ll get your strength back soon.”

Jason was weak from the blood loss. It is the same as when anyone donates blood really. It can just takes a day to get your strength back. I got changed, went over and kissed him on the forehead. He looked so cute lying there. I put his blanket over him to keep him warm. I went back out of the window and closed it. I made my way back down the fire escape and out into the night. I would come back the next evening when he regains his strength.

Thanks for reading,


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My Sorority Pledge

My Sorority Pledge
By Tammy

Foreword: I wanted to write a story based on the many charities out there today, and the barbershop in this story is based on one in my neighbourhood. I had a lot of fun writing this one.

It was the final night of my bid to join a sorority at college. It was down to me and four other girls now with only one opening remaining for this year. At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to join as I submitted my pledge at my mothers pleading. She was a member of this sorority when she went to school here and she pushed me to join as well.

I attended the information sessions and the round robins. I found the more I got to know the sorority, and the sisters here, the more I wanted to join. I think my reluctance in the beginning was what hurt my initial pledge and this was why I was amongst the last 5 girls remaining for the final spot after all of the other girls had been chosen already. I was upset by that and wanted to make up for it.

We gathered in the main hall of the house, pledges on one side and sisters on the other. I sat with the other pledges holding my pledge-pin as I was really nervous. Jessica was addressing us in the main hall.

“You are gathered here because you are the 5 remaining pledges for this year to join our Sorority. We have only one remaining spot left for this year. Ask yourself ‘How much do you want to join this house and what would you be willing to sacrifice.’ As you know our house is involved in many charity organizations and we give a tremendous amount of money and volunteer hours to our charities each year. Tonight one of you will show us how much you want to join by sacrificing something of yours for charity.”

She held up a pair of haircutting scissors for us to see and opened and closed them a few times.

“For our final pledge of the year… One of you will have to sacrifice your hair. It will be donated to the Cancer Society to make wigs for children with cancer. We have also raised over $2000 for the Cancer Society and we will donate that money in your name for your pledge. This is the only way for one of you to join.”

She walked over to us waving the scissors in front of us.

“Ask yourself how much you want this?” She said opening and closing the scissors in front of us.

“Tanya,” she said to the first pledge. “Would you sacrifice your hair for children’s charity?” she asked her.

I looked over in Tanya’s direction and Tanya was nodding her head no.

“Tanya, you may leave, Thank-you for your pledge this year.” She was told.

“Samantha, would you sacrifice your hair for children’s charity?” she asked Samantha.

“How short?” Tanya asked as she reached up to feel her hair.

“All of it.” She told her.

“Nope.” Tanya said and she walked out.

“Beth,” she said to me, “would you sacrifice your hair for children’s charity?” she asked me.

I smiled and said. “Yes I would.”

“Good,” she said, “You may step forward then.” She told me. 

I stepped forward to the centre of the hall.

Laura, would you sacrifice your hair for children’s charity?” She asked the next pledge.

“No.” Laura answered.

“You may leave.” She told her. “How about you Stacy, would you sacrifice your hair for children’s charity?”

“Nope.” Stacy answered and walked out as well.

“There it is then.” Jessica said. “We have only one pledge remaining. Beth, this is for a very good cause and it is the only way you can join this year. We have also raised over $2000 for this charity that will be sent in your name on behalf of the house. Are you ready for this.”

“Yes” I said.

“Good.” She said.

A couple of sisters came in with a chair and a table and set-up a few brushes and elastics on the table.

“Take a seat.” I was told and I sat down in the chair.

A few sisters gathered around me and started brushing out my long blond hair. They started making small sections in my hair and attached little rubber bands making small ponytails close to my scalp. I sat there quietly as a few of the girls kept sectioning off my hair and put little rubber bands into it.

“We will put 19 ponytails in your hair and every sister will get to cut off one ponytail each. As soon as the final ponytail is cut, that is when you will be officially a sister of  Pi Delta Beta. Is that understood?”

I smiled and said, “Yes.” I was so happy I was almost a member, even if it meant cutting my hair.

I could feel the sisters putting more and more elastics in my hair and Jessica was counting them out loud.

“…..17, almost there sisters.” She told them. “Section this one into two sections and that should do it.”

I could feel them sectioning off the last sections in the back and attach the last 2 elastics.

“That’s 19. Are you ready Beth?” Jessica asked me.

I reached up to feel my hair one last time and I could feel all of the small ponytails all over my head. I ran my fingers through the length of one of the little ponytails and realized how long it was… it was really long.

I sat up with all my strength and confidence and nodded my head saying, “ I’m ready.”

Jessica approached me with the scissors in hand and reached for the top of my head. I could feel her grabbing for a ponytail right on top and in the front. I looked straight up to see her move in with the scissors and heard them close into my hair. SNIP.

The ponytail was released and she held it in front of me so I could see it.

“Oh My God,” I said to Jessica as she held my ponytail in her hand. It was so long and blond. Like 30” of hair. I let out a huge sigh of relief and started laughing.

“No turning back now.” She said as she placed my ponytail in the center of the table and she handed the scissors to another sister.

The next sister came up in front of me with scissors in hand and cut another one off on top just like Jessica did. She placed the ponytail on the table with the other one and passed off the scissors to the next sister in waiting.

I sat their smiling, almost laughing in hysterics. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Each sister lined up and took there turn and I watched as the pile of my ponytails gathered up on the table. I reached up to feel my hair occasionally. If felt so amazing having it all cut off like this, I could feel it getting lighter and lighter as each sister came at me with the scissors.

It was almost over now with just a few ponytails remaining in the back. I tilted my head straight down to make it easier for the sisters to cut it. I could feel each of the last remaining ponytails being cut off in the back and I started to smile, excited in anticipation.

“Last one.” I heard Jessica saying and the last sister came behind me with the scissors and I could hear her snip the last ponytail off of my head.

“Welcome to Pi Delta Beta.” Jessica announced out loud.

Everybody let out a massive cheer and I started crying with joy. I got up and hugged Jessica. She rubbed her fingers through my head and laughed over all of the noise. “Now that wasn’t so bad?” she said

I laughed and said it was fine as I reached up to feel it as well.

“All for a good cause.” Jessica said.

I hugged each sister around the room as they each welcomed me into the sorority. I was glad this was all over now. We posed for pictures and I held up my ponytails to show my ‘sacrifice’ in the photos. After we made a huge dinner to celebrate our new house for the year. I was so happy to be the newest member in the house. My hair was a mess from being crudely chopped off but no one said anything. They all commented on how brave I was and that I did a good thing. Jessica said to just go and get it neatened up somewhere tomorrow.


The Next Day…

The next morning I woke up in my new bedroom in the sorority house. I was glad to be out of the Dorm now as the sorority house is so much more comfortable. I got up and sat at the dressing table in front of the mirror to inspect my hair. It was a huge mess.

It was cut very messy where the sisters had cut each ponytail off leaving well under 1” in length were each ponytail was cut. There were longer pieces all over from in-between each ponytail and it was patchy everywhere. I knew I was going to have to get it fixed somehow.

I reached for my cell phone and called my boyfriend Trevor. He didn’t know about this yet as I didn’t tell anyone. Only my sisters in the house knew about it. I called his number knowing he would be sleeping. It was Saturday morning and he didn’t have football practice today.

“Hello.” He said as he answered, he sounded sleepy.

“Hi baby, it’s me.” I told him.

“Hi.” He said as he was coming too.

“I have some news for you.” I told him.

“What.” He said.

“I got into Pi Delta Beta.” I said.

“Really! That’s great, Congratulations.” He said.

“There is one other thing.” I said.


“I had to cut my hair to get in.” I told him.

“What!” he said loudly.

“I had to cut my hair to get in.” I told him.

“I heard you the first time, cut it how?” he asked.

“Off.” I told him.

“What do you mean off, like gone?” He asked.

“Pretty much, yea.” I said.

“Holy Shit!” he said.

“Look, I need you to come get me, I’m at the sorority house. I’m going to need a hand today moving all my shit from the Dorm over to here.

“OK, OK,” he said. “ I’ll come and get you, I need to take a shower first.”

“OK, Thanks baby.” I told him. “I love you.” I said and I hung up.

Trevor and I have been together for about 6 months now. He is my first black boyfriend. I’ve never been with anyone like him before and I loved being with him. He is an amazing guy and a very talented football player, he was at our college on a football scholarship. We have become very close and we hang out together as much as we can.

I went downstairs to the kitchen and was learning to make my way around the house. The house is really big actually, an old mansion. It was beautiful and I was so happy to be here.

There were muffins left out in the kitchen and some coffee already made. I poured myself a coffee and grabbed a muffin and sat down. Jessica walked in as I was eating.

“Hey Beth.” She said with a smile. “How did you sleep?”

“Really well thank-you,” I said.

“Is the room comfortable?” She asked.

“Oh yea, I love it.” I told her.

“Good. Look, sorry bout the haircut last night, that one is a new one for us this year. We wanted to do something for charity. Each sister gave a money donation to the cancer society as well as your, well, very kind donation.”

“It’s OK.” I said as I reached up to feel my hair. “ It’ll grow back.” I told her.

“Good,” she told me. “I think you’ll need to get it straightened out somehow but it does look good on you for some reason. Short hair that is.” She said. “Well I’m off, enjoy your day and I’ll see you later.

“See ya.” I told her.

I finished breakfast and the doorbell rang. I knew that was going to be Trevor. I ran to open it before someone else did. I haven’t had the chance to introduce him to any of the other sisters yet so I wanted to show him around the house.

I opened it and Trevor was standing right there.

“Holy Shit.” He said when he saw me.

“It’s OK baby.” I told him.

“What do you mean, It’s OK… Look at you.” He said.

“Its just hair, and it was for a good cause.” I told him.

“What good cause? This house?” he said.

“No,” I said. “It was for a charity.” I told him.

“Charity!!! That’s a fucking hazing if I’ve ever seen one.” He said.

“It’ll grow back.” I told him.

“Yea I guess.” He said and he gave me a big hug.

He reached up to feel it for the first time.

“What a fucked up mess.” He said.

I laughed. “Yea, I guess I need to get it evened out some how.” I said.

“Evened out? He said. “You do that and you wouldn’t have any hair leftover!”

I invited him into the house and gave him the tour. I introduced him to a couple of the other sisters around the house. He liked the house a lot and was beginning to understand why I wanted this. We went out to his car to go back to the dorm to get the rest of my stuff. He gave me his baseball cap with his football team logo on it to wear to cover my hair for the time being.

We loaded up his car with the rest of my stuff and we started driving back to the house. We were driving through the main street in town and I was looking at the hair salons as we drove past them.

“Baby, do you think I should get my hair fixed somewhere.” I asked.

“I guess.” He said. “Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know, I guess it doesn’t matter where.” I told him. “It’s so short any ways so I might as well go somewhere cheap.”

“Just go to the barbers.” He said.

“Yea.” I said.

“They would probably just do like a number 2 all over to even it all out.” He said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“The clippers.” He said. “Number 2 is what I get on top and I fade my sides and back. A number 2 would be like my hair in the top but all over.”

“Oh.” I said. “But you have black hair.”

“I know my hair is different then you white folks, it is the length I am talking about. Look, My barbershop is just down the street if you want to go there. I could probably use a haircut as well.” He said.

“OK.” I said.

I had never been in a black barbershop before. I’ve seen them on TV and in the movies. There is such a different culture around them then what I was used to. We parked the car out front on the main street and walked towards the shop. The door was opened, as it was nice out that day. You could hear the music in the shop playing out in the street. It made for a really cool and relaxing environment.

We went in and took a seat on the bench and waited for a turn. There where 3 barbers working away on customers. Everyone was a black guy in there and I was the only white person in the shop. No one was paying any attention to me any ways so it was no big deal.

One of the barbers was finishing up with his customer. I was amazed at the work. They were fast with the clippers creating fades up the sides and back. I’d never seen it done before. I’ve only ever seen Trevor just after he got his haircut but never seen how they did it. I liked Trevor’s haircut a lot actually. It felt good just after a haircut and I liked the feeling of it.

The barber took the cape off his customer and showed him his haircut with a hand mirror. The customer nodded and got up and paid. He left the shop.

“Next” the barber called out.
”You going?” Trevor asked me.

“Sure.” I said and got up and took a seat in the chair.

I sled my baseball cap off to expose my hair.

“What happened to you girl?” The barber asked me in surprise.

“Oh.” I said. “It was for Charity.” I told him.

“Charity!” he said as he busted out in laughter. “What kind of Charity does that to a person?”

“It’s a long story.” I told him. “Look, can you straighten it out.”

“Straighten it out?” he said. “Only one way to straighten out this mess girl, and that is to go real short.”

“OK.” I told him. “Do whatever you have to.”

He flung the cape over me and tightened it around my neck with a cotton strip. He picked up a large pair of clippers and came around my right side and held the clippers up, over my head.

“You want it shorter up the sides and back or just evened out all over?” He asked before he started.

“You mean like a fade?” I asked him.

“Sure,” He said, “Like a fade.”

You can do a fade if you want.” I told him. “Sides and Back I mean. And longer on top” I said. I guess that was how I wanted it. I was caught up in the moment.

“Baby, you sure you want it that short.” Trevor asked from the bench behind me.

I nodded my head with a smile. “It’s this short already so I might as well.” I said.

“OK.” The barber said as he turned the clippers on.

I braced the arms of the chair as he moved in with the clippers. He placed the clippers on my forehead and pushed them straight back over my head. I watched with excitement as they made the first pass. He was quick to move in for a second pass and in no time the top was taken down to a number 2. He went up the sides and back with the clippers until it was a number 2 all over. I was relieved to see it now all one length, even if it was this short.

He put the clippers down and reached for a smaller pair of clippers. He came around behind me and tilted my head straight down. I heard the clippers turn on. They hummed a lot quieter than the other clippers. He ran them up the back of my head at my hairline creating the fade in the back. I sat there really relaxed at the sensation of how it felt. He tilted my head over to the left and came around my right continuing the fade over my right ear and all the way up to my temple. He came around to my other side and tilted my head to the right continuing the fade over my left ear. He turned the clippers off.

I tilted my head to the side to see my new haircut on me. I was smiling ear to ear at my reflection. The fade was really tight in the sides and back and my short blond hair blended really well with my skin tone. It brought out every feature in my face and extenuate my neck. I loved the way it looked. With the right make-up and dress I new I could really make this work.

He loosened the cape and removed it from me and showed me the back with the mirror.

“Awesome” I told him with a huge smile. I reached up to feel it. “That is so amazing” I said.

I got up and sat back on the bench to wait for Trevor who was now getting his haircut a couple of stations over. I watched as his barber finished his fade up the sides and back with the little clippers with amazement. These guys are true artisans in their craft. I couldn’t help but feel my hair up the sides and back and the short length on top. I loved it.

Trevor was finished and paid for both of our haircuts and we left. We went back to the sorority house and moved all my stuff into my new bedroom. The other sisters were amazed at my haircut. I told them I went to the barbers with Trevor to get it fixed. That was when they noticed we both had the same haircut and kind of poked fun at us. “What, was it a 2 for 1 special?” they joked.

I got dressed up that night and put some make-up on and a tight black dress, one of Trevor’s favourites. I wanted to go out to the clubs and go dancing, as it was Saturday night. I also wanted to show off my new look.

I showed off my dress and my hair to the other sisters and they were all impressed at how good it looked. I was really pleased as well. Never expected for things to turn out like this. Trevor came to get me and nearly fell over when he saw me.

”Damn girl, you look like a Supermodel.” He said as he came to pick me up.

“You like it?” I asked.

“You know I never thought I would but I do.” He said. “Your so hot, you could have shaved your head right down to the wood, and it would still look good on you.” He told me. I was so happy and I gave him a big hug.

I got a lot of attention from people who night out and got a lot of comments about my hair. I loved the attention from it. Trevor and I looked amazing together that night.

I let my hair grow out after but I never forgot the feeling of it being that short. In a year it had grown out into a bob. It was pledge time again. Jessica asked me if we should keep the haircut pledge in this year for the last pledge. I told her we definitely should. It was an amazing experience for me and I felt it should become a house tradition.

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Clara’s Story

Clara’s Story
By Tammy

Foreword: As a hairdresser one of my biggest peeves is the old school beauty salon. My grandmother used to have one so I had many haircuts in hers when I was a kid. Today they are so out-of-place that it does happen on occasion that someone visits one to save money and ends up with a really bad haircut. I’ve had to fix a few people’s hair over the years from experiences like this.

I went home for the weekend to visit my parents in the small town I grew up in. I have one brother but he wasn’t around this weekend as he is away at college now. I live in Chicago and I only get the chance to come home for a visit a few times a year.

I was bored as the house was quiet without my brother around so I decided to go for a walk. I found myself strolling around our main street in town doing some window-shopping. That was when I came across the old hair salon. It was an old beauty salon that looked like it was from the 1970’s.

It had its very dated décor and pictures of people on the walls showing off different haircuts, all of them out of style now. I remembered having all of my haircuts in there when I was a kid. This was the place my mom used to take me. Mom still goes there now as she always had her haircuts in there. Seeing the place sent a flash of memories running through my head.

My mom used to take me for a haircut once a year, and always in the early summer. She would take me in there and tell them to give me a good haircut. They would take all of my length off leaving me with a very short bob. This was her way of saving money on haircuts. The haircuts where cheap, about $8 and I only got one haircut a year.

My hair is quite long now, just past my bra strap in length. That was the one thing I did when I moved to Chicago was I grew my hair out as long as I could. Mostly I was curious how long I could get it. I liked it long but I’ve had it this way for a few years now. So I felt the novelty of it has worn off for me.

I stood there in front of the shop and thought really hard about going in for a good haircut. You know, a spur of the moment kind of thing. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach hitting me as I thought about it.

I remembered that feeling of my new, fresh haircuts when I was young and how light it felt afterwards. I loved the way my hair would bounce just after a haircut. I felt a strange urge for that feeling once again…this feeling was exhilarating…

So I took a deep breath, I reached for the door, and I entered the shop.

“Hello” the owner greeted me as I walked in.

She was sitting in the front of the shop all by herself. It was the same owner from all those years ago, only she was looking a little older now. She is a very cheerful woman but was always right down to business when it came to haircutting. I used to get really nervous sitting in her chair and found those same nerves creeping inside of me again after all these years.

 “Can I help you?” she asked me.

“Yes, I um…I was thinking about getting a haircut.” I said nervously.

“Of course,” she said, “Come right in and take a seat.”

She got up and walked over to the first station and spun the chair to face me.

“You can take a seat right here young lady.” She told me standing behind the chair.

I slid up into the chair and she spun me to face the mirror.

“So what were you thinking my dear?” she asked.

“Well, I used to get my haircut in here when I was a kid. You used to give me those bob haircuts.” I told her.

“Of course,” she said, “Your Shirley’s girl aren’t you. I haven’t seen you for years.”

“I know, I moved to Chicago now and I am just in town for a visit this weekend.” I told her.

“Well it is good to see you again, and all grown up now I see.” She said.

“Thanks.” I told her

“So what are we doing today sweetie?” She asked me again to get back on track.

“I was thinking about cutting it short again.” I told her. “You know, like how you used to cut it for me.”

“I can cut it short for you but you know you’re not a kid anymore.” She told me. “I think we could do something a little more age appropriate for ya now that you’re all grown up. How about taken it a little bit shorter for ya this time and give you a nice, new style?”

I took a moment to think about it. I had long hair for a while now and I really did want to do something different with it. I think I was also caught up in the moment as well. So…

 “OK” I said with a smile. I was really nervous but for some reason I trusted her. She had been cutting my hair for me for most of my life anyways.

She flung the cape up over me in the air and it settled over my shoulders and into my lap. She pulled my long hair out from underneath it fastening the cape snug around my neck. She grabbed a hairbrush and started brushing my hair back into a ponytail and fastened it.

She reached for a large pair of scissors from the shelf in front of me and came back behind me holding them up to my ponytail.

“Ready?” She said.

I was trembling but I gave a weak nod and I bit my lower lip.

I heard the scissors close with a sawing motion as they hacked into my hair. Freshly shorn locks of my hair fell loose and settled around my jaw line in the front. In a moment the cutting stopped and she held my ponytail up for me to see it through the mirror. I completely tensed up. She placed my ponytail and her scissors back on the shelf in front of me so I could see it. I couldn’t believe how long the ponytail was. I shook my head and took a good looked at myself in the mirror.

“WOW.” I said out loud reaching around to feel where she had cut my hair. “No turning back now I guess.”

“Don’t you worry sweetie, you’re in good hands.” She said as she placed her hand on my shoulder. “Come-on over to the sink and I’ll wash it for ya.” So I followed her over to the sink.

She put a towel over my shoulders and tilted me back into the sink. I closed my eyes as the warm water rushed through my hair. The water stopped and she pumped some shampoo in her hand and lathered it through my hair. She had very strong fingers and gave a good scalp massage. She rinsed the shampoo and applied some conditioner. She rinsed that off and tilted me up scooping my hair into the towel.

I got up and followed her back to the station. I took a seat back in the chair as she was reaching for the scissors and comb off the shelf. She came back around behind me and started combing my hair straight back.

“So I see your mother at Bridge every Thursday night.” She started in with the gossip as she combed my hair out. “We play over at the church hall ya know.”

She stood over me and combed out a section of my hair on top of my head as she talked. She held a section of hair between her two fingers about 2” above my scalp and moved in with the scissors. I clinched the arms of the chair tight as they closed in…SNIP SNIP SNIP. She cut my hair off leaving about 2” of length behind. My eyes nearly popped out of my head seeing how short she was cutting it. I wasn’t expecting it to be this short.

She was gossiping away about my mom and the bridge club as she cut away at my hair. It was a very surreal experience and I zoned out of the conversation. I was in shock but I didn’t say anything. I just sat there and watched as she sectioned another section on top of my head and cut that off as well. She did this across the top of my head section after section taking the length down to 2” all over. I watched as lock after lock rained down onto the cape in front of me, and piled up on my lap.

She then stopped for a moment

“Huh” I said as I came too.

“I asked you if you are going to go to see the theatre group perform this weekend?” She said louder to get my attention.

“Oh,” I said, “I didn’t know they were performing.” I told her as I came back to reality.

She tilted my head over to the left and combed out a section right over my right ear holding my hair between her fingers.

“Oh well you should sweetie” she said as she dove in with the scissors cutting my hair off over my ear.

 “They are performing a comedy called ‘When in Rome.” She said cheerfully emphasizing the title of the play.

She came around behind me and tilted my head straight down towards my chest. She continued talking about the theatre group as she held another section in the back and cut it off section after section before moving over to my left side. She finished up the left side cutting the last of my hair over my ear and I watched as it tumbled down my shoulder and onto my lap. 

“Well that is the last of that taken care of.” She announced as she finished cutting all of my hair off. “Will just neaten this up for ya.” She said as she approached again with the scissors and comb.

She went over the sides and back running the comb up my hair and cutting my hair with the scissors over the comb around my ears and my back making it shorter over my ears and gradually longer towards the top. I sat there mesmerized watching her shape my new haircut. She talked away as she worked showing no regard for me whatsoever.

She went over the top one more time blending it with the sides but leaving it about 2” long on top, it was slightly shorter in the sides and back and neatly cut around my ears. She combed my bangs straightforward and ran the scissors straight across my forehead, leaving me with bangs that sat just above my eyebrows. My new bangs made my face look so different.

She finally finished with the scissors and she took a hairdryer and blow-dried it off with a hairbrush. She reached over and turned on a curling iron as she was blow-drying it. I guess that meant she was going to curl it as well.

She put the hairdryer down and grabbed the curling iron and a tail comb coming back around me again.

“Not done yet sweetie, I just need to put the finishing touches on it for ya.” She said as she started sectioning my hair with the comb.

“You will need a good curling iron at home to keep up this style so I’ll show you how to do it.” She explained as she worked. “Your mom can give you a hand with it as well.”

She stood over me and sectioned out a section of my hair on top. She went in with the curling iron and curled it back holding my hair in the iron for a moment before releasing it. She did this all over the top of my head section after section. She was still talking away to me about how to keep up the style while she worked. When she finished my hair was sitting in neat tight curls all over the top and the sides of my head.

She put the curling iron down and took a hairbrush and came back over to me. She started brushing it back and the curls loosened into a puffy coif on top of my head. She took her comb and teased it all over. Then she grabbed a huge bottle of hairspray and a clear facemask with a handle on the bottom of it.

“Here, hold this up to your face sweetie so I don’t get the hairspray in your eyes.” She said as she handed me the facemask. I held it over my face and she started to spray a massive amount of hairspray into my hair.

“You know you can never have too much hairspray.” She said as she unloaded it into my hair. A huge cloud of hairspray gathered over top of me and the smell of it filled the room.

She stopped spraying and I held the mask away from my face to have a look at my hair. I was in shock looking at my reflection. She made me look exactly like my mother. I felt 30 years older and not like a 22-year-old girl anymore. I couldn’t believe this looking at myself.

“Voila.” She said out loud. “Now you look like a whole new person.” She told me cheerfully. “Like a respectable young woman now.”

She took the facemask from my hand and unfastened the cape and slipped it off of me. She put the mask down and hung the cape back on its pole. She grabbed a hand mirror and came back behind me to show me my new hair in the mirror.

“There you go sweetie,” She said. “That looks much better on ya now, don’t you think?”

I worked up the courage to give a smile and gave her a nod like I approved. I was really trying hard to fight back my tears but kept on a brave face. I got up and said “Thank-you”

“That will be $16.” She told me.

I handed her a twenty and said, “Keep the change.”

“Oh, thank-you so much sweetie, and enjoy your new hair.”

“Thanks.” I told her as I was trying to be polite.

“And remember what I said about the festival this weekend, hope to see you there.” She said in her cheery tone.

I nodded and smiled and turned for the door. I just wanted to get the hell out of there. I got out to the street and took a deep breath of fresh air as I was trying to calm my nerves. I reached up to feel my hair for the first time and I was shocked at how short it was. It had so much hairspray in it that it felt like a helmet on top of my head. I never thought she was going to do anything like this to me, not in a million years. I walked for home hoping not to bump into anyone I knew.

My town was far too small for that though. Before long I bumped into an old acquaintance from high school. It was a girl I never really got along with as well. ‘Oh great’ I thought to myself.

“Clara,” She said as she approached.

I smiled “Hi.” I answered politely.

“Look at you.” She said cheerfully. I could hardly recognize you.”

“Yep, it’s me.” I said.

“Wow” she said taking another double take on me. I was freaking out on the inside.

“You changed your hair.” She said.

“I just got it done today actually.” I said in a low tone.

“Heh.” She responded, as she was looking it over. “That’s some different.”

We got caught up but I just wanted to get home as quickly as I could to recover whatever I can out of my haircut. As I walked home I bumped into some more of our neighbors who noticed my new hair as well. They couldn’t help but comment on it as well. I was so embarrassed.

I finally got home and mom was in the kitchen.

“Clara.” She called out when I entered the house.

I entered the kitchen and answered, “Yah mum.”

“Clara I need a hand with the…OH MY GOODNESS!!! What did you do to your hair?” she said.

Right then I finally burst into tears.

“Oh Clara.” She responded coming over to give me a big hug. “What happened?”

I told her the story about going to the salon and what she did to me. Mom started to chuckle a little.

“Oh honey it’s ok,” She said. “You know that’s were I go to get my haircut.”

“I know.” I told her.

“She gave you the same haircut she gives me.” She told me.

“I know.” I said.

“You know I think she gives that same haircut to just about everyone I know.” She said and started to laugh.

“It’s not funny.” I told her.

“OH, it’s not that bad darling.” She said as she reached up to feel my hair. “She just uses too much hairspray is all.”

I stopped crying and wiped my tears. “OK, I guess it is kind of funny,” I told her.

“Go take a shower and you will feel much better after. She always goes overboard with all that hairspray. Go and wash that off and you will feel much better, I promise.”

I took a shower and shampooed out all of the hairspray. After I blow-dried my hair with my fingers ruffling it and making it look kind of messy. I found some of my brother’s hair gel and ruffled it into my hair. I felt a lot better now that I styled it different. It was shorter than I wanted it, but it did look good with it messed up with some gel.

I went back to the kitchen to show my mom.

“So what do you think?” I told her

“That looks much better.” She said.

“You think so?” I asked.

“Yes I really do.” She said. “I like you with short hair. It makes you look more um…Professional.” She said with a smile. Do you like it?” she asked.

“I do. I like it a lot better now without all that hairspray.” I said.

It took me a few days to get used to it being short but I had a lot of fun finding different ways to style it. When I got back to Chicago I found a great salon with a really cool hairstylist that does amazing short haircuts for me. She does something different for me every time I go to get my haircut. Now I get really excited about getting my haircuts and love my short hair. I won’t be growing it out anytime soon.

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A Haircut You Can Land A Helicopter On

A Haircut You Can Land A Helicopter On
By Tammy

Foreword: I had a lot of my readers in mind when I wrote this. Couples stories were being requested a lot, so I wanted to explore the diplomacy between a couple with differences to make things work out for them.

I woke up to the sound of raindrops outside my window. The season was changing from summer to fall. I lied there comforted by the sound while my boyfriend Jason slept beside me.

I moved Jason’s arm off of me to sit up and couldn’t move as he was lying on top of my hair. I turned to try to slide my hair out from under him without waking him up. I slowly pulled it out from under him and he moved. He turned and opened his eyes.

“Sorry baby,” I said. “You were sleeping on my hair.”

“Oh sorry.” He said as he came too.

I sat up next to him looking at the rain outside. I loved the sound of the rain in the morning. Jason sat up as well and reached for my hair.

“So today is the day,” he said. “All of this hair is coming off.”

“Yep.” I replied. I started feeling butterflies thinking about it.

“You gonna miss it?” he asked.

“Probably but it’s OK. I’m ready for it now.”

Jason and I have been together for 8 months now. I met him at a local pub in my neighbourhood. I was interested in him for a while. One night after a few drinks I invited him back to my place. We started seeing each other after that.

One thing he said as we started dating was he never had a girlfriend with long hair before. He mentioned he likes girls with short hair and only dated girls with short hair. At first I was disappointed. My hair is very long, almost down to my waist. I never had short hair before and never considered cutting it. He told me that if we were to become a couple I should consider cutting it short for him, as he would prefer it that way. It was something that bothered me at first.

We are now at the point were we are a couple and we are in love with each other. We share everything. Jason shared with me his fascination with short hair and I understand it now. I took the time to learn this part about him. He showed me his websites and blogs. He showed me pictures and videos of his favourite types of haircuts and haircutting. Usually the haircuts are extreme long to short makeovers with clippers involved.

Unfortunately for me he loves Barbershop haircutting the most. He loves to see a girl getting her haircut at the barbers. At first I didn’t understand why but now I see his side of it. There is something submissive about the experience. It would be a very bold thing for me to do something like that for him and I’ve thought about it.

We have integrated his fantasy into our sex life. He bought a set of clippers and some large barber scissors. I’ve buzzed his head before and this acts as really good foreplay for us. I play a dominating role and shave him as a punishment. I also hold them up to my forehead or hold the scissors into my hair like I am about to close them. This gets him really going.

Eventually I told Jason I would cut my hair anyway he wanted but only with the following conditions. One, not until after my contract at work was finished. I was going to take some time off afterwards which would allow me time to grow my hair out for when I start looking for work again and going to interviews. Two, he would have to buy me a wig so I would have something to cover up my short haircut with. Three, we would have lots of sex afterwards.

Well my work contract just finished yesterday so today was my first Saturday of freedom. Jason bought me a wig last week as he was planning for this day for a very long time. I love my new wig actually. It is a dark bob with heavy bangs. It sits around my jaw-line and the bangs just to my eyebrows. He spent a lot of money on it, as he wanted for me to have a good quality one. I love the way it looks on me and really wanted to cut my hair like the wig. I mentioned that to Jason and he said no way. He told me I was going to be getting my haircut a lot shorter than that. I loved that controlling side of Jason.

Jason won’t tell me how I am cutting my hair either. He only said that he was going to take me to our local barbershop and put me into the chair. He was going to instruct the barber on how to cut my hair and I was not to say anything and just submit to it. I must admit I love being in a submissive role and this one is intriguing. I was scared about how short he was going to tell them to cut it but this also added to the excitement.

I got up and went to the kitchen to boil the kettle. My morning routine is a cup of Earl Grey Tea and I make Jason a cup of instant coffee. I came back to bed and we sat there sipping our drinks as we listened to the rain outside. We chatted for a while.

I started playing with my hair knowing that in a few hours it was going to be all gone. It was like saying good-bye to an old friend. I came to terms with my decision and was trying not to think too much about it. I get to experience short hair for the first time in my life and wondered what it was going to feel like. Part of me is excited and part of me is really going to miss my long hair.

It was getting closer to 9 am so I decided to take a quick shower. This was to be my last shower with my long hair. I went though my usual ritual knowing that next time I take a shower it was going to be very different. After I dried my hair with my hair-dryer and went over it with my hair straightener. I wanted to look my best for today.

I went to my closet to get dressed and thought, What does a girl wear when going to a barbershop? I went for the little black dress. It was loose-fitting and flowy. I slid on some black heals to go with it as well. I checked myself out in the mirror and it looked amazing with my beautiful long hair. I was starting to have second thoughts now looking at myself in the mirror. I put some light make-up on to go with my outfit as well.

“What do you think?” I asked Jason.

“Wow,” he said. “You look gorgeous.”

“You sure you still want me to cut all this off?” I asked him as I stroked my long hair out between my fingers.”

“Absolutely.” He said. “This is going to be so amazing”

“OK,” I said nervously. “Let’s just get this over with then.”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to go through with this but I wasn’t going to back out now. We got ready to go and I locked up my house. It was a short walk to the main street where the barbershop was. The rain had let up and the moisture in the air felt really nice.

We turned the corner and I could see that barber pole spinning off in the distance. My stomach started turning into knots. I was getting petrified now looking at it as we approached the shop. I held Jason’s hand and squeezed it tight. I was starting to fall into my submissive state now. I was just going to allow everything to happen. I told myself to Just go along with it.

We approached the shop and Jason reached out and opened the door for me. I entered it first and Jason followed. The barber was cutting the hair on a customer and turned as we entered.

“Good Morning.” He said as he greeted us..

I nodded with a slight smile.

“Good morning Paul.” Jason replied.

“Take a seat and I won’t be long.” He told us.

“Thanks.” Jason answered and I joined him on the long bench on the sidewall in the shop.

The shop was very small with one Barber working. He is an older man with white hair and a bit of a humpback. He was wearing a white barbers jacket over his clothes. He moved quickly cutting his customers hair in his chair. I watched as he did his work. His client was an older middle-aged man having a businessman’s type haircut with it parted over the side. The Barber was running his comb up the sides and back, cutting away with the scissors rapidly over the comb. It was almost like he was a robot. The sound of the scissors filled the room as he moved.

I was very nervous as we sat there waiting. I started playing with my long hair one last time. I wanted to back out but knew I couldn’t  We had been planning this for too long and I couldn’t back out on a promise. I just sat there and waited for my turn in the chair not knowing what Jason had in store for me..

The barber was finishing up snipping away his customer’s hair and the sound of the scissors was silenced. I watched as he lathered and shaved the gentleman’s neckline with a straight razor. I had never seen this done before. He finished up by neatly combing the part over and undid the cape and slipped it off. He took a hand mirror and showed the back and the customer nodded in approval.

“That should keep the misses happy.” He said as he put the mirror down.

“You bet,” the customer responded in approval.

“That will be twelve dollars,” The barber said as he got up out of the chair.

He handed him some bills and said, “Keep the change.”

“Thank-you sir.” The barber responded.

The customer took his jacket from the coat rack and left.

“Next,” the barber called out and this was the moment of truth.

I slowly got up and Jason got up with me and took my hand. He took me over to the barber chair and helped me up into it.

“Tanya is having her haircut this morning Paul,” Jason told to the barber.

“Oh yea,” he answered. “So what are we doing?”

“I want you to give her a short flat top haircut,” he said. “Really short with a Number 2 up the sides and back and taper it.” He told the barber.

“All right,” the barber responded with excitement and Jason returned to take a seat on the bench to watch.

The barber grabbed the cape and flung it over me sliding it over my shoulders.

“Big Change,” he said as he started to pull my long hair out from under the cape. I just smiled nervously and nodded yes.

I wasn’t too sure what a flat top was exactly or a number 2 as it all sounded foreign to me. It just sounded like my haircut was going to be really short.

He grabbed a neck strip and wrapped it snug around my neck and pinned the cape snug around my neck. I looked up at my reflection one last time with my long hair flung over the cape around my shoulders. I was trying to keep myself from getting emotional about this. I took in a deep breath and let it out. With that the barber was coming back around me with scissors and comb in hand.

He started combing out a section right on top of my head and held it between his fingers. My eyes popped as I watched him move in with the scissors. SNIP SNIP SNIP, they closed right into my hair about an inch above my scalp. 30” of my hair was raining down onto the cape in front of me.

He was quick to comb out the next section and SNIP SNIP SNIP. More of my hair was raining down over my shoulders and onto the cape. He worked his way up the top of my head reducing it to roughly 1” in length and moved his way over my right ear. The sound of the scissors was petrifying. With every snip more and more of my hair would rain down into my lap. The right side was now completely cropped to roughly 1” in length like the top.

I heard the door opening to the shop and the barber stopped his cutting for a moment.

“Good Morning.” He said as someone entered.

I looked over and it was a woman with her two young sons.

“Good morning.” she replied and she made eye contact with me as she entered. She had a surprised look on her face seeing what was happening to me..

“Take a seat and I’ll be right with you after this.” He told them.

“Thanks.” She said and they took a seat next to Jason on the bench.

The barber came back tilting my head forward with his hand and started cutting toward the back behind me right ear now. He held up section after section in the back and snipped away vigorously reducing the length all the way down to a short crop across the back. I had my head down looking into the pile of hair that had gathered in my lap and could feel the weight getting lighter and lighter after each and every snip he took back there.

“Wow,’ I could hear the woman say out loud as the barber was cutting away. All I could feel at this moment was embarrassment to be seen like this. The barber was moving over to my left side as he was cutting away at section after section and was now taking the last few locks away from over my left ear. He finished and the sound of the scissors finally went silent.

I looked at my reflection to take it all in. My hair was very roughly cropped to about 1” all over my head. You could see every feature on my face and neck now that there was no more hair to hide behind any more  My cheeks stood out more noticeably now without my long hair.

The barber was coming back behind me again with something in his hand but I didn’t get a chance to see it other than the chord that was leading to it. He tilted my head straight down to my chest and I heard the sound of the clippers pop on. Nrrrrrrr. The sound of them filled the room.

He had his hand on top of my head holding it straight down and I felt the clippers being placed on my nape. They moved up the back of my head quickly in swift motions from my nape to my crown, pass after pass. He tilted my head to the left and I could see them work their way up behind my right ear. Then over my right ear pass after pass taking my hair down to very short peach fuzz. He came over to my left side and worked them over the left side as well.

He changed the head on the clippers and came back for some more tilting my head forward again. He moved more slowly this time running them up my nape line creating a tight taper along my hairline all the way around the back and over my ears.

“This is how we lower your ears,” He said to me cheerfully as he buzzed away at my hairline over my ear creating a tight fade.

He finished with the clippers and took a spray bottle and sprayed the top of my hair making it soaking wet. He took a hairbrush and hair-dryer and started drying it straight back making it stick up on the top. When he finished it was all spiked up on the top of my head with a very round shape.

He took the clippers and a comb again and came back behind me. I watched as he took the comb and slid it into the top of my hair holding it horizontally all the way across. He moved in slowly with the clippers and ran them all the way across the top of the comb pass after pass creating a flat top shape on top of my head. I was mesmerized watching this transformation and how meticulously he worked at creating the shape. He worked slowly on the shape and took quite a bit of time until he was finally satisfied with it.

He put the clippers down and hit the foam dispenser and white foam came out of it. He came back around me and applied the warm white foam to my hairline across my nape and over my ears. He took a towel and placed it over my shoulder. He took a straight razor and ran it over a leather strap on the side of the chair.

He tilted my head straightforward and slid the razor into my nape scrapping it across the back of my neck. He ran them up over my right ear and down my right cheek. He went around to my left side and ran them over my left ear as well and down my other cheek. He wiped my hairline off with the towel and through the towel into a bin. He put some lotion on his hand and applied it to my skin where he just shaved me. The smell was like a guys aftershave lotion and very cooling on my skin.

He took a dusting brush and poured some baby powder onto it. He brushed off my neck and over my ears and forehead while he loosened the cape. He slid the cape off of my shoulders allowing all of my long locks of hair to fall to the floor in front of me. He took his hand mirror and showed me the back.

“There you go,” he said. “Now this is a haircut you can land a helicopter on,” the barber told me with a smile.

I sat there motionless and in shock. I didn’t know what to say or do.

“ You’ll get used to it,” he said as he placed the hand mirror back on its hook.

I got up and stepped slowly over the pile of my hair on the floor, I didn’t want to step in it. I was shocked by the amount of hair on the floor and felt overwhelmed at the sight of it. It saddened me knowing that it was now gone forever.

I walked back over to Jason and he got up.

“Well,” I said to him.

“I love it,” He answered with a smile.

“You are very brave girl,” The woman said to me sitting behind Jason on the bench.

“I know,” I replied. “I did this for him.”

“Thank-you Paul,” Jason said to the barber. “She looks great.” He said as he handed him a twenty. “Keep the change.”

“Oh thank-you very much, it was my pleasure.” The barber replied. “Enjoy your new haircut,” he said to me.

“I’ll try,” I said.

“So who’s next?” the barber called out. “Is mom getting a haircut today?” he said to the boys, “I can do another one of those haircuts for mom as well.”

The boys started laughing hysterically.

The woman smiled, “Not today Paul, just a couple of haircuts for the boys.”

“OK,” Paul said as he reached for the broom. “Let me know if you change your mind.”

Jason opened the door for me to leave and I looked back as the barber was sweeping away my pile of hair. We walked back down the main street to the side street for home. I could feel the cool fall air on my head and reached up to feel it for the first time. I was still in shock.

I think this whole experience was too extreme and happened too fast. I knew now I wasn’t ready for this change but it was too late. I just wanted to get home and not think about it any more.

We got home and I grabbed Jason and took him straight into my bedroom. I started ripping off his clothes and threw him down on the bed. I slipped out of my black dress and undies, and kicked off my heals. I jumped on top of him kissing him and he was squeezing me tight. He was running his hands over my new haircut and I really loved the feeling of that. It was really starting to turn me on. Jason was really hard so I got on top of him and slowly squeezed him inside of me. I screamed out in relief to let out all that tension from getting my haircut a moment ago. I was starting to loosen up now as I was feeling my libido kicking in. I loved everything about that moment. Feeling Jason rub my short bristly hair felt so amazing and I loved the way it felt now. Any level of regret was quickly disappearing in this moment. We spent the entire afternoon making love and it was the best sex we ever had.

Part 2 – Later that day

It was almost midnight when I woke up naked in Jason’s arms. I was lying with my head on his chest and could hear him breathing. We were sticky and sweaty from making love all afternoon and I got up to take a shower. I went to my bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.

“Holy shit,” I said to myself as I reached up to feel my hair. “What the fuck am I supposed to do with this haircut? 

It wasn’t sticking up now, as it was lying kind of flat from being so sweaty. It didn’t have its ‘flattop’ shape any more.

I turned the shower on and got in it. It felt so amazing not having long hair any more and I was starting to get used to it. It was easier to do things without my hair getting stuck in things now.

I poured my usual amount of shampoo in my hand at lathered it into my hair. I realized right away that I used way too much shampoo and started to laugh. It was just another one of those things for me to get used to. I rinsed it out and reached for the conditioner wondering if there was any point in conditioning my hair. I thought probably not so I just put it down.

I turned the shower off and towel dried. I went back to the mirror and grabbed my hair dryer and a hairbrush to dry it off. I dried it like the barber did brushing it back so it would stick up on top. I laughed because it took about a minute to dry it completely compared to my usual 40 minutes.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I hated the shape of the haircut. I didn’t mind it short but this ‘Flattop’ shape was too severe on me.

I went back to the bedroom and woke Jason up….

“Baby,” I whispered into his ear.

“Baby wake up” I told him poking him in frustration.

“What,” he said as he came to.

“Baby I don’t like this haircut.” I told him.

“Huh,” he said opening his eyes trying to adjust to the light.

“We need to do something about my hair, I don’t like it.” I told him.

“Like what?” he asked.

“I don’t know just shave it or something.” I said. “It looks too butch on me.”

“Really,” He answered with a smile.

“I don’t mind it short but I just can’t deal with it being this shape.” I said to him.

“OK,” he said.

He got up and went to get his clippers. He came back and I took a seat in my chair in front of my full-length mirror. He plugged the clippers in and came back around me. He turned the clippers on and placed them on my forehead.

“Ready,” He asked me.

“Go On,” I answered with confidence.

He pushed the clippers back over my head reducing a path right down to stubble. I moaned with satisfaction watching him peel this haircut from me. He was moving slowly taking in every moment of it. It felt so liberating allowing him to do this to me.

He tilted my head forward and finished up the sides and back reducing the fade and taper all the way down to stubble now. When he finished I looked up. I reached up and felt it for the first time. I smiled with a sense of relief. It was truly a life experience and one that I would never forget.

“Where not done yet,” He told me and went to the bathroom and came back with a towel, a can of shaving cream and a razor. He went to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl and filled it with hot water. He came back and set-up the tools on my wardrobe next to me.

He pumped shaving cream into his hands and rubbed in slowly onto my scalp. I closed my eyes and breathed calmly as I felt so comfortable in his hands. I heard him swish the razor on the bowl of water and he came over top of me. He started the first few passes on top of my head. I could hear the razor scraping across my scalp pass after pass. In between he would swish the razor in the bowl of hot water and come back.

I closed my eyes and relaxed as Jason did his work. He tilted my head over and did the sides and back very carefully. I loved the way he moved around me as he worked.

When it was finished he wiped it off with the towel. I reached up to feel it for the first time. I felt only my scalp and there was no hair any more, only skin. It sent shivers through my entire body, but I loved the way it felt. I got up and kissed him.

“Thank-you” I told him. “This feels much better.” I said.

I went back to bed as he cleaned up the last of my hair from the floor and all of the tools. Eventually he came back to bed and he spooned me. He kissed me on my scalp and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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Napier – The Art Deco Festival

Napier – The Art Deco Festival
By Tammy

Foreword: This one is inspired by a trip I took to Napier New Zealand. I was there for the festival and I did dress up flapper for the weekend as everyone does. This barbershop does exist but I didn’t go in there for a haircut, my hair was too short already.

We packed up our rental car for the next leg of our journey. My boyfriend Jason and I were on a 3-week tour of New Zealand and we just spent the last few days touring Wellington. There was an Art Deco festival this coming weekend in Napier that my boyfriend was interested in going to and I thought it would be a good idea as well. We packed up the car and checked out of our hotel room and started to make our journey north to Hawkes Bay and the town of Napier.

I didn’t know anything about Napier so I started to read up on it in my traveler’s guide. The town was formed in the 1850’s however it is most noted for its Art Deco style of architecture. The guide said that there was a large earthquake that hit the town in 1931 followed by a massive fire that destroyed the entire town center. The New Zealand government rebuilt the town in the years following as an infrastructure project to provide jobs during the Great Depression. As the style of architecture of the time was Art Deco the town was re-built in that style. This has made Napier unique with its various building styles from the early 1930’s and the city has preserved those buildings to this day.

Every year the town has an Art Deco festival to celebrate the rebuilding. Thousands of people from all over converge onto Napier for the festival bringing antique cars and dressing up in outfits from the 1920’s and 30’s. Live jazz music is performed at various venues around the town as people celebrate the culture from that period.

“Oh look here, it says that people dress up in period outfits for this festival.” I told Jason. “I would love to dress up as well.”

“That would be cool.” He said to me. “I love that era as it must have been a wild time. Art Deco is my favorite style of design so I am really looking forward to this festival”

“I am too.” I told him.

As we continued on I read more about Napier and Hawkes Bay before dozing off in the car. It took a few hours but we finally arrived at Napier. We arrived the day before the festival so we drove into the city center and parked. The town was amazing. It was exactly as the guide said. Everywhere you looked it felt like you were thrown back in time. At first you thought you were on a film set or something but the more you looked around the more you realized that this town was very real.

We checked into our hotel in the city centre  We stayed at the Masonic Hotel, which was also an art deco building. We dropped our bags off in our room and went out to explore the town. We walked to the beach and toured the band shell as people were starting to set up for the festival. There were a few antique cars that had already arrived and some people were starting to walk around dressed in period outfits. I saw a woman walk pass me dressed up in a flapper dress with a hat and a feather in it. I thought she looked amazing in her outfit.

We walked back into town and Jason was tired and wanted to go back to the room for a nap. I wasn’t tired as I slept in the car so I wanted to explore this town a little more.

“Why don’t you go back and take a nap,” I told him. “I’ll go take a look at the shops.” He agreed and went back to the room while I went off into town.

I didn’t have anything to wear for the weekend as we mostly just packed hiking clothes for this trip. I thought about buying a dress to wear for the festival so I wouldn’t look like a tourist. I looked into the shop windows as I walked through town and eventually I came across a vintage clothing store. I went inside to have a look. I noticed a rack of old period clothing and went straight for it.

“Can I help you?”  a sales woman asked as she approached me.

“How much for these outfits?” I asked her. “Oh those ones are not for sale as they are for display however we do carry some vintage dresses, if that is what you were looking for.”

“Sure,” I said.

“What sort of outfit did you have in mind?” She asked me.

“I was thinking of a flapper dress.” I told her.

“Oh, I may have some flapper dresses left in the back, however those items are selling out fast because of the festival this weekend. I’ll take a look for you.”

“Thank-you.” I told her and she went off to the back for a few moments.

I looked around the shop a little more and noticed a display case with vintage pearls and an ivory cigarette holder. I thought it would be fun to accessorize as well.

“I found one item left if you wish to try it on,” she said as she returned holding a dress. “It’s more of an afternoon dress then evening wear however it would be very comfortable in the afternoon sun this weekend.

”Sure.” I said

“There is a change room in the back where we can go and try it on.” She said and I followed her to the back of the store.

She handed me the dress and I went into the change room. It was a light blue floral print dress that had white straps and a white belt. It was a simple dress but very fitting of the period. I slipped out of my jeans and tank top and slipped the dress on. It felt amazing on me. It was loose-fitting and hung to just below my knees. I stepped out of the change room and took a look at myself in the mirror. I fell in love with it right away.

“Well that looks very nice on you.” The sales lady said.

“I love it,” I said looking at my reflection. “I think it needs some shoes and accessories though.

“Of-course,” she said. “It will take more than just a dress to complete the look. What size shoe do you wear?”

“I’m a size 7.” I told her.

She went to the back for a few minutes and returned with a box.

“These shoes are styled from that era as well,” She said. “They are white so they should go very well with the dress.”

She opened the box and there was a pair of white leather high heel shoes. I took a seat, slipped off my runners and tried them on. They slipped on easily and I stood up. They felt very comfortable. I took a few steps and watched in the mirror. I loved the shoes on me as well. The white shoes did go very well with the blue dress.

“Might I suggest a white hat or a headband to go with the outfit as well?” She mentioned as I was looking in the mirror.

“Sure,” I said and off she went and returned with a white-lace headband that ties around the back. She came around behind me and held it up to my forehead for me to see.

“These headbands were quite popular in those days.” She said as she was tying the headband at the back under my ponytail. “It is meant to go with a much shorter hairstyle though but try this anyways and see what you think.”

I slipped my hair out of its ponytail to see what it would look like. I let my hair slide down over my left shoulder. My hair was very long and it seemed to overpower the outfit. My hair reaches all the way down to my mid back now. The headband was great and matched the dress perfectly but my long hair didn’t work with the outfit. It was way too long for the style of that era.

“I guess my hair is too long for this look isn’t it?” I said to the sales lady.

“You know it was very common in those days for women to go to the barbers and have their hair bobbed.” The sales lady mentioned as she started to gather up my long hair behind me. She twisted it up to try to show what a bob would look like on me.

“We have a few places in town that could do this sort of style for you, if you’re interested that is.”

I stood there for a moment thinking about it. I had never done anything like that before in my life. I thought it would be a lot of fun. Why not as I am on vacation and you only live once.

“You know I think I might try that.” I told her.

“Good,” she said with a smile. “It would very much complete the look for you.”

She started let my hair fall back down again.

“Was there anything else I could help you with today?” She asked.

“Oh – yes, I saw some pearls and a cigarette holder in a display case in the front.”

“Those items are for display as well and not for sale but we do carry some replica items you can take with you. Anything else?” she said.

“I think that is all,” I said. “Can I wear the dress out of the store? I don’t feel like getting back into my jeans again.

“Of course.” She said. “I’ll just gather your items from the change room and we’ll put them in a bag for you. We’ll meet you at the front and put together your bill.”

I went up to the front and the sales lady handed me a white shopping bag with my stuff in it.

“I put the pearls and cigarette holder in the bag for you as well.” She said as she put together my bill. “That will be $321.70.”

I handed over my visa card and paid the bill.

“Thank-you and enjoy the festival this weekend.” She said.

“Thank-you so much.” I told her with a big smile.

I walked out of the store and back down the street. It felt amazing walking around in my new flapper dress and my heels. I loved the way the dress bounced as I walked exposing my knees slightly as it moved. I walked through the main area of town now looking for a place to get my haircut. I passed by a few salons and looked in the windows. Some were modern and some were a bit dated. None of them looked like what I was looking for though. I continued onto the next block over until I came across a barbershop. I was curious seeing it as I remembered what the sales lady said about women getting their hair bobbed at the barbers back then.

I peaked inside the doorway, as it was opened to take a better look. It was a very authentic looking barbershop with two old barber chairs. It had a white tiled floor and a long wooden bench for customers to wait. There was an Asian barberette sitting on the bench waiting for her next customer. She looked in her thirties and had nice long black hair over her white barbers coat.

“Can I help you?” she said looking up at me standing just outside the door.

“I uh – I was thinking about getting a haircut.” I said as I stepped closer.

“Please, come in,” she said as she stood up and walked over to the barber chair. “Sit.” She said and swung the chair to face me.

I paused for a moment, as I felt nervous.

“Please, take a seat miss.” She said one more time patting the back of the chair and I found myself slowly entering the shop.

I put my bag down on the floor and took a seat in the barber chair. She swung me to face the mirror. I looked at myself in my new dress and my headband was still on. I slid the headband out of my hair and put it in my lap.

“What kind of haircut you looking for?” she asked with her Asian accent.

“I was thinking about a bob, you know, for the festival.” I told her nervously.

“Oh like one of these.” She said as she pointed to an old advertisement on the back wall showing various bobbed haircuts from the 20’s.

“Yes.” I said with a smile, “That was the sort of thing I was thinking.”

“You are here for the festival this weekend?” she asked.

“Yes, My boyfriend and I are visiting here from California.” I said.

“Oh, OK.” She replied. “I will do a nice shingle-bob for you then, look good for the festival.”

“OK.” I said with a smile and she went to work.

She reached for a tissue and a white pinstriped cape. She flung the cape over me and wrapped the tissue snug around my neck and fastened the cape to it. She took a large paddle brush and brushed my hair out so it lay over my shoulders in the front and down the back of the chair behind me. She put the hairbrush down and grabbed a giant pair of scissors. She came over to my right side and slid the scissors into my hair right at my jaw-line. I sat there nervous as I watched them close on my hair. My long hair slid down my shoulder and into my lap as it was cut. She moved quickly behind me continuing to cut the back and I felt the weight release as my hair fell to the floor behind me. She swiftly moved around to my left side taking the rest of my hair off at the jaw-line and I watched as it slipped down my shoulder and into my lap.

She put the scissors down and took a spray bottle and dampened my hair. She came back with a comb and a smaller pair of scissors this time. She combed my hair out and cut the length some more. She cut it straight across my right cheek and to just the bottom of my right earlobe. She came around my left side combing it out and cutting across my left cheek and to the bottom of my left earlobe as well.

She tilted my head straight down into my chest. I felt as she combed the back out and could hear the scissors cutting across my back. She kept combing and cutting back there and I could feel it as she neatened up the line across the back.

She put the scissors down and grabbed a pair of clippers. She put a new head on them and snapped them on. The humming sound filled the room. She tilted my head forward again and I felt as they pressed on my neck and moved up into my hairline. She kept doing this motion across the back of my neck and it felt amazing.

She turned the clippers off and put them back down. She grabbed a towel and put it over my shoulder. She pushed a button on a machine on the counter and it made a noise and white foam came out of it. She came back behind me tilting my head forward again. I felt as she applied the foam to my neck and it felt very warm. She reached for a straight razor and I got nervous as I realized what she was about to do. I felt as she slid the razor down my neck and wiped it on the towel. She repeated this all the way across the back of my neck and wiped my neck off after with the towel when she was done.

I tilted my head up again as I saw she through the towel into a receptacle and put the razor back down on the counter. She grabbed the comb and scissors and came around my front right side and started combing my hair forward over my face. I felt the scissors slide across my forehead and immediately tensed up as I realized she was cutting bangs on me. The scissors closed and moved across my forehead continuing all the way across. When they finished I looked up in the mirror and saw my new bangs cut just above my eyebrows straight across my forehead. My eyes popped at the sight of them.

She put the scissors back down and grabbed a hairbrush and hairdryer and came back to dry my hair off. I started to take in my new haircut now. It didn’t look like me at all.

She finished drying my hair and went over everything one last time perfecting the haircut with the comb and scissors, combing it out and cutting the ends so it sat perfectly blunt around my head. When she finally finished she took a dusting brush and cleaned my neck and face off sliding the cape off of me.

She hung the cape up and returned with a hand mirror to show me the back. I was stunned at the image of it. It was cut perfectly blunt, level with the bottom of my ears all the way around my head. The back was tapered very short at the bottom and my hairline had been shaved into a slight v-shape. I was shocked by it actually. I reached my hand up to feel it and it felt so soft and sleek.

“I love it,” I finally told her after feeling it.

She put the hand mirror back and I took one more look at myself in the mirror. I felt like I was really starting to look the part now with my new dress and my new haircut.

“Oh one more thing,” I said. “Can you put my headband back on for me?” I asked as I handed it to her.

“Oh, yes.” She said. She neatly placed it across my forehead and tied it at the back for me at my nape.

“Thank-you so much.” I told her looking at it in the mirror. I got up out of the chair, “How much do I owe you?” I asked.

“$18 for the haircut.” She said.

I gave her a twenty and told her to keep it.

I grabbed my bag and left the shop. I walked back towards the main part of town again. As the day went on more people were coming out dressed in period outfits as well. There was a jazz band playing on a street corner and you could feel the town starting to come alive for the weekend.

I got quite a few nods from people as I walked past them. I loved the attention I was getting. Now it was time to surprise Jason with it. I found a smoke shop and bought a pack of cigarettes. I didn’t know what to buy, as I haven’t smoked for years now. I found some long slim ones that I thought would look sexy.

I went back to the hotel and back to the room quietly sneaking in as Jason slept. I took a seat in one of the leather armchairs in our room. I took out a cigarette and placed it in the cigarette holder. I lit my cigarette taking in my first drag after so many years and held it without coughing. I sat back in the chair and crossed my legs and relaxed. You could hear the music from the jazz band outside coming into the room, this added to the moment as well.

“Wake-up Jason,” I said in a soft voice and Jason slowly woke up and turned towards me…

He paused for a moment and shook his head. “Amber!” he said as he came to. “Is that you?

“Of course it’s me silly, who else were you expecting?” I said taking another drag.

He was lying there and gave me a confused look, like he thought he was still dreaming. He got up slowly and walked over and reached to feel my hair.

“Oh my god,” he said as he felt it. “I thought it was a wig.”

“A wig! Now a wig would not be authentic would it?” I said and took a drag of my cigarette.

His face lit up now and he fell back onto the bed. I could tell he was dumbstruck by all of this. I stood up to model my outfit for him. I walked to the end of the room and turned around and walked back again and stood right in front of him. I took another drag.

“Do you like it?” I asked him.

“Yes.” He said very nervously with a little smile.

“Well Jason, you have an authentic Art Deco room for an entire weekend in an Art Deco town, and now you’ve got your flapper girl to go along with it. You better like it”

“I love it,” he said and got up and gave me a great big hug. He squeezed me tight and kissed me.


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A Short Story

A Short Story 
By Tammy

Foreword: This story is proof I was a Barbershop Watcher when I was young. I used to live in this neighbourhood, this barbershop is real. this barber did used to hang out in front of the shop, and he did on occasion invite me for a haircut….but I never did

I grew up in a small suburb north of Toronto called Richmond Hill. When I was in High School, I used to walk to and from school everyday following the same route. I lived just north of the High School in the main part of our town. I used to walk north on Yonge Street after school and cut through the local shopping plaza as a short cut to get home just behind it. There was a walkway on the north end of the Plaza where there was a Barbershop and a Beauty Salon in an enclosed area. I used to walk through there to and from school as my apartment building was directly across the street on the other side.

On the way home the Barber would sometimes be sitting out front on a bench. As I would walk past him he would say ‘Hello’ to me and I always would say hello back. On the odd occasion he would politely ask, “How about a haircut today?”  I would always smile and say ‘No Thank-you’. I thought it a strange invitation, as I never knew a girl to get her haircut in a barbershop before. He was a very sweet man though, always courteous.

On the days he was with a customer I would peek into his shop as I walked past. I found the shop very interesting. He took notice to this over time. In the winter months he would always be in the shop sheltered from the cold so our regular interactions were limited to the odd wave or nod as I walked past.

In my second year of high school in the spring I was walking home and he was back outside again as the weather was improving for the season.

“Hello,” he said with a smile.

“Hello,” I answered back.

“How about a haircut today?” he asked me.

“No thank-you.” I told him as I usually did.

“It would be on the house.” He offered.

I stopped and looked into the empty shop and said “Sure,” as to not to turn the offer down. “Why not.”

“Well come on in then,” he said as he invited me into his shop.

I followed him in and he spun the barber chair to face me, “Take a seat,” he said.

I put my schoolbag down on the floor beside the barber chair and took a seat sliding up into it. He spun me around to face the mirror.

“So what can I do for you then?” he asked me.

“I don’t know,” I said thinking about it. “Usually I just trim my hair to just past my shoulders at the mall. It’s been a while since I last cut it though.”

“Might I suggest a new style for you, something like this?” he said to me pointing over to a poster on the wall.

It was a poster that looked like it was from the 80’s. It had a guy and a girl posing together in the picture, their hair was neatly cut. Her hair was short around the ears and short in the back but longer on top and parted to the side. There were three smaller photos of her haircut down the side of the poster showing the sides and back a little better.

“Do you think that would look good on me?” I asked him. It was shorter than anything I was used to.

“Oh yes, of course it would. You would suit a short haircut very much. It would show off your features much better.” He said as he was trying to sell the haircut on me.

I sat there for a moment looking at my reflection in the mirror. I always wondered what I would look like with short hair. I was nervous but also intrigued. I walked past here everyday and must admit, I’ve thought about it before.

“OK” I said with a smile. “I trust you.” I told him. “You can do whatever you want.” I said confidently. “Whatever you think will look best.”

I knew my mother was going to kill me for this but I didn’t care.

“Great.” He said as he went to work. “We’ll do something nice and short for you then.”

“OK.” I said with a level of excitement. I couldn’t believe I was doing this.

He took a towel and a cape from his shelf and placed the towel over my head, He snapped the cape up in the air over me and let it settle over my shoulders, fastening it behind me with the towel tucked into it. He slid the towel off my head and it hung back down over the chair behind me and he pulled my long hair out from being tucked under the cape so it fell over the cape and towel behind me.

He spun me around and tilted the chair right back and my neck settled comfortably into the sink. He turned the water on and ran it adjusting the temperature as I could feel the over-spray on my ears and neck tingling a little bit. When he had the temperature just right he ran the water through my hair thoroughly and the warm water felt very relaxing.

The water turned off and he pumped a few pumps of shampoo in his hand and applied it to my hair working up a lather. The shampoo smelled sweet like scented strawberries. I closed my eyes and relaxed as he lathered the shampoo and he gave a slow and thorough scalp massage. I felt very relaxed in his hands.

The water turned back on and he washed away the shampoo as I could feel the warm water run through my hair again. He pumped a few pumps of conditioner and ran it through the ends of my hair quickly and turned the water back on to wash the conditioner away.

He tilted me back up and wrapped the towel around my head and towel dried my hair rubbing my scalp vigorously. I felt very relaxed from the pampering so far. He spun me around to face the mirror again and I looked at myself excited with anticipation. I felt knots in my stomach grow with every passing moment.

He took a cotton strip and wrapped it around my neck and tightened the cape snug, fastening it at the back. He started to part my hair directly down the middle from front to the back combing it out into sections and my wet locks hung over my shoulders forwards towards my lap. He tilted my head straight down into my chest and I felt as he was sectioning off my hair in the back over the back of the chair combing it straight out. He came around beside me and reached for a pair of scissors off the shelf. I tensed as he came back behind me now, as I knew this was the moment of truth.

I felt him comb out a section at my nape and heard the scissors close for the first time. Snip  Snip Snip Snip Snip, they worked very fast opening and closing rapidly cutting away at my hair in the back. I looked up in the mirror with fascination but couldn’t see what was happening back there yet as he was cutting away at my nape. He forced my head forward again back into my chest. I felt the scissors work up the back of my head slowly and vigorously snipping in fast motions. My nerves grew as he worked. I knew now there was no turning back.

He changed his posture behind me and I felt as he combed a section close to my crown and held it out between his fingers just above my scalp. The scissors dove in loping off over 16” of my hair. It fell on my right shoulder in perfect view in the mirror. I shook my shoulder a bit sending the lock sliding down the cape and into my lap. I took my arms from under the cape and grabbed onto it. I held it tight as he began cutting away at more locks of my hair. I didn’t dare let go of it and started fidgeting with it as I sat there.

I felt as he took more sections over my right side snipping away at all of my locks over my right ear reducing that to about 1” in length. I felt this haircut was going to be much shorter than I thought it was now looking at his work. It sent shivers down my spine.

He finished cutting off my hair at my right temple and the right side was now reduced to its new length. He came around my left side and I watch as he combed out more sections and held it between his fingers and SNIP…as another 16” lock of hair was released to my shoulder and slid down into my lap. He continued on my left side from back to front as well finishing at my temple.

He stopped the cutting for a moment and started combing the top straight back now, as that was the last area left that had not been cut. He combed a section out on top holding it between his fingers a couple of inches above my scalp and SNIP……Another massive lock of hair fell in front of me landing directly into my lap. He combed out section after section on top swiftly snipping them off reducing the last of my hair to a short length, only 2” long on top. A massive pile of my locks had rained down my shoulders and came to rest on my lap in front of me.

He tilted my head straight down again and ran the comb into the back of my hair in an upward motion. I heard the sound of the scissors as they rapidly opened and closed over top of the comb as they moved all the way up the back of my head. The sensation of this made me very nervous and I tensed up as I felt my hair being cut even shorter now.

He came slowly around my right side as he combed upwards and snipped away rapidly, all the way from the back to the right side of my head finishing up at my temple. My hair was taken even shorter now with a taper starting above my ear to the longer length on top. He came back around me and did the same coming around my left side creating a similar taper.

He combed the top out again section after section snipping away at the top taking that even shorter too. My hair was now being reduced to about 1” long on top with this next pass. This was definitely going to be a lot shorter than I thought it was going to be however I was far to dumbstruck to do anything about it now. It was definitely much shorter than the picture of the girl in the poster now I could tell. He finished up on the top and rubbed my head with his hand vigorously to loosen away the short clippings. I shook my head in reaction to this.

He put the scissors down and grabbed a large pair of clippers off the hook. They snapped on and I shook in the chair from the sound of them. He tilted my head straightforward again and I felt them touch my neck and move upwards into my hairline. The sound of them changed as they clipped away at my hair and I was trembling from the feel of it. He rapidly ran them up the back of my head with pass after pass and used a comb under them as he moved higher up the back of my head creating a tighter taper in the back and a fade towards the bottom. He came around my right side with them and used them just over my ear neatening up the hairline and creating a tighter taper then before with the comb as he went upwards. He came around my left side and finished it up the same way. He turned them off now and returned them to their hook. I was very relieved now that part was over.

He grabbed a towel and placed it over my shoulder. He pressed a button on a machine on the shelf  beside the sink in front of me and white foam came out of it. I felt as he applied the warm foam to my neck and over my ears and the sensation was amazing. He grabbed a straight razor off the shelf and came around behind me.

He tilted my head straightforward again and moved in with the blade. I felt as they slid down the back of my neck. He wiped the blade clean on the towel on my shoulder with each few passes.  He carved straight across the back of my neck and up my hairline over my right ear with them finishing up at the side. I was mesmerized be the sensation of it. He came around my left side and finished up over my left ear as well. He took the towel and wiped off my hairline with it and over my ears, and through it into a bin.

I reached my hand up to feel my hair in the back. I was shocked at how short it had been cut. It felt like a fuzzy peach in the back and it faded to nothing at the bottom.

He picked up a hairdryer and came around my right side standing over me and blow-dried my hair off ruffling the top with his fingers.

“This haircut is called a brush cut.” He said out loud over the hairdryer. “I left it a little longer on top for you so you can style it.”

When it was dried he put the hairdryer down and grabbed his scissors and comb and went over everything one last time perfecting the haircut on me. He put the scissors and comb down and got some gel and ran it through the top of my head ruffling the hair so it sat slightly messy.

”There we go,” He said as he ruffled the top. “This is how you style the top, just mess it up with some gel. This is a lot easier than what you had before with all that hair and all.”

He graded a duster and dusted me off as he unfastened the cape and loosened it over my shoulders. He reached for a hand mirror and showed me the back of my new haircut. I was shocked at how short it was. You could see my pale skin at the back at the bottom were the taper was. I reached up to feel it again and it was very short. Much shorter than I was ever expecting.

“This is really short.” I told him.

“This is a true barbershop haircut my dear.” He said to me. “This is my gift to you.”

He put the mirror back and slipped the cape off of my shoulders carefully to let my locks of hair fall to the floor in front of me. I reached up to feel it again and I was shocked at how short it was. It looked so different on me.

I got up and reached for my schoolbag on the floor beside the chair and my hair was covering the floor everywhere. I was amazed by how much hair was on the floor. I put my lock of hair I was holding on to into my school bag to keep it as a reminder of this day.

I took one last look in the mirror to try to take in my new haircut and what had just happened. I felt it again and began to relax a bit more looking at it and getting a feel for it. I ran my fingers all over it and loved the way it felt, especially at the back. “Excellent.” I finally said as I rubbed the back with my fingers upwards over the fade, I loved the sensation of it.

“Thank-you so much for this.” I told him. “I really do like it.”

“No problem, the pleasure was all mine.” He said. “and I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yep,” I said. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” I told him and left the shop and went home.

I got home and my mom freaked. I told her the story and she threatened to go down to the barbershop and ring his neck. I tried to calm her down but she was furious. My dad came home and, to my surprise, he loved it. He enjoyed the story I told him and as it was the same barber he went to for his haircuts, he thought I was very brave to do what I did. He calmed my mother down and told her not to worry as it would grow back – Only, I wasn’t sure I wanted it to grow back…

Everyone at school the next day was quite shocked at first but as the day went on, people got used to it. I got quite a few compliments later in the afternoon as people got wind of it. I loved it though and didn’t care what people thought as I couldn’t stop playing with it all day.

I walked home again on my usual route, and on the way I saw the barber sitting outside of his shop as usual. “Hey,” he said to me. “Looking good.”

“Thank-you.” I responded as I walked past. “It was a big hit today at school.”

“Very-Good.” He said with a big grin.

Time went by and my haircut grew in. It wasn’t long before I was walking home one day and the barber asked me. “How about a haircut today?” This was an offer that I couldn’t refuse. Only this time I was thinking something shorter, like with the clippers…

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A Short Story Part 2

A Short Story Part 2 
By Tammy

Foreword: Part 2 from my old neighbourhood

School was finally finished for the year and it was the start of my summer break. I cleaned out my locker and we left school early for the day. I was walking home on my usual route in the summer heat. I started to walk through the Plaza on the way home and started to play with my hair as I was approaching the area where the barbershop was.

My hair had grown in since my last haircut a few months ago. It was getting really bushy now. I loved the feel of having short hair and couldn’t stop thinking about cutting it even shorter now. I promised my mom I would grow it back though.

I walked through the north end of the plaza where the barbershop was and the barber was sitting out front on the bench.

“Hello,” he said as I approached.

“Hi,” I answered back.

“How about a haircut today?” he asked me.

“OK” I said with a smile. I couldn’t say no.

He got up off the bench and I followed him into the shop. He spun the barber chair around to face me and patted the back of it. “Take a seat.” He said.

I walked over and slid up into the barber chair. He spun me to face the mirror.

“So what were you thinking today?” He asked me. I stared at my reflection and my hair was bushy from the few months of re-growth and I knew exactly how I wanted it cut.

“I really liked what you did last time.” I told him. “However I was thinking I want it a lot shorter this time, you know, like with the clippers.”

“You want like a number 2?” He asked.

I didn’t know what that was so I just gave him a confused look.

“Number 2 is short all over with the clippers, is that what you want?” He said.

“Yes.” I said with a smile.

“This is nice and short everywhere.” He said. “You are sure?”

“Oh Yes.” I told him.

“OK.” He said.

He took his cape and a cotton strip and wrapped the cotton strip around my neck and flicked the cape up into the air and it settled over my shoulders. He fastened the cape tightly around my neck.

He went over and picked up the clippers and turned them on. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. They came to life and the sound filled the room. He came around my right side and stood over me. He placed his left hand on the back of my crown and tilted my head forward slightly holding his hand there in place. I watched with my eyes wide open as the clippers moved in over my forehead and he pushed them up over the top of my head.

The first pass was amazing. I could hardly contain myself watching this. He moved in quickly for a second pass, he guided my head slightly to the left as the clippers moved down the top right side of my head pass after pass. They entered at my right temple now working their way back and he guided my head forward as they moved behind my right ears and clipped away at the back of my head.

He held my head straight down taking the back off in no time at all and worked towards my left side guiding my head over to the right. He finished off the last pass at my left temple and my hair was now completely buzzed off everywhere leaving short fuzz.

I absolutely loved it. I reached my hands up from under the cape to feel it and laughed at the feeling of it. It felt like a peach

“Oh my god this is so amazing.” I said as I played with it.

“Were not finished yet.” He said as he put the clippers down.

He pushed the button on the foam dispenser and I got excited, as I knew exactly what was coming next. He came around behind me and tilted my head down and rubbed the foam over my neck and up around my ears.

He placed a towel over my shoulder and moved in with his straight razor. I closed my eyes this time and felt as he tilted my head forward and start swiping away at my nape with the razor. I listened to the sound as it scraped on my skin. He tilted my head over to the left and went around my right ear. He finished by tilting my head to the right and cleaned up around my left ear as well. He wiped my hairline with the towel and I opened my eyes again. I loved the way that felt…

He took his scissors and comb and came over me and went over everything very quickly to make sure it was even. I was amazed at how much of a perfectionist he was with my haircuts.

He finished and slipped the cape lose. He put down the scissors and comb down and grabbed his mirror and showed me the back. I absolutely loved it. I reached up to feel it and it was amazing.

“Thank-you so much” I told him.

“It was my pleasure.” He said.

I got up and left his shop. I went to go hang out in the town. Everyone loved my hair. It was a shock but they thought it was really cool. They were all used to me with short hair from last haircut and thought this haircut was much better. It really suited me.

I wondered what I was going to do with it next time and felt there was only one thing left to do…shave it all the way. I really wondered what that was going to feel like.

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The Barbershop Tenant

The Barbershop Tenant
By Tammy

Foreword: Every time I go to New York, I always feel inspired to write about it. This one is based on a small town girl who discovers herself in her new life in New York. Her haircut is inspired on the time when Agyness Deyn was cropping her hair at a barbershop.

I moved to New York from my small town in Northern Maine when I was 19 years old, as I really wanted to get out of my small fishing village and make it in New York. I dreamed of one day becoming a model or an actress but with no formal training I had no idea where to begin.

I moved to New York and found a cheap flat above a barbershop in Brooklyn. It was very small with one room, a tiny kitchenette and a bathroom. I was the only tenant in the building. The barber was an older Italian guy named Antonio. He owned the building and was very nice to me about moving in. As long as I kept the place clean and paid the rent on time, and didn’t throw parties, he was happy to leave me be. I liked Antonio and sometimes hung out with him after work to cool off in his air-conditioned shop, as my apartment got really hot in the summer.

I became a waitress at a diner in Manhattan in the Soho district. I loved being in the middle of the fashion district. I would spend my breaks work browsing through all the boutiques in Soho and dreaming of being able to afford the price tags on the clothes.

At the end of my day I would commute back home to Brooklyn. I was one of the many Bridge and Tunnel people who only dreamed of having a successful career in Manhattan and a beautiful apartment to go along with it, but I could only dream of that life for now.

I worked the breakfast shift so I started at 6am every morning and was home around 5pm every evening. The barbershop was open every evening until 6 so I would hang out in there with Antonio after work. He had an interest in how I was settling in to New York and thought I was brave to move here from my small town. He dreamed of retiring and moving to a small fishing village as it reminded him of Sicily. He kept asking me of where I grew up and what it was like.

I had no money in those days as I made barely enough to pay my rent, and the money my parents sent me every month helped with groceries. I bought my clothes from second-hand stores around Brooklyn, as it was all I could afford. The clothes weren’t great so I got creative and would cut them up and mix the different garments together, then sew them back together by hand. By combining them I created a funkier wardrobe and gave myself an edgy new style.

My hair was becoming a problem as well. I couldn’t afford to get it cut in a proper salon in Manhattan and I really wanted to do something with it. It was getting too long and it needed something done. I looked at some of the places in Brooklyn but I was nervous about going into some of them. They were mostly hole-in-the-wall type salons in my area. I thought about asking Antonio to do something but didn’t think he could do girls’ hair as I’d only seen men in his barbershop before. 

I came home one day and Antonio had a customer. I wouldn’t go in when he had a client to let him do his work. I sat on the front steps of the building instead as it was too hot to go up to my flat. The air was nice and I enjoyed people-watching from the steps.

When the customer left I was surprised. I didn’t realize that it was a girl in there getting a haircut. She was around my age and was wearing a beautiful summer dress. I was taken aback by her haircut. It was a really short crop that looked stunning on her. She walked down the steps and on to the street, and I watched as she disappeared down the block in the crowd of people.

I got up and went into Antonio’s shop.

“Hey Antonio,” I said.

“Heya Bella,” he answered (he always called me Bella). “How was your day?”

“Not bad,” I told him. “Hey I didn’t know you did girls haircuts.”

“Oh yeah, I can cut anyone’s hair as long as it’s short” he said. “That was Monica that just left and she comes here every 4 weeks. She likes her hair nice and short.”

“What do you think of my hair?” I asked him.

“Your hair is nice,” he said. “I like the long curls on you but you need a haircut.”

It was obvious it was getting too long.

“Can you cut it for me, I’ve been trying to find a place but I can’t afford any of the places out there.”

“I don’t cut long hair. You’ll be better off going somewhere else as I do short haircuts.”

“What if you cut my hair short then?” I asked him.

“Oh Bella you have the face of an angel and beautiful hair to go along with it. It would break my heart to cut your beautiful hair.”

I was upset. I knew I couldn’t afford to go somewhere else. I didn’t push the issue further. Antonio closed up and I went upstairs to my apartment and took a shower. It was stifling hot in the apartment but the evening air was starting to cool it off. I finished my shower and lay on my mattress looking through magazines.

I was rifling through a copy of the latest Vogue when I came across a photo of Agyness Deyn. I loved her short crop and imagined what it would look like on me. I went back to the bathroom and looked at my reflection. My hair was still wet. I pulled it back and imagined myself with a short crop like the girl I saw leaving Antonio’s shop that evening. I studied my face and liked the idea of shorter hair on me. I am 5’10” and very slim as I diet all the time. I have strong cheekbones and a jaw line that shows better with my hair off of my face. I really wanted to cut my hair but knew I couldn’t afford to pay for a haircut. I decided to sleep on it for now.

I woke up at 4am like I always did and got ready for work. I made my coffee and left for the subway. I got to work before 6am and I could tell it was going to be hot again. My hair was tied up in a bun for my shift as usual and I went to work. On my break I walked around the boutiques again and took notice of some of the girls with shorter haircuts. Short hair seemed like it was the latest trend so I couldn’t get it out of my head.

I took the subway home and played with my hair very nervously. I thought about what I should do. Should I ask Antonio to cut it, or should I try to gather what money I could and go somewhere else? My mind was racing and I didn’t know what I was going to do.

I got off the subway and walked back home. I was approaching my flat and the barbershop so I entered the shop.

“Hey Antonio,” I called out.

“Heya Bella,” he called back from the back room. “I’ll be right out.”

I could hear he was on the phone so I sat on one of his waiting chairs and cooled off in the AC. I looked over at his station and all his cutting tools. I got up and walked over to see all of his tools.

I stood in front of his barber’s chair and looked at myself in the mirror. I took my hair out of its ponytail and let it out over my left shoulder.  I reached over for his scissors and held them in front of me, opening them and closing them. I was mesmerized. I grabbed a lock of my hair from the left side of my face and held the scissors up near my jaw line. I thought very hard of closing the scissors on my hair but a wave of nerves passed through me. I took a deep breath, cleared my head and closed the scissors. I held the piece of hair I had cut off and looked at it, feeling a sense of relief. I tossed it to the floor in front of me.

I grabbed another lock and cut it very quickly. I grabbed a larger section of hair above my left ear and started cutting through it. The section was so thick I kept closing the scissors on it, and it took a while to cut through. I held the hair in my hand like a trophy and then tossed it to the floor. I grabbed another section behind my left ear and starting cutting through it as well, tossing it to the floor as I went.

I struggled to grab more hair from the back of my head and tilted my head over to see it better. I held the scissors to the back of my head, cut through the hair and watched as lock after lock was cut from the back of my head and fell to the floor behind me.

“Essere un po’ di fuori!” Antonio yelled out as he came in from the back room. “Oh Bella,” he pleaded in a softer tone.

I froze and put his scissors down.

“What were you thinking?” he said to me.

I was stuck for words. “I, uh….” was all I could get out.

He came over and reached for my hair to inspect what I had just done. “Oh Bella,” he said one more time.

He put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me back into his barber chair. I slid up into it and took a look at the reflection of what I has just done. My hair was still the same on my right side, but was gone on the left side. It was still long on top as well.

“What am I going to do with you?” he asked me as he reached for his cape.

He pinned the cape at my neck and picked up a comb and his scissors. He walked around my left side and started combing out the area I had already cut. He slid his comb into my hair and dove in with his scissors. I watched in awe at how fast he cut away at my hair on my left side, neatening up the area over my left ear with his scissors over his comb.

He came around behind me and started cutting away at the back, cutting off the longer lengths and working his way around to my right side until my hair was taken off to its new short length. He sectioned off locks of hair on top of my head and cut away, reducing it to a couple of inches long on top. He cleaned up the sides and back leaving it short with a nice taper to the longer length on top. He was very fast with the cutting and I was surprised at the image of the new short haircut in front of me. I smiled as I took in my reflection.

He put the comb and scissors down and grabbed a towel and put it over my shoulder. He pushed a button on a machine in front of me and foam came out into his hand. He came around behind me and lathered the foam on my nape and around my ears to my upper cheeks. The foam was very warm and felt amazing.

He grabbed a straight razor and opened it. He slid it up and down on a leather strap attached to the side of the chair I was sitting in. I peered over in curiosity to see what he was doing. He stopped and placed his hand on my head tilting it over and slid his thumb down my cheek sliding the warm foam. The razor followed sliding down my cheek. I shook at the sensation of it. I felt him slide his thumb around my ear and move in quickly after with the razor blade, shaving around my ear towards my nape. He would wipe the razor on the towel he placed on my shoulder and continue with the next part.

He tilted my head straight down towards my chest and I felt his thumb slide across my nape, followed by the razor shaving off my nape area. The sensation had become extremely intoxicating. He wiped the razor on the towel again. He worked over my other ear now and finished at my other cheek.

He grabbed the towel off my shoulder and wiped the areas where he had shaved. I tilted my head up and looked at my reflection. I was smiling cheek to cheek-I was beaming. He slid the cape off of me, grabbed a mirror and showed me the back.

I reached up to feel it and I shivered at the feel of having short hair for the first time. I smiled and said “I LOVE IT” out loud.

I started feeling it everywhere. It had just enough length on top to do something with it and it was so nice and short around my ears and in the back. I felt the skin on my nape where he shaved it and it felt so smooth and soft. I jumped up and hugged Antonio, giving him a big kiss on the cheek.

I ran out of the shop and down the street to go for a walk with my new haircut. I walked with almost a skip in my pace as I felt like I was floating down the sidewalk. It felt so amazing and liberating to have new short hair. 

I woke up the next morning, went to work and loved how little time I had to spend on my hair now. At work everyone really loved it as well. It was a big hit with the regulars and became the buzz for the day. Later in my shift a woman sitting at one of the tables stopped me.

“Excuse me young lady,” she said in a thick English accent. “Can I ask, are you signed with any agencies?”

“Um, no,” I answered back.

“I would like to give you one of my cards and would hope that you would call us, you seem to have the sort of image we are currently looking for.” She handed me a business card.

I stumbled back to the kitchen and had a look at the card. It was from one of the city’s top modeling agencies. I nearly freaked when I saw it. I called them when I finished my shift and they set me up with an interview the next day.

The interview went very well and I met with a number of people. They offered me a contract and invited me to come and work for them. This was the official start to my modeling career in New York. They said I had the look they wanted for their new portfolio and welcomed me to their team.

Antonio was ecstatic when I told him the news. My new contract was enough money to quit the diner and move to Manhattan. I was starting the life I dreamed of. I went back to visit Antonio every 4 weeks to maintain my haircut after that. All of the best stylists in the city wanted to get their hands on my hair, and I wouldn’t let them. I made sure the agency more than took care of Antonio for keeping my image the way it was the day they found me. I kept Antonio my secret from the rest of the fashion world, as he was the man who created my signature look in the first place.

As my career skyrocketed I gave Antonio enough money to ensure he could sell his shop and finally retire to the fishing village he dreamed of. Eventually a Manhattan stylist took over my new signature looks, but it was never the same as Antonio. I kept in touch with Antonio the best I could and he was always happy to hear from me and about my new life. I was happy to hear about his new life as well.

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